The GBMSL Midget Tournament 2018

 This was a day for the record books in the GBMSL. 6 teams entered the tournament in 2 seperate pools and at the end of the day Elmvale and Minesing finished 1st in their pools and faced off against the 2nd place Victoria Harbour teams. Both Elmvale and Minesing won their games and moved on to the finals.

At 4 p.m. with 2 fairly tired umpires the game began. It was a low scoring game with fast innings and at the end of seven if was all tied up so we needed to move on to extra innings. The international rule was introduced in the 8th with a runner starting at 2nd, I believe the intention of that is to help speed up a tight game and come up with a winner. The problem was that nobody told these two teams that. So to make a LONG story short at the end of 2 hours and 55 minutes and 14 innings of baseball Elmvale (the home team) brought in the winning run in the bottom of the inning. Both teams stuck with the same pitcher for the entire game, Thomas and Noah pitched as good as they ever have and there was no question they were getting tired but they continued to throw extremely well.

This game was in my opinion the longest on record in the GBMSL in our 25 years of involvement. Sandra and I celebrated our 34th anniversary on Saturday, the ball game kinda cut into our dinner plans but it was certainly a memorable game that will be remembered for a long time and well worth staying and watching.

One thing that stands out from the game considering that both teams have very competitive players was that although anxiety was running high there were no real issues.

It was Awesome ball weather, some cloud cover and right around 20 Degrees all day, the final games of the day were a lot of fun to watch, great sportsmanship by both sides and some excellent ball.

Special thanks go out to our 4 umpires, Rene, Nic, Glenn & Dan, who took some abuse from the players especially in that almost 3 hour game but they kept their integrity and umpired an awesome day. Thanks Rene & Glenn for hanging in there and being part of this memorable Midget championship game.

For those of you who didn't stick around, well your missed the game of your life without question!!


Gold- Elmvale

Silver- Minesing

Bronze- Victoria Harbour 1 & Victoria Harbour 2

also participating were Lafontaine & Port McNicoll

MVP's of the Final Gold/Silver Game were Thomas Maw from Elmvale & Noah Rowland from Minesing