GBMSL - 2006

Date:      June 12, 2006

To:          GBMSL Community Contacts

Cc:          GBMSL Website

From:     Pat Rodgers, Umpire In Chief, GBMSL

RE:          Appropriate Dress – Junior Umpires, Players & Coaches

Hello to all:

As the season has progressed both myself and other members of the executive would like to stress the importance of appropriate dress for both Junior Umpires and players/coaches within our league. Appropriate dress serves to promote the legitimacy of our league and adds an air of professionalism as well.


The following lists what is deemed to be the acceptable minimums standards of dress within our league.


 Junior Umpires:

1.        Shirt supplied at clinic or light blue shirt with Junior umpire crest sewn on left shoulder.

2.        Dark long pants for plate.  (Tattered, faded blue jeans unacceptable.)

3.        Dark shorts for bases.

4.        Dark coloured shoes for either base or plate.

5.        All shirts must be tucked in.

6.        Ball caps are optional.  If cap is worn should be of dark colour with minimal logos. (Note:  Exception to this would be GBMSL special awards ball cap).

7.        Caps must be worn with bill facing forward.  No twisting of cap to side or wearing cap backwards.




1.        All shirts tucked in.

2.        If cool weather, sweatshirts/hoodies to be worn under uniform such that the team colours are visible and number is legible on back.

3.        Ball caps or visors optional. Preferred cap to represent player’s home community or GBMSL special award cap.

4.        No toques, bandanas or any other form of headdress.  (Religious headdress would be accepted.)

5.        Ball caps or visors must be worn with bill straightforward.  No twisting of cap bill to side or wearing cap backwards.

6.       Ball caps or visors may not contain any wording or implied statements that would not be deemed acceptable by your local school.



1.        All shirts tucked in.

2.        If available shirt should match team they are coaching.

3.        If shirt does not match team they are coaching, then shirt should be of solid colour or minimal patterns. 

4.        No “Hawaiian”, multi-coloured shirts or “muscle” shirts. 

5.        T-shirt, golf shirt or front button style only. Note:  Exception to this would be respectable ladies sleeveless shirt.

6.        Respectable shorts or long pants. 

7.        Hats or visors optional.  Must meet standards as noted above for players.

8.        Sport shoes or closed toe footwear only.  No open toed sandals.  (Note: This is a requirement by Softball Ontario rules and for liability reasons.)


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via email @

Pat Rodgers



It has long been the goal of our organization to increase the validity and level of ball in our local ball organization. We have noticed a gradual decline of dress to the point where uniforms are not being worn even though they are available and various forms of headgear are worn to replace the ball cap. Coaches are wearing Sandals on the field while they coach the bases.  Softball Ontario rules are quite severe and we have chosen to allow some flexibility on their rules. Young kids who wear the same uniform tend to bond better as a team. There is no competition on the field in regards to who has the most expensive/radical/newest craze clothing on, everyone is just one team playing for the same cause. They also look good and do a great job at representing their community as ambassadors. Pat had addressed this above with a fair level of flexibility and he has the full support of the league in enforcing it. A player will be given polite warnings to fix or remove offending items but if they refuse then they will be deemed an illegal player and as such will be removed from the game.

Thankyou Coaches, community reps & parents for your support in this,

Keith Chapman