Baseball expressions we use everyday

Most people don’t think about it, but they talk baseball year round in the expressions that they use in every day life. Many folks who use these expressions don’t know they came from baseball or even what they mean in their proper context.

 Here’s a few I could think of, and I’m sure there’s more, send me your ideas and I’ll add them to the list, let’s see how long we can make it!

1-     Step up to the plate

2-     Your out in left field or "that really came out of left field"

3-     "Three strikes and your out" or "you've got 2 strikes against you"

4-     Your way off base

5-     You’re a “screwball”

6-     You need to cover your bases

7-     He tried, but he struck out

8-     It’s just a “ball park” figure or It’s in the “ballpark”

9-     Your in the big league now

10- She went to bat for me

11- So you want to play hardball

12- He sure threw me a curve or curveball

13- Your batting 1000

14- This is a whole new ballgame

15- Take one for the team

16- He threw his pitch at me but I didn't go for it.

17- That really "hit home"

18- He did it "right off the bat"

19- Let's "touch base" on this another day

20- You're really on the ball

 Send your’s to and we'll try to get them added on- Thanks