Hello to all:

Unfortunately this is the part of my position that I do not like to address.  For the vast majority of GBMSL Coaches, fans and parents the following does not apply.  I regret to say that for some it does apply.  What I am referring to is the code of conduct that needs to be followed by all.  In the past 2 weeks there has been a rash of unforgivable behavior by some coaches fans and parents towards our Junior Umpires.
Some Junior Umpires have been humiliated, berated and generally not treated with the respect they deserve.  Specific incidences of yelling, insinuated of bias towards a certain team and questioning of their abilities has occurred.  It is mandatory that we as a league and responsible adults support our Junior Umpires.  Yes, they will make some errors, but guess what, so do we as adults. 
Our young players make mistakes, but we do not humiliate them for an error.  We clap and tell them good try!   Why would it be acceptable to humiliate a Junior Umpire for an error?  Bottom line, it is not!  By allowing this to occur, we as adults are setting a very poor example for our young players.  Essentially we are telling them that the Umpires are not to be respected.
I would ask, that if anyone sees a Junior Umpire being treated unfairly, that they as an adult, directly approach the Coach, fan or parent who is treating the Umpire unfairly to sit down and be quiet.    Simply remind them that they are looking like fools and acting like a bully.  We do not allow bullying in the schoolyard, so we must not tolerate it on the field.
For the specific cases where I have talked to the Junior Umps who have had this happen, I reminded them they have the right to say the magic words, "Coach, you are ejected.  Please leave the diamond immediately."  Lets not let it come to this, please help to control the situation before it comes to this.  I would ask the all Community contacts forward this message to all of their Coaches and Junior Umpires who are not on my mailing list.
Any questions or concerns please contact me directly.
Pat Rodgers
Umpire in Chief



In addition to Pat's comments above, which I should emphasize the league strongly endorses, with the upcoming tournaments approaching across the league please keep in mind- "There will be zero tolerance for abuse of the above" So lets all get it figured out NOW! I would also mention that Pat has touched on the Junior's in our league, the same level respect should also be directed to our level 1 umpires as well. Remember, without them we cannot play our game!

Keith Chapman, President GBMSL