The following players have been chosen by their communities/teams to represent them at the 2015 All Star Games in Coldwater

Tyke- East

Community Position Name
Victoria Harbour   Cohen Milne
Victoria Harbour   Mason Fitzgerald
Victoria Harbour   Isaac Fourner
Victoria Harbour   James Wharton
Victoria Harbour   Cole Zurawski
Victoria Harbour   Mason Massicotte
Vasey Utility Danika Hamilton
Vasey Utility Tristan Awrey
Coldwater Short Stop Max Macey
Coldwater First Base Xavier Macey
Port McNicoll Utility Keiryn Ives
Port McNicoll Utility Xandier Thompson

Tyke- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Nolan Crause
Elmvale   Cooper Mogridge
Elmvale   William Veenstra
Minesing   Ryan Pignatelli
Minesing   Evan Mino
Wyevale Pitchers Helper/1st Base Logan Bell
Wyevale 1st Base Alex Dusome
Wyevale Pitchers Helper/1st Base Caleb Dorion
Lafontaine   Nathan Cloutier
Lafontaine   Olivier Renaud
Toanche 1st/Pitcher's Helper Carter Lafreniere
Toanche 1st/Pitcher's Helper Aldan Gravel

Mite- East

Community Position Name
Victoria Harbour   Kaydance Lehtonen
Victoria Harbour   Jack Hunter
Victoria Harbour   Matthew Eplett
Victoria Harbour   Aarren Primerano
Victoria Harbour   Megan Smith
Vasey Utility Jordan Blunt
Vasey Utility Colson Long
Coldwater Pitcher/3rd McKenzie Lovering
Coldwater Pitcher/1st Owen Ellis
Coldwater Pitcher/Shortstop Alex Crothers
Port McNicoll Utility Cloe Mino
Port McNicoll Utility Brayden Bourgeois

Mite- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Ty Groenewoud
Elmvale   Cameron Robertson
Elmvale   Elijah Williams
Elmvale   Michael MacNeal
Minesing   Reid deBokx
Minesing   Aren Eisses
Minesing   Peyton Parker
Minesing   Aaron Roduner
Lafontaine   Hunter Mayer
Perkinsfield 2nd Base Elliot Demunnik
Wyevale Pitcher/Infield Trenton Peterson
Toanche Pitcher/1st Mikael LeBlanc

Squirt- East

Community Position Name
Victoria Harbour   Dylan Cooper
Victoria Harbour   Callum Perrault
Victoria Harbour   Aaron Zurawski
Victoria Harbour   Devon Edmonds
Coldwater Center Field Dylan Petroff
Coldwater Pitcher Drew Wilson
Coldwater 3rd/Pitcher Hunter Sisson
Coldwater Pitcher/1st Joshua Laughlin
Port McNicoll Utility Kaylia Mino
Port McNicoll Utility Cole McGrath
Vasey Utility Owen Blunt
Vasey Utility Josh Grey

Squirt- West

Community Position Name
Minesing   Max Shaw
Minesing   Seth Skrypnychuk
Minesing   Owen Johnston
Minesing   Zac Harris
Elmvale   Ethan Therrien
Elmvale   Sean Crooker
Elmvale   Kaden Ritchie
Lafontaine   Alex Desroches
Lafontaine   Dylan Vivian
Toanche Catcher/1st Andrew Smith
Toanche Shortstop/1st Zach Smith
Wyevale Pitcher/Infield Ian Philips


Community Position  
Victoria Harbour Catcher Noah Weatherell
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Kyle Weatherell
Victoria Harbour Catcher/Utility Cody Osborne
Victoria Harbour First/Utility Dylan Giddy
Victoria Harbour Pitcher Austin Cooper
Coldwater 3rd Base Jewel Sisson
Coldwater Short Stop Brandon Readman
Coldwater 1st Base/Pitcher Ethan Tonn
Vasey Utility Owen Bell
Vasey Utility Erin Moriarty
Port McNicoll   Haile Bell
Port McNicoll   Zack Branham

Peewee- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Cole Findlay
Elmvale   Thomas Flury
Elmvale   Damian Lalonde
Minesing   Carter Luoma
Minesing   Carson Currie
Minesing   Hope Rowland
Minesing   Jacob Holmes
Toanche Center Field Brandin Ladouceur
Wyevale Pitcher/1st Ryan Wagner
Lafontaine   Spencer Lefaive
Lafontaine   Ben Saulnier
Lafontaine   Ryan Cady

Bantam- East

Community Position Name
Vasey   Alison Wood
Vasey   Caleb jarvis
Vasey   Lee Connel
Vasey   Lyndsay Ferrier
Vasey   Sean Moriarty
Vasey   Foster Lohnes
Victoria Harbour   Justin Cooper
Victoria Harbour   Austin Scott
Victoria Harbour   Jordan Todoroff
Victoria Harbour   Dylan Wright
Victoria Harbour   Brianna Belanger
Victoria Harbour   Michael Marion-Gardiner

Bantam- West

Community Position Name
Elmvale   Alex Sweeney
Elmvale   Landon McGinnis
Elmvale   Greg Wagner
Elmvale   Troy Bellisle
Elmvale   Jacob Fay
Elmvale   Hunter Jamieson
Minesing   Eric Cote
Minesing   Travis Rumble
Minesing   Kyle Dougherty
Toanche   Trevor Laurin
Toanche   Owen Mealing
Toanche   Stephan Lefaive

Midget- East

Community Position Name
Victoria Harbour Catcher/3rd Abby LaChapelle
Victoria Harbour Utility Jenny Ferguson
Victoria Harbour Pitcher/Utility Anthony Martin
Victoria Harbour Utility Jordan Bosworth
Coldwater Short Stop Andrew Kelly
Coldwater 1st Base/Pitcher Braden Clark
Coldwater 2nd Base Jacob Laughlin
Coldwater Catcher Brandon Wallace
Port McNicoll Utility Chris White
Port McNicoll Utility Zach Whitehead
Port McNicoll Utility Scott Mason
Port McNicoll Utility Amber Blight

Midget- West

Community Position Name
Minesing   Jamie Giffen
Minesing   Spencer Decola
Minesing   Nick Whelan
Elmvale   Keegan Kennedy
Elmvale   Nathan Gaines
Elmvale   Cody Simpson
Toanche Pitcher Zach McLean
Toanche Catcher Nathan Lamers
Lafontaine   David Leblanc
Lafontaine   Kaiden Maw
Lafontaine   Roly Monague
Lafontaine   Cody Baronette