"The Darren Laycock Memorial Playoff Trophy"

is presented annually in the Mini Squirt division

The winners of the 2 tournaments will meet the week following their individual Championship tournaments to compete for this trophy, the highest Trophy attainable in the GBMSL for a Mini Squirt team

The trophy is presented in memory of "Darren Laycock" and was provided by Waverley Recreation to be a lasting legacy in Darren's honor.

Darren Kenneth Laycock

of Waverley, Ontario

May 6, 1970 - July 21, 1988







On August 19th, 2003 the Trophy was presented for the first time,

Ken & Debbie Laycock presenting to Vasey, 2003 GBMSL Champions

Lafontaine- 2004 GBMSL Mini Squirt Champions

Victoria Harbour 1- 2005 GBMSL Mini Squirt Champions

Victoria Harbour 2- 2006 GBMSL Mini-Squirt Champions

Vasey- 2007 GBMSL Mini-Squirt Champions

Minesing 1- 2008 GBMSL Mini-Squirt Champions

Minesing 2- 2009 GBMSL Mini-Squirt Playoff Champions

Vasey- 2010 Mini-Squirt Playoff Champions

Minesing 2- 2011 Mini-Squirt Playoff Champions

Elmvale 1- 2012 Mini-Squirt Playoff Champions

Vasey- 2013 Mite Playoff Champions

Elmvale 1- 2014

Perkinsfield- 2015

Perkinsfield - 2016

Vasey- 2017

Wyevale 2- 2018