The sun was shining on Coldwater 2 at the ‘AA’ Squirt tournament in Perkinsfield this past weekend!  Coldwater 2 won the GBMSL Squirt tournament.

Friday night the majority of the Rippers failed to “show up” and were easily beat 6-2 by Toanche.  On the brighter side, runs were scored by Alex Petrtyl and Jacob Laughlin.  Hits came from the bats of Hunter Lemay, Jacob Laughlin and Jordan Bosworth, while Braden Clark struck out 8 Toanche hitters in the 5 inning loss.

Saturday morning the Coldwater Coaches, Bobbi Jo Lemay and Michele Clark regrouped their team and set their sites on winning the Tourney.

The first team they met on Saturday morning was Wyevale 2, Coldwater 2 beat them 4-0 in a closely contested game.  Runs for Coldwater came from the speedy Taylor Angus with two, Jordan Bosworth and Hunter Lemay with one a piece.  Hits came from Dustin Vanni, Dominik Petrtyl, Jordan Bosworth, Jacob Laughlin with 2 while Alex Petrtyl recorded a single and a triple and Hunter Lemay had a single and a home run.  Braden Clark pitched well recording the shut out, striking out 12 Wyevale hitters in the 7 inning win.

In order to advance on Saturday, the Rippers needed a win against Minesing 1 who were undefeated in the regular season.

Coldwater 2 were definitely up for the task and beat Minesing  5-2.  Runs came from Dominik Petrtyl, Jacob Laughlin, Taylor Angus and Hunter Lemay with 2.  Hits came from the bats of Jordan Bosworth, Jacob Laughlin, Curtis Spence, Alex Petrtyl while Braden Clark and Hunter Lemay chipped in with 2 hits a piece. 

Once again the battery of Braden Clark and Cole Lemay excelled, allowing 2 runs while striking out 8 Minesing batters over 6 innings to advance to the final.

Moving to the Gold/Silver final, Coldwater showed no mercy against Toanche in recording 13 hits while scoring 10 runs.  Toanche had the Rippers number during two previous games, one in regular season and one on Friday night. The Coldwater Coaches were bound not to let them beat us again.  The runs came from Keagan Givens, Cole Lemay, Hunter Lemay and Alex Petrtyl.  Jordan Bosworth, Dominik Petrtyl and Jacob Laughlin scored 2 a piece.  Hits came from the bats of Curtis Spence, Cole Lemay, Dominik Petrtyl and Alex Petrtyl.  Multiple hits came from Jacob Laughlin, Cole Lemay and Hunter Lemay with 2 a piece.  Meanwhile Jordan Bosworth had 4 hits, proudly receiving the MVP award for Coldwater.

Pitching in the heat, the battery of Braden Clark and Cole Lemay impressed, allowing 3 runs, striking out 10 hitters from Toanche in this 7 inning victory.

Bringing Clark’s totals to 25 innings pitched, 11 runs allowed while striking out 38 hitters over the 4 games to help “bring home the gold”!

Congratulations to Coldwater 2 Rippers, you worked hard for 1st place with all the support of your Coaches.

A big thank you to all the Coldwater parents, families and fans…….you make this possible.