The following players have been chosen by their communities/teams to represent them at the 2011 All Star Games in Victoria Harbour

Please get these names to us by June 12th- email to

Tyke- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Pitchers Helper Aiden Silk
Coldwater 1st or 3rd Base Joshua Laughlin
Port McNicoll   Callum Perrault
Port McNicoll   Chad Harris
Vasey 1st Base Owen Blunt
Vasey Utility Josh Gray
Victoria Harbour Pitcher's Helper/First Base Nicolas Lancione
Victoria Harbour Pitcher's Helper/First Base Dylan Cooper
Victoria Harbour   Logan Smith
Victoria Harbour   Aaron Zurawski
Victoria Harbour   James McKee-Levins
Victoria Harbour   Ashton Charlebois

Tyke- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Gavin Cole
Elmvale   Darcy Fey
Elmvale   Joshua Nadon
Elmvale   Adam McElwain
Minesing   Ty Armatage
Minesing   Justin Stopay
Lafontaine Pitcher's Helper/1st Base Dante Morrison
Lafontaine   Alex Desroches
Toanche   Trent Leonard
Toanche   Ayden Comeau
Wyevale   Alex Wickett
Wyevale   Dustin Hales

Mini-Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Port McNicoll   Brody Henderson
Port McNicoll   Eithan Tonn
Port McNicoll   Emma Lamaroux
Vasey   Owen Bell
Vasey   Erin Moriarty
Vasey   Jacob McMann
Victoria Harbour   Kyle Weatherell
Victoria Harbour   Noah Weatherell
Victoria Harbour   Dylan Giddy
Victoria Harbour   Nathan Kaus
Victoria Harbour   Hayden Gaines
Victoria Harbour   AJ Ramler

Mini-Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Cole Findlay
Elmvale   Henry King
Elmvale   Jeremy Robertson
Elmvale   Hayden Schepers
Elmvale   Ethan Cole
Minesing Pitcher Jason Priest
Minesing Pitcher William McDowell
Minesing Pitcher Carson Currie
Lafontaine   Ethan Rouleau
Toanche 1st Base Samuel Cormier
Wyevale Utility Logan Sandercock
Wyevale Infield Ian Phillips

Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater 1st Base Caleb Jarvis
Coldwater Pitcher Foster Lohnes
Port McNicoll   Devin Stanish
Port McNicoll   Austin Henderson
Vasey Utility/Pitcher Allison Wood
Vasey Utility Cameron Dickson
Vasey Catcher/Utility Nathan Balkwill
Victoria Harbour   Justin Cooper
Victoria Harbour   Zechariah Saunders
Victoria Harbour   Tristen Petrtyl
Victoria Harbour   Austin Scott
Victoria Harbour   Nicolas Etler

Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Hunter Sibbald
Elmvale   Harrison Sibbald
Elmvale   Landon McGinnis
Elmvale   Aiden Ritchie
Elmvale   Derek Sweeney
Minesing Pitcher Noah Rowland
Minesing Pitcher Jacob Pain
Minesing Pitcher Eric Cote
Minesing Infield Noah Featherstonhaugh-Gowe
Toanche 1st Base Jordan Baxter
Wyevale Pitcher/utility Jake Wallis
Wyevale Catcher/utility Greg Wagner


Community Position Name
Coldwater 1st Base Jacob Laughlin
Coldwater 3rd Base Hunter Lemay
Coldwater Shortstop Troy Newman
Coldwater Pitcher Kirk Santala
Coldwater Pitcher Marissa Meade
Port McNicoll   John Hurst
Port McNicoll   Chris White
Port McNicoll   Steven Dufore
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Nathan Gaines
Victoria Harbour Catcher/Short Ryan Bourque
Victoria Harbour 1st Base Nicholas Edwards
Victoria Harbour 2nd Base Carlin Nielsen

Peewee- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Mitch Kavanagh
Elmvale   Jamie Agar
Minesing   Chase Vandelaar
Minesing   Evan McLean
Lafontaine Catcher Max Lefebvre
Lafontaine 1st Base Jenson Belcourt
Toanche 3rd/Outfield Ty Trainor
Toanche 2nd/Outfield Connor Quigley
Wyevale Infield Cole Belcourt
Wyevale Catcher Hunter Morrow
Wyebridge Catcher/3rd Base Patrick Ryall
Wyebridge Short/Pitcher Jon McNamara

Bantam- East

Community Position Name
Coldwater Infield or fielder Joey Ball
Coldwater Infield or fielder Brent Maw
Coldwater Infield or fielder Scott McMenemy
Port McNicoll   Jake Leonard
Port McNicoll   Brodie Hubbard
Vasey   Cody Simpson
Vasey   Spencer DeCola
Vasey   Zack Whitehead
Victoria Harbour Fielder Daniel Smylie
Victoria Harbour Field/Infield Justin Nahanee
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Ben Dundas

Bantam- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Tristan Flude
Elmvale   Maitland Archer
Elmvale   Jonathan Innes
Elmvale   Andrew Savo
Minesing Pitcher Jamieson Giffen
Minesing Infield Tyler Cole
Minesing Infield Jesse Gasper
Minesing Catcher Marc Cote
Lafontaine Pitcher David Taylor
Lafontaine 3rd/Field Justin Dubois
Lafontaine Catcher/Field Mason Tanti

Midget- East

Community Position Name
Port McNicoll   Zach Zummach
Port McNicoll   Brody Monk
Victoria Harbour Fielder Dylan Duncan
Victoria Harbour 2nd/Short James Moreau
Victoria Harbour 2nd/Short Matt Bourque
Victoria Harbour 2nd/Short/Catcher Joshua Black
Victoria Harbour 1st/Pitcher Nicolas Chapman
Vasey   Charlie Robinson
Vasey   Nathan Patenaude
Vasey Utility/Catcher Brad Crawford
Vasey Utility Craig Robinson
Vasey Utility Freddie Page

Midget- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Josh Shynn
Elmvale Catcher John Ryall
Elmvale Pitcher Michael House
Elmvale   Dominic Martinez-McCready
Minesing Infield Justin Maw
Minesing   Braden Beamish
Minesing   Luke Giffen
Lafontaine 1st/Pitcher Etienne Beausoleil
Lafontaine Catcher Greg Desroches
Lafontaine 2nd Base Martin Maurice
Lafontaine Pitcher Guy Desroches