The GBMSL Bantam Tournament 2017

The rain subsided for a day and the diamonds hadn't but dried up. There was still water on one of the Port McNicoll diamonds but with the bright sunny day and warm temperatures the water issues where soon behind us. 11 teams participated in this years event, one of our largest Bantam numbers in quite some time.

Special thanks to our umpires who gave us their day. We had only 2 senior umpires in Port McNicoll and 4 in Victoria Harbour. Umpires are getting harder to find every year it seems. There are always several competing touranments going on outside of the GBMSL and many umpires are looking at those events as well. We are truly grateful to those few umpires that put the GBMSL at the top of their umpiring list and dedicate these weekends to us, without you we could not make these events happen.

Thank you to the volunteers in Port McNicoll and Victoria Harbour, although seldom recognized we do appreciate all that you do and again would acknowledge that without you the day would not have been possible.



6 teams competed on the AA Side and the competition was extremley close right to the end of the day. The semi finals saw both games end with 1 run victorys with 4-3 and 3-2 scores, some extremely close competition.

Wyevale and Lafontaine were eliminated in the round robin part of the event and both Minesing 1 & Elmvale 2 were defeated in the semi-finals and captured the 3rd and 4th spots

In the finals we saw Victoria Harbour 2 and Elmvale 1 play a nail biter game that went into extra innings to determine a winner. In the end Elmvale 1 was able to score run in the top of the 8th inning and shut down the VH team for the 2017 Championship title.

Congrats to Isaak McGinnis and Kyle Weatherell who were the Championship game MVP's for their teams.



5 teams were registered on the A side where they competed in a 5 team double elimination event.

Double elims can be an easy day for the team that doesn't lose a game and a long road back for the team that loses along the way.

Oro was the team with the grit and determination as they fought back to the top spot to take on the Victoria Harbour 1 team for the Gold & Silver rewards.

At the end of the Day we saw Victoria Harbour 1 capture the Gold with Oro taking the Silver

Toanche Captured the Bronze medals

MVP's for the Championship Game were Luca from Victoria Harbour and PJ from Oro