The following Players have been selected to represent their communities at the All Star Games in Port McNicoll this year-

Victoria Harbour1- Owen Giddy
Victoria Harbour1- Giselle Picard
Victoria Harbour1- Cash Lavechia
Victoria Harbour1- Connar Irwin
Victoria Harbour2- Carter Gonneau
Victoria Harbour2- Wyatt Ellery
Victoria Harbour2- Drew Sinclair
Port McNicoll- Dallin Fuller
Port McNicoll- Link McCarthy
Port McNicoll- Jacob Juneau
Hillsdale- James MacNeil
Hillsdale- Brady Awrey

Minesing- Emmett Matheson
Minesing- Melody Aldebert
Wyevale1- Everson Fay
Wyevale1- Parker Sneddon
Wyevale2- Hayden Parnell- Pitcher's Helper/1st Base
Wyevale2- Brody Cramp
Wyevale3- Kian Matthew
Elmvale1- James Price
Elmvale2- Daniel Bartle
Elmvale2- Carter Phillips
Lafontaine- Kayline Maurice
Lafontaine- Cora Forget

Victoria Harbour 1- Ashlynn Irwin
Victoria Harbour 1- Maddy Cloutier
Victoria Harbour 2- Austin Carrier
Victoria Harbour 2- Ella Henderson
Hillsdale 1- Chloe Scruton
Hillsdale 1- Sophie Scruton
Hillsdale 2- Hudson King
Hillsdale 2- Elliott Turbach
Port McNicoll- Willow Kennedy
Port McNicoll- Kaydee Hopkins
Coldwater- Alycia Kitchen- Short Stop & Outfield
Coldwater- Hunter Laderoute- Pitcher and 1st

Minesing1- Miles Freeman
Minesing2- Luke Morley
Wyevale 1- Pierce Hlady
Wyevale- Cooper Thomson
Wyevale 2- Ethan Parnell, 1st-Base/Pitcher/SS
Elmvale 1- Noah Ray
Elmvale 1- Ben Zettel
Elmvale 2- Elijah Gulliver
Lafontaine 1- Nathan McColl
Lafontaine2- Marley Racine
Wyebridge- Stuart De Munnik
Toanche- Leo Woods

Victoria Harbour- Mason Massicotte
Victoria Harbour- Logan Hoddy
Victoria Harbour- Jabel Heffer
Victoria Harbour- Lukacs Gucsma
Victoria Harbour- Issac Alain
Vasey- Tristan Awrey
Vasey- Dylan Craddoc-Beckett
Vasey- Graydon McNutt
Vasey- Keller Jollife
Vasey- Xavier Macey
Hillsdale- Hudson Styles
Hillsdale- Madalyn Anderson

Minesing 1- Courtney Barnicutt
Minesing 2- Alison Doyle
Wyevale1- Brody Berry
Wyevale2- Michael Ireland- Catcher
Elmvale 1- William Veenstra
Elmvale 2- Nick Johnston
Elmvale 2- Ethan Smith
Lafontaine1- Brody Monague
Lafontaine2- Aeirik Holm
Wyebridge- Alex Adamson
Toanche 2- Trent Dusome
Toanche1- Ryder Grenier

Victoria Harbour- Aarren Primerano
Victoria Harbour- Ryan King
Victoria Harbour- Chase Henderson
Victoria Harbour- Owen Langridge
Hillsdale- Jake Murphy
Hillsdale- Jake Dutton
Coldwater- McKenzie Lovering- 3rd/Pitcher
Coldwater- Jordan Blunt- Pitcher/Utility
Coldwater- Owen Ellis- Pitcher/1st
Oro- Keith Greenhalgh- Pitcher/1st
Oro- Cole Hodgson- 2nd/Shortstop
Oro- Cohen Lloyd- Catcher

Minesing- Aren Eisses
Minesing- Connor Levigne
Minesing- Joel Adams
Wyevale- Elijah Williams- Pitcher
Elmvale1- Bradford Elliott
Elmvale 1- Cole Kleingebbinck
Elmvale 2- Brody LeClair
Lafontaine- Keanna Holm
Lafontaine- Olivia Charlebois
Lafontaine- Owen Kirdeikis
Wyebridge- Cam Weishar
Toanche- Riley Desroches

Victoria Harbour- Owen Blunt
Victoria Harbour- Dylan Cooper
Vasey- Devon Coombs- Infield
Vasey- Bobby Nahuis- Catcher
Hillsdale- Nolan McTavish
Hillsdale- Michael Macneall
Port McNicoll- R.J. Stanich
Port McNicoll- Odin King-Hofman
Coldwater- Joshua Laughlin- Pitcher/1st
Coldwater- Aidan Aigeldinger- 3rd/Catcher
Oro- Ben Cillis- 3rd/Shortstop
Oro- Braeden Vardy- 3rd/Outfield/Pitcher

Minesing- Ben Durkin
Minesing- Zac Harris
Minesing- Parker England
Wyevale- Aaron Zurawski- Pitcher/Short Stop
Wyevale- Dustin Hales- Catcher
Wyevale- Brenden Smith- 1st Base
Elmvale- Matthew Buchanan
Elmvale- Alisha Kenney
Elmvale- Kaden Ritchie
Lafontaine- Rebekah McKinnon
Lafontaine- Zackery Scott
Lafontaine- Christian Tyron

Victoria Harbour 1- Austin Scott
Victoria Harbour1- Austin Cooper
Victoria Harbour 1- Jordyn Baxter
Victoria Harbour 1- Jordan Todoroff
Victoria Harbour 2- Kyle Weatherell
Victoria Harbour2- Noah Weatherell
Victoria Harbour2- Teghan Thayer-Hewson
Vasey- Sean Moriarty
Vasey- Lonnie Dunlop
Oro- Colton Cunnington- 3rd
Oro- Dan Greenhalgh- 1st
Oro- Owen Heatherington- Centerfield

Minesing- Carson Currie
Minesing- Jason Priest
Minesing- Carter Luoma
Elmvale- Luke Dutton
Elmvale- Nolan Maw
Elmvale- Isaak McGinnis
Lafontaine- Zechariah Saunders
Lafontaine- Thomas Brandon
Lafontaine- Mimi Fitzgerald
Toanche- Stephen Lefaive Jr.
Toanche- Henry King