Results 2015


Tyke- Victoria Harbour 1

Mite- Elmvale 2

Squirt- Wyevale

Peewee- Wyevale

Bantam- Minesing

Midget- Elmvale


Midget Tournament

"AA" Champions- Elmvale- Gold, Toanche- Silver, Minesing 1 & Port McNicoll- Bronze, Victoria Harbour & Coldwater- 4th

"A" Champions- Not given out

Peewee Tournament

"AA" Champions- Lafontaine 2- Gold, Minesing 1- Silver, Elmvale 1 & Wyevale- Bronze- Vasey, Minesing 2, Victoria Harbour 1 & Victoria Harbour 2- 4th

"A" Champions- Elmvale 2- Gold, Toanche- Silver, Lafontaine & Minesing- Bronze, Port McNicoll & Coldwater- 4th

Mite Tournament

"AA" Champions- Gold- Elmvale 2, Silver- Perkinsfield, Bronze- Wyevale and Elmvale 1

"A" Champions- Gold-Minesing 1, Silver- Coldwater, Bronze- Vasey and Victoria Harbour 2

Squirt Tournament

Championship- Wyevale- Gold, Elmvale 2- Silver, Victoria Harbour 1 & Victoria Habour 2- Bronze

Consolation Champions- Lafontaine- Gold, Minesing 2- Silver

Bantam Tournament

Championship- Minesing- Gold, Elmvale 2- Silver, Elmvale 1 & Toanche- Bronze

Consolation Champions- Not Given out


Tyke Playoff Tournament

"A" Champions- Victoria Harbour 1- Gold, Lafontaine- Silver, Elmvale- Bronze, Vasey- 4th

"B" Champions- Minesing- Gold, Wyevale 1- Silver, Wyevale 2- Bronze- Victoria Harbour 2- 4th

"A" Consolation Champions- Elmvale 1- Gold, Toanche- Silver

"B" Consolation Champions- Coldwater- Gold, Victoria Harbour 3- Silver, Port McNicoll- Bronze

Mary Anne Leonard Playoff Championships Champions- Victoria Harbour 1 vs. Minesing-

Mite Playoff Tournament

"A" Champions- Gold- Elmvale 1, Silver- Elmvale 2, Bronze- Wyevale, 4th-Lafontaine

"B" Champions-Gold- Perkinsfield, Silver-Elmvale 3, Bronze- Minesing, 4th- Toanche

"A" Consolation Champions- Gold- Vasey, Silver- Port McNicoll, Bronze- Victoria Harbour 1, 4th- Coldwater

"B" Consolation Champions- Gold- Victoria Harbour 2, Silver-

Darren Laycock Playoff Champions- Perkinsfield, Finalists- Elmvale 1


Championship Side- Wyevale-Gold, Vasey- Silver, Elmvale 2 & Port McNicoll- Bronze

Consolation Side- Toanche- Gold, Lafontaine-Silver,


Championship Side- Victoria Harbour 1- Gold, Lafontaine- Silver, Elmvale 1 & Wyevale- Bronze

Consolation Side- Toanche- Gold, Minesing 1- Silver


Championship Side- Minesing- Gold, Elmvale 1- Silver, Vasey & Elmvale 2- Bronze

Consolation Side- Victoria Harbour- Gold, Toanche- Silver


Championship Side- Elmvale- Gold, Minesing- Silver, Coldwater- Bronze, Toanche- 4th

Consolation Side- Lafontaine- Gold, Victoria Harbour- Silver