The Don Hawke Midget Memorial Trophy

Presented annually to the Midget team that captures the GMBSL Playoff title

In Memory of Don Hawke who passed away in 2012. Don was born in the Vasey area and at the age of 13 played ball for the Vasey mens team as there was no minor ball program at that time. In approx. 1967/68 Don and his wife Rosemary, along with Stan Robinson and his wife Bea began a youth ball program for the youngsters of the Vasey area at the current Vasey ball park. The original program was to provide a program for Don & Stan's family and becasue there were no other teams to play with they ran a house league program out of Vasey for the first few years as most of the players were 5-7 years old. In the early 1970's (approx 1972/73) other teams began programs in their areas and some competition began between neighboring towns. Some of those towns on record were Sturgeon Bay, Victoria Harbour, Waverley, Hillsdale & Wyebridge. Don had a major impact on the Vasey program and coached and organized the Vasey program until his own boys made it through to the Midget division. In Don's later years he resumed coaching for a couple of years for Victoria Harbour as he coached his grandchildren at the Squirt/Peewee level.

Quote from Peter Robinson (son of Stan & Bea Robinson)-President, Vasey Minor Ball, 2012- "the idea for starting the Vasey house league was hatched during the winter actually because Dad was Donís wing-man on the snow plow so they had a lot of time to chat and plant the seeds for the Vasey house league. With Don being the snow-plow/grader operator for Tay Township and Stan being the Tay Municipal Telephone Man, they knew virtually where all eligible ball players lived and any kids that needed a ride would get piled into a couple of vehicles on the way to the Vasey Park (no seat-belt laws back then!!). From there Don organized the coaching/umpiring for the house league, often cajoling his sister along with Bea/Stan and other volunteers from the community."

Don was one of the early pioneers of the fastball program which is now known as the GBMSL. This trophy is dedicated to his efforts and in a way to all the efforts of the early pioneers who have made the continuation of the Georgian Bay Minor Softball League a reality today.

We trust this trophy will honor Don for years to come as it is presented annually to the top Midget team of the GBMSL.

Rosemary Hawke holding the new Midget Championship trophy in memory of her husband Don

Bea Robinson & Rosemary Hawke at the 2012 Midget Championships in Vasey

Often trophies are named in memory of the coach, in this case Don, with little mention of those individuals who gave so much of their time and support behind the scenes, we commend Bea & Rosemary who supported Stan & Don throughout the years. You'll still find Mrs. Robinson at the games supporting the Vasey teams as her sons & grandchildren continue the family legacy

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