The following email has been approved by the league for 2010 and will be enforced! If you have questions please contact your community contact for the GBMSL for clarification.



Good morning everyone,

As league statistician it is my job to follow the rules and allocate scores as they come in as well as monitor games that are not played and keep records updated.

There seems to be a second opinion, contrary to the rules, that coaches have the power to overrule the rules and that as long as 2 coaches agree then they cancel a game inside the 96 hours prior to the game. THIS IS FALSE!

Rules state that a game can only be cancelled outside 96 hours and if it falls within the 96 hours time frame the game can only be cancelled “with permission/approval of the league statistician”- This would mean that if something came up that was considered an emergency the statistician has power to cancel!

If you call a coach inside the 96 hours and they agree to cancel the game this game will still be declared a forfeit to the team that cancels by the league statistician- WHY? Because it’s inside the 96 hours and the league statistician did not approve the cancellation!


The online cancelled game report- This report is the only evidence that you have that you cancelled outside the 96 hours- When you submit it, the form is time & date stamped upon you pushing the submit button! If you do cancel outside the 96 hours and do not submit a form then technically you did not cancel the game! If anyone questions the cancellation and there is not a form you will forfeit!


I know this email sounds firm but considering that there are half a dozen cancellations already for this season and some of them sent forms in late (or not at all) I want to make sure that this is resolved early so that it doesn’t continue to be a problem throughout the season.


Remember- you have the right to request a cancellation outside 96 hours (4 days) before game time- after that your right to cancel is gone and you cannot cancel without league statistician approval. That approval will only be given in the event of an emergency! If no cancelled game report is sent in then the game is not cancelled! If you want evidence of the cancelled game then print the confirmation that comes up when you submit the form.

Questions- Read rule 13 of the GBMSL rules given to all centers.


Rebooking game- remember when you cancel you must rebook and send updated info to the league statistician within 2 weeks of the scheduled game or a 0-0 score will be given for the game in question!


Thanks for your help with this,


Sandra Chapman

GBMSL Statistician