Coaches are Keith Chapman, Peter Robinson & Henry Arts

Call 705-534-3091 or email-

The Bantam Rattlers Select Team 2009 consists of the following players:

Cameron Adams, Brady Arts, Etienne Beausoleil, Josh Black, Chris Brech, Nicolas Chapman, Alden Connolly, Greg Desroches, Kyle Ewen, Justin Maw, Tyler Robitaille & Charlie Robinson

Tournaments we are entered into are:

July 11th- Victoria Harbour - finished 3rd - Bronze Medalists

August 8th- Goulding Park (North York)- Cancelled by Goulding Park due to lack of teams?

August 15&16- McNab/Braeside- Select OASA Provincial Tournament- wow, that was hot- didn't qualify for finals but a great time and great games all the same!

August 22- Bramalea- Tournament Champions- captured the Gold- Well done all!

Sept 20 (Sunday)- Oshawa- Finished 1st in Round Robin competition and 2nd after Finals- Silver medalists


A few Stats for those that are Statistically Challenged!


Player Walks Singles Doubles Triples Home Runs Sacrifice Fly/Hits Grand  Slams Stolen Bases RBI's Runs Scored On Base Avg. Batting Avg. Fly Ball Catch's
Greg 10 5 5 2 1 2 0 11 9 14 .575 .448 1
Brady 6 7 2 0 1 1 1 11 7 10 .400 .303 7
Charlie 5 5 2 4 1 2 0 7 14 8 .486 .414 4
Alden 1 8 5 5 2 3 1 12 22 14 .590 .629 7
Nicolas 8 6 1 0 0 1 0 7 3 9 .500 .348 6
Etienne 5 9 1 1 2 2 0 12 9 12 .486 .433 3
Justin 16 6 2 1 1 0 0 6 8 13 .714 .500 8
Cameron 8 10 0 0 0 0 0 19 5 10 .600 .429 3
Chris 8 6 0 1 1 2 0 18 9 11 .500 .381 7
Kyle 7 2 1 2 0 0 0 7 4 9 .591 .357 2
Tyler 8 3 1 0 0 0 0 5 5 6 .429 .200 4
Josh 6 10 3 1 0 2 0 8 11 12 .500 .455 2
Pitcher Batters K's Runs Scored Innings Pitched
Alden 171 54 36 51
Charlie 110 15 24 24
Justin 12 0 3 2

Tournament # 1- Victoria Harbour

GBMSL Rattlers Select Midget Tourney- July 11th, 2009- Schedule

Teams    -Pool A- Georgian Bay, Unionville & Cambridge

 - Pool B- Bramalea, Curve Lake & Kitchener/Waterloo


Oakwood Park (Pool A)

Sunset Park (Pool B)

8:30 a.m.

11- Georgian Bay vs. Unionville- 2

2- Bramalea vs. Curve Lake- 12

10:00 a.m.

17- Georgian Bay vs. Cambridge- 4

9- Bramalea vs. Kitchener-Waterloo- 13

11:30 a.m.

11- Cambridge vs. Unionville- 7

4- Curve Lake vs. Kitchener-Waterloo- 1

1:00-1:30- Lunch break-



1:30 p.m. -1st Crossover


2nd of A vs. 3rd of B

12- Cambridge vs. Bramalea- 9

1st has a bye

2nd of B vs. 3rd of A

17- Kitchener/Waterloo vs. Unionville- 12

1st has a bye

3:30 p.m.- 2nd Crossover

 - Semi Finals

1st of A plays winner of (2nd of B vs. 3rd of A- previous game winner of Sunset)

2- Georgian Bay vs. Kitchener Waterloo- 3

1st of B plays winner of

(2nd of A vs. 3rd of B-previous game winner from Oakwood)

10- Curve Lake vs. Cambridge- 0

6:00 p.m.

 - Finals

Winners of Round 3-

from 3:30 p.m. games for Gold/Silver

8- Curve Lake vs. Kitchener Waterloo- 3

Defeated of Round 3-

from 3:30 p.m. games for Bronze

11- Georgian Bay vs. Cambridge- 4


Gold- Curve Lake Bombers, Silver- Kitchener-Waterloo Selects, Bronze- Georgian Bay Rattlers, 4th- Cambridge Cougars, in Pool play 3rd Place were Bramalea Selects & Unionville Spartans

Bantam Select Provincial's on August 15/16 at McNab/Braeside

Next get together will be at the provincials on August 15th- Proof of Age must be taken with you or you may not be allowed to play! Don't forget your Helmets with Straps & Hat & Shirt. We will take the Victoria Harbour Catcher gear with us along with practice balls as most of you guys have bats we won't be dragging a bunch of them up with us.

Most of the players/parents I've talked to are leaving Friday afternoon and staying over Friday and Saturday night. We won't know if we're playing Sunday until we play Saturday, top 4 teams play on Sunday in the finals!

