The 2009 Midget Select Team

                                                             Team roster:                                                                   
Kort, Ryan Stewart, Sheldon Hargrave, Alex McArthur, Jared Chapman, Dillon O'Brien, Zaac Pauze, Will Desroches        
Ryan Bertram, Danielle Pauze, Stuart Giffen, Martin Maurice

Coaching Staff: Luc Desroches, Guy Desroches & Frank Pauze

Results of the tournament at Bramalea for the Midgets selects.
Game 1       Oshawa 1          GBMSL 21
Game 2       Unionville 7        GBMSL 6 
Game 3       Orangeville 1      GBMSL 9
Game 4       Pickering 0         GBMSL 19     Consolation Champs
3rd out of 8 is not bad.
Everything went very well at the tournament.
Goodwood won the tournament against Unionville in extra innings.


Results from Select Midget Provincials 2009 in Scarbourough

Game 1  Woodbridge 2         Georgian Bay 17

Game 2  Milliken  3               Georgian Bay 14

Game 3  Malvern 1                Georgian Bay 14

Game 4  Greenbush 7            Georgian Bay 4

Once again we faced off against Pickering  winning bronze!

Congratulations to the boys who despite scorching heat and only having nine players competed hard every game.  The game against Greenbush went into extra innings and was close and it could have gone either way!

100 percent was given by all I'm sure everyone went home tired bruised and covered in dirt! Thanks to  Frank Pauze, Dale Giffen and Guy Desroches for coaching that day!