All Star Games update 2018-
Total # of all stars divided into total points accumulated- 120 points is max per player, of course if only 1 player is sent and they did well then the community would have done well also. Therefore it is tough for a large center to win on the overall score unless all their players sent do well. This emphasizes the point to send your top players to help pull up your overall score. That said Elmvale & Vasey each sent 17 players and both finished top 4.

Top Community's for this year with over 70 point average per player.
1st Place- Coldwater (106.8) (4 players), 2nd Place-Wyebridge (80) (5 Players), 3rd Place-Elmvale (77.3) (17 players), 4th Place-Vasey (72.8) (17 players), 5th Place- Victoria Harbour (72.4) (28 players), 6th Place- Wyevale (71.8) (15 players), 7th Place- Hillsdale (71.25) (8 players)

Top Division Standings at the games- 120 points is max.
Tyke-Elmvale- 84.3 (3 players)
Mite-Vasey- 89 (3 players)
Squirt- Coldwater- 114.50 (2 players)
Peewee- Coldwater- 99 (2 players)
Bantam- Victoria Harbour- 96.34 (3 players)
Midget- Victoria Harbour- 94.15 (7 players)