The GBMSL Mite Tournament 2017

"A" Champions- Elmvale 2

"B" Champions- Vasey

These two teams will face off in Vasey (top regular seeded teams home town) on Tuesday evening at 6:45 p.m. (rain date Wednesday) for the 2017 Mite Playoff Championship

With 16 teams playing in the Tyke division this season it created a challenge for diamond locations for a lot of games in a short period of time. Our best plans went astray sadly when Friday night decided to bring thunderstorms and flood the Minesing school diamonds and create havoc to our schedule.

We now had only 3 diamonds at the School and 4 games to make up on the Championship side, a challenge indeed.

Thankfully Carl was able to get Doran park and some early morning hours rescheduling and diamond visits brought the Saturday back into focus. Thanks to the Springwater guys and Carl for what was a tiring start to their day in visiting and setting up 3 parks and 6 diamonds by 8:30 a.m. Thankyou to the umpires who shifted their locations and Trish for staying at Doran for the day to watch over things and send us scores. To the Championship teams to travelled back and forth to Doran without complaining we offer a large Thanks! Sadly the missing diamond at the school created a reschedule there and with such limited time and an attempt to get everything going we apologize to the two teams that showed at 8:30 a.m. unaware that their game was now at 10:30, that was an oversight on the leagues part and we thank you for taking it in stride. One of first things teams learn at the Mite level is that tournaments do get changed by weather so always check the schedule and make sure things are not changed last minute.

Thanks Carl for putting on a great day with a lot of teams, to Keith & Sandra & Martial at Tree Nursery for the support given there

At the end of it all we saw a successful conclusion, so happy kids and some awesome ball! Thanks for being a part of it


Tree Nursery Park- A & B Championships

A Championships

Gold-Elmvale 2

Silver- Wyevale

Bronze- Victoria Harbour 1

4th- Lafontaine


B Championships

Gold- Vasey

Silver- Minesing 2

Bronze- Wyevale 2

4th- Elmvale 1


Minesing School Ground- A & B Consolations

A Champion - Minesing #1
A Finalist - Toanche
MVPs- McKinley for Minesing and Trent for Toanche
3rd - Lafontaine #2
4th- Wyebridge 

B Champion- Elmvale #3
B Finalist- Victoria Harbour #2
MVPs- Aidan for Elmvale and Isaac for VH
3rd- Minesing #3
4th- Minesing #4