Peewee Playoff Format for 2018

Place Team Tie Breaker Info
Championship Side- top 8
1st-Season Champions- Victoria Harbour
20 Points plus 159
2nd Wyevale
20 Points plus 121
3rd Oro
16 Points
4th Minesing 2
15 Points
5th Hillsdale 1
14 Points
6th Coldwater
12 Points, won over 7th in H2H
7th Hillsdale 2
12 Points, lost vs. 6th in H2H
8th Port McNicoll
10 Points
    Consolation Side- bottom 7
9th Vasey
9 Points
10th Wyebridge
8 Points
11th Toanche 2
7 Points
12th Elmvale
6 Points
4 Points, won over 14th in H2H
Toanche 1
4 Points, lost vs. 13th in H2H
Minesing 1
3 Points

NOTE- You cannot cancel playoff games unless weather dictates it! Make every effort to play it quick. If you diamond is unplayable or you don't have lights when needed and the team you are playing against has a playable diamond or lights then play your home game there! Make every effort to get the game in! Please send your scores in quickly and keep the league informed of issues so we can stay on top of it.


Championship Side

1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5

Team on the left is home

Round 1

Game 1 on June 26th, game 2 on August 2nd & game 3 on August 7th (if required)

Game 1- Victoria Harbour- 23* vs. Port McNicoll- 2

Game 2- Port McNicoll- 7* vs. Victoria Harbour- 22*

Victoria Harbour moves on


Game 1- Hillsdale 2- 0* vs. Wyevale- 18* (game 1 & 2 flipped due to Hillsdale diamond conflict on game 2)

Game 2- Wyevale- 17* vs. Hillsdale 2- 15

Wyevale moves on


Game 1- Oro- 11* vs. Coldwater- 15*

Game 2- Coldwater- 8* vs. Oro- 9*

Game 3- Oro- 6 vs. Coldwater- 7*

Coldwater moves on


Game 1- Minesing 2- 9 vs. Hillsdale 1- 14*

Game 2- Hillsdale 1- 11* vs. Minesing 2- 8

Hillsdale 1 moves on

Round 2

Game 1 on August 9th, game 2 on August 16th & game 3 on August 21st (if required)

Losing teams receive Bronze medals

Game 1- Victoria Harbour- 23* vs. Hillsdale 1- 0

Game 2- Hillsdale 1- 18 vs. Victoria Harbour- 6*

Game 3- Victoria Harbour- 16 vs. Hillsdale 1- 1

Victoria Harbour moves on to finals

Hillsdale 1 receives Bronze Medals

Game 1- Wyevale- 20* vs. Coldwater- 2

Game 2- Coldwater- 12* vs. Wyevale- 30*

Wyevale moves on to finals

Coldwater receives Bronze Medals

Round 3

Winners of Round 2 for Gold/Silver

Game 1 on August 23rd, game 2 on August 30th & game 3 on September 6th

Game 1- Victoria Harbour- 12* vs. Wyevale- 3

Game 2- Wyevale- 5 vs. Victoria Harbour- 17*

Victoria Harbour captures 2018 Peewee Championship title

Consolation Side

9th vs. 12th & 10 vs. 11th

Team listed on the Left is home

Round 1

Game 1 on June 26th, game 2 on August 2nd & game 3 on Aug 7th (if required)

Vasey has a bye

Game 1- Wyebridge- 16* vs. Minesing 1- 1*

Game 2- Minesing 1- 7 vs. Wyebridge- 25*

Wyebridge moves on


Game 1- Toanche 2- 11* vs. Toanche 1- 9*

Game 2- Toanche 1- 6 vs. Toanche 2- 28*

Toanche 2 moves on


Game 1- Elmvale-10 vs. Lafontaine- 6*

Game 2- Lafontaine- 5* vs. Elmvale- 23

Elmvale moves on

Round 2

There is no bronze game on Consolation side, just a Gold/Silver game

Game 1 on August 9th, game 2 on August 16th and game 3 on Aug 21st if required

Game 1-Vasey- 3  vs. Elmvale- 4*

Game 2- Elmvale- 8* vs. Vasey- 7

Elmvale moves on


Game 1- Wyebridge- 13 vs. Toanche 2- 11*

Game 2- Toanche 2- 7 vs. Wyebridge- 18*

Wyebridge moves on

Round 3

Winners of Round 2 for Gold/Silver

Game 1 on Aug 23rd, Game 2 on Aug 30th

Game 1- Wyebridge- 12* vs. Elmvale- 1

Game 2- Elmvale- 6 vs. Wyebridge- 21*

Wyebridge captures 2018 Consolation Championship title

Sadly no one from the league knew that this game had been moved to Tree Nursery from Elmvale, as such no one was there to present although we did travel to Elmvale and make attempts to contact coaches with no luck. Our apologies on behalf of the league but it does emphasis a continuing problem we face where information is not conveyed to the league and as such our mind reading skills fail every time!


Official Rules for playoff’s

All placements below in round 1 are based on regular season standings

All games are best 2 out of 3, top team based on regular season standings has home field advantage for games 1 and 3 (if required). If diamond is not available in your park, then flip game 1 and 2. If a series goes to game 3 it must be played before start of next series. Every effort is expected by the league to play all games within the 2 week window allotted. It is important to realize that if one team has a diamond available then the game is expected to be played in that park, the home team advantage will simply be carried out in that park. In a 2nd round if a team displaces a higher team they will be reseeded in the higher team position, home field advantage will still be based on regular season standings.

Expectation is as follows- Game 1st on first Thursday, Game 2 on 2nd Thursday and Game 3 if required must be played by 2 days before next round starts and is scheduled for the Tuesday evening of the 3rd week, if rain then mandated for the Wednesday evening

There is an expectation that playoff games “will not be cancelled with the exception of weather”- any other reasons would require league approval, a player on holidays would not necessarily be considered a valid reason, practically all GBMSL teams have A/P’s and as such you are expected to use them as necessary. Canceling playoff games can result in a forfeit if the league statistician does not validate the reason.

Lights are required by 2nd round of playoffs even if this means playing your home games away or in another park (GBMSL rule 15- new for 2006)

The FINAL Round of playoff's are to be a full 7 innings of play on the Championship Side if possible (assuming no teams are using the diamond following you), Consolation side will play time limit through entire series, there will be no agreeing to 7 innings at the plate- GBMSL rule 6

Level 1 umpires are required on the plate for all Playoff games and highly preferred and recommended on the bases


Keep your scores and game times/dates updated with league statistician, especially if you expect trophies/medals to be available to your team.