 Schedule has us playing at 9:00 a.m. on the Saturday morning

1.   Scarborough East

2.  Georgian Bay Rattlers

3.  Orleans Rebels

4.  Bramalea Selects

5.  Lyn Lightning

6.  Cornwall Selects

7.  McNab Mavericks













Opening Ceremonies & Skills Competition













Home Team is first team listed

* Home team is determined by flip of a coin

Registration: 30 minutes prior to first game

In the event of running ahead of schedule teams MUST be prepared to play 30 minutes ahead of scheduled game time

                               Top 4 teams advance

Sunday August 16, 2009



1st place vs. 4th place

2nd place vs. 3rd place



2nd place of Game at M1 vs 2nd place of Game at M3


Gold & Silver

1st place of Game at M1 vs 1st place of Game at M3

 So, we had a tough day, losing game 1 by only one run after we had the lead to the bottom of the final inning and then 2 more losses (all single digits) as we played a double header against the top 2 teams there (Lyn & McNab/Braeside) we saw our day come to a close in the late afternoon. Playing the double header in 30 degree weather was certainly a challenge and the boys pulled it off with some great games but there was no question the rested McNab/Braeside team was no match for us in the 3rd game. It was almost a relief to leave the hot field for the cooler waters of the hotel pool as most of the team ended up back there for some acrobatic games that put the ball games into the memory banks of our minds. We couldn't have been prouder of our team as they fought hard to the end and as coaches we were quite impressed with their spirits and determination. The guys have definitely bonded as friends and the memories of the trip up to Renfrew will not soon be forgotten. We have one more tournament scheduled next weekend in Bramalea as ball sadly winds down for another season (We're still looking for a Sept. tourney but no luck so far)

Back at the Best Western in Renfrew!

Bramalea Tournament- Saturday August 22nd

Location-11475 Bramalea Road North, Brampton Ontario

Wow, what a day that was, it started of a perfect day for ball in the low 20's and some cloud cover and then as the day progressed it got hotter and hotter until the rain came which caused some short delays in the games. After the rain the temperature plunged and the wind picked up making it a rather chilly afternoon with storm clouds threatening to attack at any time. At about 5:30 the temperature suddenly plunged to about 0 degrees as what seemed like "a cooler full of water" plunged upon us leaving us drenched and wishing for the 30 degree temperatures of Renfrew again.

The ball games were exceptional and the Rattlers played like pros game after game. Solid fielding and great pitching kept us up in the scores and some great at bats saw us scoring runs in pretty much every inning played. Oshawa was a fun team to play against in the finals and they certainly made the game competitive for us. Congrats to their catcher who took MVP in the final game.

Above all was the spirit of fun and without question every one of us as coaches would agree we could not have found a better team this year. There wasn't an individual on the team that wasn't accepted as a friend and fellow player, there was strong support for each player and you played fabulously as a team throughout the day. You encouraged and congratulated and focused on what was working and it worked really well. As your coaches we were proud of you and you certainly made Georgian Bay Minor Softball proud, you were extremely good ambassadors for our league. We also had a great group of parents this year and we thank you for your support at the games and at the practices. Usually when we do select we get around 75% of the players out at best for practice, this year we saw almost all the guys out at every practice, it was really great to see.

Congratulations to Alden on winning the Championship game MVP! Congrats also to Justin on finishing 3rd in the Home Run Derby- Nicely Done! Of course we need to mention Brady's Grand Slam, nice hit Brady. There were tons of other good hits and defensive plays and you are all worthy of mention, so.... well done ALL.


Article from the Midland Mirror- Thanks Mike for running this for us!

Oshawa- Sunday September 20th- Silver Medalists- Well done team!

We wondered about a September tourney with hockey in it's try out stages and who knew about the weather, we'd seen more rain this year than we care to mention. After the tourney on Saturday there is no doubt in our minds that it was a good idea. The entire team showed and had a great time, sure it's more fun when you win gold but there's nothing shabby about playing hard and finishing 2nd out of 6 teams, plus it builds good character to combine a little losing with winning. The team played awesome with great pitching from Alden and Charlie, the pitching rules in Oshawa meant we had to use at least 2 pitchers per game and both of you played extremely well and were nothing less than impressive. We saw some of the best hitting at this tournament that we've seen in a while, Justin (4 Walks, 2 Singles, 1 Double, 1 Triple) & Alden (2 homeruns & 1 Grand Slam, 2 Triples, 1 Double & 2 Singles) certainly stood out with high averages and some great hits. The team camaraderie grew with this tourney and I truly believe that some good friendships have developed as well as a respect for each other on the team, that is our main goal in doing the select circuit. Well done guys on 3 solid wins putting you first in the round robin portion, had it been scored the same as the peewee's you would have taken gold, however we did have a final game to play against Kitchener/Waterloo. That game resulted in our only loss of the day and it was an awesome game as well with a tie at the end of 4 innings (1-1), a couple of nice hits in the later stages of the game gave Kitchener the win and put us in the Silver spot for the day. Nic took a nice hit on the knee in game 3 to disable him for the balance of the tourney, he ended up with a baseball sized bruise that will help him remember the tourney for another day or two. So finished the year with a Gold, Silver, Bronze & "close to last", a nice assortment of hardware, nice to see you collected the whole set! We missed having Peter there for the final tourney but we're sure he was there in spirit. On behalf of Peter, Henry & I we truly had fun and thank you for being a part of this experience, I'm sure it will be a fond memory for years to come.

Game 1- Rattlers 8-Unionville 4, Game 2- Rattlers 22-Oshawa 2, Game 3- Rattlers 10-Oshawa 5, Finals- Rattlers 3-Kitchener 10

Pants can be dropped off to Keith @ 379 Newton Street in Victoria Harbour- if I'm not here just leave them at the door or in the mailbox, Thx!