The following players have been chosen by their communities to represent them at the 2007 All Star Games in Coldwater:

Tyke- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater   Zach Saunders
Coldwater   Cali Laughlin
Hillsdale   Jeremy Woodward
Hillsdale   Billy McLeod
Port McNicoll   Collin Young
Port McNicoll   Austin Henderson
Vasey   Gabe Millington
Vasey   Sean Moriarty
Victoria Harbour   Noah Hawke
Victoria Harbour   Austin Scott
Victoria Harbour   Dalton Mount
Victoria Harbour   Chase Johnstone

Tyke- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Tye King
Elmvale   Brock KleinGebbinck
Elmvale   Maggie Shoreman
Lafontaine   Gabrielle Desroches
Lafontaine   Jacob Lizotte
Lafontaine   Mary Pickford
Toanche   Brandon Lemesurier
Toanche   Jonathan Rankin
Toanche   Luke Foley
Wyevale Pitcher's Helper/Infielder Hank Dutton
Wyevale Infielder/Outfielder Robert Graham
Wyevale Infielder/Outfielder Spencer Caston

Mini-Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Pitcher/1st base Jacob Laughlin
Coldwater Pitcher/1st base Kirk Santala
Hillsdale   Evan Marlowe
Hillsdale   Troy Bellisle
Port McNicoll   Jonathon Hurst
Port McNicoll   Steven Dufour
Vasey Pitcher Jared Ball
Vasey Infielder Simone Smith
Vasey Outfielder Carlin Nielsen
Victoria Harbour   Jarod Bourne
Victoria Harbour   Jarod Demers
Victoria Harbour   Dylan McPherson

Mini-Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Andrew Stroh
Elmvale   Jaimie Clarke
Elmvale   Rachel Handy
Lafontaine Pitcher/Center Field David Leblanc
Lafontaine 3rd Base/Center Field Curtis Desroches
Minesing   Noah Rowland
Minesing   Marcus Sabourin
Minesing   Emma Sweet
Toanche   Calvin Cameron
Toanche   Brendan Moore
Wyevale   Isaiah Madueno
Wyevale   Jonathon McNamara

Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Pitcher/ Shortstop Andrew Carpanzano
Coldwater Outfield TC Kerr
Hillsdale   Justin Buckle
Hillsdale   Mitch Pilon
Port McNicoll   Brooke Brand
Port McNicoll   Jake Leonard
Vasey Catcher Scott Mason
Vasey Pitcher Joey Balkwill
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Jordan Farrell
Victoria Harbour Infield Randy Penney
Waubaushene First Base Zach Whitehead
Waubaushene Short Stop Andrew Kelly

Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Lauren KleinGebbinck
Elmvale   Ryan Hackett
Lafontaine Pitcher/Left Field Colette Robitaille
Lafontaine Shortstop/Field Zack Marchildon
Minesing   Robert Bowen
Minesing   Ryan Murphy
Toanche   Joey Reynolds
Toanche   Matthew Hall
Wyebridge Pitcher/infielder Melanie Desroches
Wyebridge   Kyle Ewen
Wyevale Pitcher Will Smith
Wyevale Centre Field, Pitcher David Taylor


Community Position Name
Coldwater Pitcher/Shortstop Chase Strik
Coldwater 3rd base Tori Vivian
Coldwater 2nd Base Elyse Murray
Port McNicoll   Zachary Zummach
Port McNicoll   Brody Monk
Port McNicoll   Darren Henry
Vasey 3rd Base, Infield Miller Shakell
Vasey Catcher, Short stop Ryan Nick
Vasey Short stop/ Utility Nathan Patenaude
Victoria Harbour Catcher/Utility Josh Black
Victoria Harbour Pitcher/Utility Nicolas Chapman
Victoria Harbour Infielder Jacob Marion

Peewee- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Tyler Moore
Elmvale   Micah Robertson Dorrian
Lafontaine   Greg Desroches
Lafontaine   Brice Buttineau
Lafontaine   Josee Marchand
Minesing   Justin Maw
Minesing   Michael Sabourin
Minesing   Evan Kassay
Toanche   Patrick Crippin Patenaude
Toanche   Jordan McTague
Wyevale   Alden Connolly
Wyevale   John Ryall

Bantam/Midget- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Pitcher/Catcher/Short stop Joe Moreau
Coldwater Catcher/Short stop Nathan Ball
Port McNicoll   Jack Beasley
Port McNicoll   Josh Asselin
Vasey Pitcher/Utility Tyler Ball
Victoria Harbour Catcher/1st Alex McArthur
Vasey Pitcher/ Utility Billy Balkwill
Victoria Harbour 2nd Base/Pitcher Ben Walsh
Victoria Harbour Catcher Ben Chapman
Victoria Harbour Pitcher/Center/1st Base Jared Chapman
Waubaushene   Scott Fournier
Waubaushene   Matt Gendron

Bantam/Midget- West (Coldwater players filled in due to vacancies)

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Garrick Hull
Elmvale   Pierce Jamieson
Coldwater   Alex Kent
Coldwater   Tim Murphy
Coldwater   Michael Murray
Minesing   Dillon O'Brien
Minesing   Nick Graham
Wyebridge infielder Will Desroches
Wyebridge Pitcher/first base Morgan Glover
Wyebridge   Stewart Maurice
Wyevale Catcher Randy Mortley
Coldwater   Chris Mallard