The Bob Potter Sr. Memorial Trophy-

Presented annually to the Playoff Squirt Champions

Born in 1940 at the family homestead on Rosemount Road in Tay Township, Bob didn't have what would be a typical childhood. Losing his dad when he was 9 years old Bob took on the job of trying to care for his mom & 4 sisters. When he met his wife to be, Jackie, and they were about to be married he was in a bad car accident that made him unable to participate in any sports but that didn't stop him from getting involved. When Bob Jr. came along his dad was coaching the old Sturgeon Bay men's team. As his boys grew Bob did some brain storming , and maybe with the kids looking for some activity, Bob along with some friends decided to try and start a youth ball league (currently known as GBMSL). Barney Ward donated some unused property where they could make a diamond. Bob, his boys & friends spent the spring cutting trees, pulling stumps, hauling dirt & building a back stop and infield. The backstop was made of cedar poles with chicken wire as the screen. Hence their title the "chicken wire" team. Most of the materials used to make the Sturgeon Bay field were kindly donated by local businesses & families that wanted their kids to be part of the new team. They had a great start to their ball careers with some quality ball players and they went on to beat Vasey in the finals to win the first Championship (photo below). Bob, with his wife Jackie's help, coached up to 6 teams over the next few years, driving around in his old canary yellow Ford to pick up any kids that needed rides. Almost every night there was a baseball game going on throughout the summer.  The coaching got to be a little too much for Bob and he had to step down, unfortunately he couldn't find anyone to take his position and Sturgeon Bay couldn't field any teams from that point on. Many of the players ended up going to Vasey to play where Bob would volunteer to umpire when he could and that continued until Bob Jr. finished ball in the 1980's. Bob Jr. was ejected from several games and his dad didn't hesitate to do it as he umpired his sons games. Bob Sr. continued to attend games and watch his children, grand children play until he was unable to go due to illness. He was without question a man dedicated to ball, dedicated to making kids smile and wanting to see every child enjoy their childhood, maybe it was because he knew what it was like to not be able to based on his life's experience. We know Bob is still with us in spirit and his desire would be that every kid out there have the opportunity to be a kid. We were able as a league to thank Bob for his work when we introduced the Pioneer Award and we trust that this trophy will be a lasting legacy recognizing all of Bob's efforts.

Bob Potter Sr. back row on the left, Bob Potter Jr. is 4th from left in the back row. Sturgeon Bay won the 1973 Mini-Squirt Season Championship. The above photo was taken commemorating that event.

Bob is seen holding the Pioneer Award Plaque, along with several other pioneers of the GBMSL.

This newly dedicated Squirt Trophy was presented for the first time in 2010 in honour of Bob Potter, one of the founding members of the Georgian Bay Minor Softball League

1972- Wyevale, 1973- Elmvale, 1974- Elmvale, 1975- Elmvale, 1976- Elmvale. 1977- Hillsdale, 1978- Wyebridge. 1979- Perkinsfield. 1980-Wyevale, 1981- Midland "Summer's Trophies", 1982- Toanche, 1983- Toanche, 1984- Victoria Harbour, 1985- Toanche, 1986- Wyevale, 1987- Toanche, 1988- Toanche, 1989- Vasey, 1990- Lafontaine, 1992- Elmvale 4, 1995- Toanche 1, 1996- Toanche, 1997- Toanche, 1998- Waverley, 1999- Toanche, 2000- Lafontaine, 2001- Wyebridge, 2002- Wyebridge 1, 2003- Lafontaine, 2004- Minesing 1, 2005- Vasey 1, 2006- Vasey 2, 2007- Vasey, 2008- Victoria Harbour 1, 2009- Port McNicoll , 2010- Toanche, 2011- Minesing 1

Jackie Potter, wife of Bob Potter Sr. with their son Bob Potter Jr. holding newly designed trophy dedicated to the memory of Bob Potter Sr. who passed away in May 2010

This is the oldest trophy in GBMSL's history dating back to 1972 when it was presented for the first time.

2010 Championship- 1st time Recipients of newly dedicated trophy- Toanche

2011 Championship presentation by Jackie Potter & her son Bob to Minesing 1

2012 Championship Trophy presented to Vasey by Bob Potter Jr.

2013 Championship Trophy presented to Victoria Harbour

2014 Championship Trophy presented to Victoria Harbour

2015 Championship Trophy presented to Wyevale

2016 Championship Trophy presented to Hillsdale

2017 Championship Trophy presented to Hillsdale