The GBMSL Mite Tournament 2018

"A" Champions- Wyevale 2

"B" Champions- Wyevale 1

These two teams will face off in Wyevale (top regular seeded teams home town) on Tuesday evening at 6:45 p.m. (rain date Wednesday) for the 2017 Mite Playoff Championship

With 13 teams playing in the Mite division this season it created a challenge in coming up with a format for a 8 team championship and a 5 team Consolation. The odd # of teams is always difficult so we tried to reuse the same format as the mid season tournament which worked fairly well it seems. With a double Elim it's designed that if you lose a game you go to the other side and then "what is supposed be stronger team" drops down and you end up maybe playing 2 or 3 games. The Championship side went of well but the Consolation saw one team playing 5 games in a row. This is quite unusual but not unheard of. We congratulate any team for showing the stamina to pull this off especially with players at this young age, it takes a lot, especially when it's hot out there.

Special thanks go out to Minesing Minor Ball and Carl Luoma specifically for spending the Friday evening and Saturday at the diamonds doing 13 medal presentations and MVP presentations throughout the weekend as well as capturing photos of all the participants. Thanks again Carl and those who helped out to make the weekend a success.

A & B Championships

A Championships

Gold- Wyevale 2

Silver- Wyebridge

Bronze- Elmvale 2

4th- Vasey


B Championships

Gold- Wyevale 1

Silver- Toanche

Bronze- Elmvale 1

4th- Minesing 1

Minesing School Ground- A & B Consolations

A Champions- Hillsdale

A Finalist- Victoria Harbour 2

A 3rd-  Victoria Harbour 1

A 4th- Minesing 2

A 5th- Lafontaine

MVP's of the touranament Weekend

Championship A - Cooper A - Wyevale 2, Lachlan L - Wyebridge

Championship B - Jackson - Wyevale 1, Carter - Toanche

Consolation - Morgan - Hillsdale, Isaac - VH 2