Victoria Harbour Hornets- Awards & Players

"The Peer Award" is considered the highest recognition award available on any team. It is not selected by the coach, parents or any one person, but rather by the team as a whole. All players, and in some cases the spectators, vote for the recipient of this award. Everyone votes for the individual on their team who sets the example to follow, was committed, showed a positive spirit and in a nutshell " set the pace on their team for all to follow"- Often this same individual is also chosen as MVP (Most Valuable Player) for their team as well. The MVP award is based on season stats and performance only, and in some cases may be more than one individual, if the results were close.

Other awards include, Golden Glove- for the awesome fielder, Most Dedicated- Never misses, Most Improved- Constantly striving to Improve, Pitching Award- Getting the "K's" or strike outs, Unsung Hero- All around player with talent in several areas, Golden Cleats- Base running & Stealing, Golden Bat- for the ability at bat, Coach's Choice- Positive attitude & pleasure to coach, Most Sportsmanlike- take losing in stride with winning, always looks for the best in people, Spirit Award- Encouraging, motivating to other players & always happy, Rookie of the year- First year player in a division with outstanding performance, Most Versatile Player- able to play any position well, Coach's Choice A/P Award- to the player who A/P's up to the next division for a least 5 games

Peewee division also offers the "KENNY AWARD" which is a combination peer award but also based on stats. It is the highest award attainable in the Peewee division and considered one of the highest awards available in your career at Victoria Harbour Minor Ball.

Award of Excellence- Awarded to the Victoria Harbour player who has played their entire GBMSL ball career in Victoria Harbour with an allowance of one year. Generally this award would be presented during their second year of Midget ball assuming they started playing at age 6 in Tyke (end of 13th year) We don't use T-Ball in the calculation as it isn't included in GBMSL. A player that returns after receiving the Award of Exellence would receive the Hornet of the Year Award.

Player of the Year: One player chosen from each team by the Victoria Harbour Minor Ball Executive as the player that stood out on the team as an example of how the game is played and set a role model to be followed. A commitment to the team is required and stats and accomplishments of the player are considered. There is no input from coaches/players/parents in the consideration of this award but is decided upon solely at the discretion of the VHMB executive.

Presidents Leadership Award-as chosen soley by the VHMB President or as recommened by VHMB executive to the President for consideration. Must be age eligible Bantam or Midget age Player. Presented to the player(s) who have "stood out" on their teams showing a strong leadership role. These players must show sportsmanship, dedication and a commitment to their teams. They would be supportive players and leaders who show respect and concern for their fellow players and to their coach.