Coaches were Keith Chapman, Henry Arts & Peter Robinson

The Players:

Nicolas Chapman, Joshua Black, Josh Skerritt, Jacob Marion, Nathan Patenaude, Charlie Robinson, Alden Connolly, John Ryall, Zachary Zummach, Darren Henry, Jordan McTague & Justin Maw


Congratulations boys on your 3rd place finish.

It's unfortunate that the rain came and we didn't get the opportunity to play the final games. We really do appreciate all the effort every one put into the day.

You looked sharp, played awesome and were a real excellent group of young ambassadors for GBMSL.

On behalf of Peter, Henry & Keith, Thankyou

Happy Birthday Charlie, we hope you have memories of your day for a long time to come!

Our first game was against Burlington where we pulled off a 10-5 win. Second game we saw SESMA (Scarbourough) who beat us 8-3. Stats put us second in our pool at that point.

Nathan, Alden, Charlie & Zach all had .750 on base averages. Nathan, Nicolas, Charlie, Darren, Josh B. all has .250 batting averages, Jordan was at .333, Alden hit .500 while Zach kept a .750 average.

Hitting wise, Alden & Zach each hit triples, Zach & J.B. each nailed doubles. Singles where hit by Nathan, Nicolas, Alden, Charlie, Zach & Darren. On the Walking side Nathan, Charlie, Justin & Jacob each had 2 while Alden, J.B. & Jordan each had 1

Nicolas had both a sacrifice bunt and a sacrifice fly to pull off an RBI, Darren pulled of a sacrifice bunt for the RBI.

RBI's where accomplished by Nicolas (1), Alden (2), Zach (4), Darren (2), J. B. (1) & Jordan (1)

On the Runs Scored side Alden & Zach had 3 each, Nathan had 2 while Nicolas, Charlie, J.B., Jordan & Jacob had 1 each

Stolen Bases- Alden (4), Zach(2), J.B. (2), Jordan (2), Nathan (1), Nicolas (1), Charlie (1), J.B. (1), Jordan (1) & Jacob (1)

Alden & Zach did all the pitching for the day- Alden had  11 Strikeouts while Zach had 8

Solid Defensive Skills by all our players and all are to be congratulated on their effort. Great Job Guys!