The following players have been chosen by their communities/teams to represent them at the 2009 All Star Games in Port McNicoll:

Tyke- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Utility Joshua Lawson
Coldwater Utility Lane Mattice
Port McNicoll   Courtney Robitaille
Port McNicoll   Zachary Branham
Vasey Utility Erin Moriarty
Vasey Utility Braiden Ball
Victoria Harbour 1   Hayden Gaines
Victoria Harbour 1   Nathan Kaus
Victoria Harbour 2   Dylan Giddy
Victoria Harbour 2   Cameron Ramler
Victoria Harbour 3   Noah Weatherell
Victoria Harbour 3   Austin Cooper

Tyke- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Cole Findlay
Elmvale   Henry King
Elmvale   Isaak McGinnis
Elmvale   Nicholas Coulombe
Lafontaine 2nd/Utility Nolan Desroches
Lafontaine 1st/Utility Ben Saulnier
Minesing   Hope Rowland
Minesing   Nolan Maw
Toanche   Brenden McQuinn
Wyevale   Tyler Leonard
Wyevale   Ryan Wagner
Wyevale   Ryan Raven

Mini-Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Utility Zechariah Saunders
Coldwater Utility Caleb Jarvis
Port McNicoll 1st,2nd,3rd,SS Jordon Todoroff
Port McNicoll Utility Austin Henderson
Vasey Utility Harrison Jaensch
Vasey Utility Cameron Dickson
Vasey Utility Ben Brazda
Vasey Utility Tyler Gysbers
Victoria Harbour 1 Daniel Reader
Victoria Harbour 1   Justin Cooper
Victoria Harbour 2 1st,SS,Pitcher Nicolas Etler
Victoria Harbour 2 CF, LF, SS Walker Hunter

Mini-Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Brody Hayter
Elmvale   Tye King
Elmvale   Troy Bellisle
Lafontaine 1st/Pitcher Jordon Robitaille
Lafontaine 2nd/Catcher Gabrielle Desroches
Minesing   Ben Kuepfer
Minesing   Kaiden Maw
Minesing   Jacob Pain
Toanche   Andrew Foley
Toanche   Jacob Poole
Wyevale Outfield Sara Wells
Wyevale Utility Hank Dutton

Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Pitcher/1st Jacob Laughlin
Coldwater 1st Braden Clark
Coldwater Catcher Brandon Wallace
Coldwater 3rd Ayden Filken
Port McNicoll Pitcher Andrew Kelly
Port McNicoll 2nd, SS Johnathon Hurst
Vasey   Amanda Mason
Vasey Catcher/Outfield Colin Nick
Victoria Harbour 1 Pitch/1st Carlin Nielsen
Victoria Harbour 1 Catch Noah Skerritt
Victoria Harbour 2   Emily Dampier
Victoria Harbour 2   Anthony Martin

Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Zachary McLean
Elmvale   Thomas Maw
Elmvale   Rachel Handy
Lafontaine 2nd/Outfield Jensen Belcourt
Lafontaine Pitcher/1st Celine Robitaille
Minesing   Ben Cole
Minesing   Darren Priest
Toanche   Brendan Moore
Toanche   Calvin Cameron
Wyevale   Justin Leonard
Wyevale   Cole Belcourt
Wyevale   Spencer Duquette


Community Position Name
Port McNicoll   Mark Steffler
Port McNicoll   Jake Leonard
Port McNicoll   Sammy Housenell
Vasey   Spencer DeCola
Vasey   Whitney Ball
Vasey   John Shields
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Nathan Gaines
Victoria Harbour 1st Randy Penney
Victoria Harbour Catcher Tyler Walker-Scace
Waubaushene   Tyler Mahaffey
Waubaushene   Cody Simpson
Waubaushene   Zack Whitehead
Waubaushene ShortStop Ryan Bourque

Peewee- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Jon Innes
Elmvale   Keagan Kennedy
Elmvale   Victoria Stroh
Elmvale   Brett Tomlinson
Lafontaine SS/Outfield Laurent Beausoleil
Lafontaine Catcher/2nd Mason Tanti
Lafontaine 3rd/2nd Justin Dubois
Minesing   Jamie Giffen
Minesing   Jesse Gasper
Minesing   Alicia VanCasteren
Wyevale   Devin Taylor

Bantam- East

Community Position Name
Port McNicoll Pitcher Zachary Zummach
Port McNicoll SS, 3rd Brooke Brand
Port McNicoll SS, Field Brody Monk
Port McNicoll Field Taylor Bird
Vasey Utility Charlie Page
Vasey Utility Haylee Lawlor
Vasey Catcher Ryan Nick
Vasey Pitcher Charlie Robinson
Victoria Harbour Shortstop Josh Black
Victoria Harbour Pitcher/1st Brady Arts
Victoria Harbour Utility Nicolas Chapman
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Jordon Farrell

Bantam- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Michael House
Elmvale   Jonathan Daykin
Elmvale   Josh Shynn
Lafontaine Catcher/infield Greg Desroches
Lafontaine Pitcher/Center Alden Connolly
Minesing   Cam Adams
Minesing   Justin Maw
Minesing   Braydon Beamish
Wyebridge SS/Infield Utility Kyle Ewen
Wyebridge Outfield Dave Marshall
Wyevale   Meagan Wells
Wyevale SS/Catcher Bradley Crawford

Midget- East

Community Position Name
Port McNicoll   Danny Henderson
Port McNicoll SS Jack Beasley
Vasey   Duncan Mitchell
Victoria Harbour   Stephanie Bourque
Victoria Harbour 1st/Catcher Alex McArthur
Victoria Harbour SS/Catcher Ryan Stewart
Victoria Harbour 2nd/Catcher Drew Marion

Midget- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Will Desroches
Elmvale   Kyle Columbus
Elmvale   Scott Fleming
Elmvale   Jake Hahn
Elmvale   Dan Murphy
Lafontaine Pitcher Jake Marchildon
Lafontaine 2nd Martin Maurice
Minesing   James Harris
Minesing   Steve Nixon
Minesing   Kyle Kort
Minesing   Ryan Downey
Minesing   Stuart Giffen