Miget Select 2014

The team consists of: Nicolas Chapman, Nathan Gaines, Andrew Kelly, David LeBlanc, Jacob laughlin, Scott Mason, Carlin Nielsen, Randy Penney, Kirk Santala, Cody Simpson, Noah Skerritt & Brandon Wallace

Coaching are Ken Wallace, Ken Santala, Doug Penney & Keith Chapman

Scorekeeper/Paperwork- Sandra Chapman

Planned Tournaments-

Unionville on Sunday July 13th

Bramalea on Saturday July 26th

Provincials in Kitchener of Saturday August 23rd

It was a great first time out. We'd met once for a short practice and now it was for real.. We knew there was some talent on the team and that we had a great bunch of guys to work with. That formula came together well and we had a fabulous day in Unionville. We woke up to rain and wondered if it would all be called off but we made the 1 1/2 hour trek with our fingers crossed that it would all work out. When we arrived at the diamonds it was still sprinkling and things were a little behind but we were able to play ball. Our lineup was guess work as we really didn't know who to put where and players were moved around. One of the great things about select is that players can be utility players and play just about anywhere, and you did. Not a a complaint was heard throughout the day and we saw a great group of young men perform at their best. You made the coaches & the GBMSL proud as you competed throughout the day.

The Round Robin saw some great ball and it also saw our team improve as we moved forward . By game 3 we saw the tightest game of the day with Topham Park which went 3 innings as a 2-1 game for us. We scored one more in the 4th and then things opened up for us in the 5th and we scored another 4 runs.

Round Robin Results were:

Game 1-14-2, Game 2- 11-2, Game 3- 10-1

At the end of the round robin we sat in first place in our pool and went up against the winner of the other side back at Crosby park, which turned out to be Bramalea. Time was now tight as we were losing the diamond at 5 p.m. so we only had time for 5 innings of ball. Things started out strong for us with 3 runs in the 1st and 4 in the second. Three more in the 5th brought the game to a conclusion with a 10-2 Score


In 4 games the total runs against was 7, quite an awesome statement on your defensive skills while your runs for totaled 45. which speaks volumes towards your offensive skills!

Some great pitching, hitting, bunting, baserunning but above all we left with a team that we are proud to call ours and that we are proud to be involved with. 11 young men who played hard and had fun and were very coachable, thanks for making the GBMSL proud!

Bramalea - July 26th

Consolation Champions in Bramalea

In what looked like it could end up being a rainy day (just like Unionville) things dried up by game time with really no rain to mention for the balance of the day.

Well we met up with our toughest competition again, funny how Topham Park always seems to end up in our pool, but there they were! In a close game that ended in a 2 run defecit, some errors on our part and an early morning game where maybe we weren't quite awake, we saw our only loss of the day losing to Topham 10-8.

The balance of the day saw us take on Gage Park (15-1 for us) and Glen Williams (8-2) which placed us 2nd in our pool

In the Bronze (Cons. championship) game we played Gage Park a 2nd time with a win of 11-2 to take the Consolation Championship

With a team of only 10 players you could see that the team was getting tired as they volunteered to sub out in the final game. Still the team showed lots of team spirit and had a good time throughout the day.

PROVINCIALS- August 23rd

Well we had a full squad show up for the Provincial Championships and there is no question we played some good ball and had a lot of fun. The round robin portion saw us go undefeated and finish 1st in our pool which meant we moved forward into the semi-finals with a game off. After taking the Semi-Final game we moved on to face our good friends from Topham Park (we kind of expected that). Our record vs. Topham was currently 1-1 so we anticipated some good ball. Topham took off to an early lead with some awesome hitting and balls finding the holes in the outfield. We certainly held our own throughout the game but never brought back the early game spread which game Topham the win and our Rattlers the Provincial Finalist title. We are certainly proud of our boys and how they played and also for their great level of sportsmanship and quality character. Congrats on a good day and we're down to one final tourney in Kitchener in September!


OSHAWA- Sept 14th

Another great day on the diamond. Special thanks to Austin Scott (Bantam Selects) who came up to give us a 10th player for the day. He was right at home and played hard and fit well into the team. It was a cool day, fingers were frozen in the early hours but at least it wasn't raining. Our guys went undefeated through the round robin portion of the tournament and ended up against our regular final competitors- Topham Park. Of course thoughts of the provincial outcome where high on our minds but we went out and played some great ball. One bad inning put us back 4 runs and the tying run was at bat for us int he bottom of the 7th but it just wasn't to be. There's no question Topham was worried, you could hear it whenever the coaches talked. We played a great game, made some awesome offensive & defensive plays and ended capturing the silver medals. Congrats to Nathan, Kirk, Nic & Jacob who where choosen as game MVP's throughout the day.

We wish everyone an awesome off season and look forward to another season of select next year. Nic was in his final year, we'll miss having him back next season and wish him all the best in whatever new adventures he tackles going forward.

Special thanks go out to all who helped out, Ken, Ken, Keith & Doug. Sandra who scored & the committed parents who put a few extra klicks on their vehicles driving to the tournaments