The Rattlers Peewee Team 2009

* TJ Mahaffey- Bats left R/Pitcher, first baseman (Goal this season learning to tie his shoes)

* Ryan Bourque- Bats right Utility (Has to arrive 1 hour before game time just to make sure he has everything on secretly wishes he had his own butler)

* Andrew Kelly- Bats left Catcher/Utility (Believes he is responsible enough to take care of his equipment despite what his mother may think)

* Nathan Gaines- Bats Left R/Pitcher/Utility (Refuses to smile under any circumstance)

* Randy Penney-  Bats Left First Baseman (Has to always check his glove to make sure he caught the ball, loves to tease his new neighbor and thinks anything Simpson says is hilarious)

* Marc Cote'- Bats Left 3rd basemen (Believes he should save his energy at all times because you just never know when you may need to spend your reserve tank)

* Zack Whitehead- Bats right Catcher/first basemen O/F (Favorite thing to do change light bulbs without using a ladder. Keen batting eye squishes bugs in front of home plate every time he strikes out claims they distracted him)

* Cody Simpson- Bats left L/Pitcher/Utility  (Thinks he's the funniest ballplayer on the team. His secret ambition is to become the teams player/manager never agrees coaches decisions)

* Spencer DeCola- Bats left Catcher/OF (Took him a few seconds realize the kids were swarming him because he was the winning run. At first he thought they found out his mother is their principle and were out for revenge)

* Jordon Farrell- Bats right R/Pitcher/3rd Baseman/OF (Believes you should shout out the first thing that comes to your mind when you disagree with an umpire. His motto is don't sugar coat it tell it like it is)  

* Tyler Walker-Scace Bats right Catcher/OF (Part Jedi/Scace-Walker. Hates to throw the ball to first would much rather run it down himself and take all the credit on double plays)

* Ben Dundas Bats right SS/Utility (Mother is constantly having to remind him how to brush after every inning)

* Dave Mahaffey- Coach- Bats right Pitches Right (Favorite Saying: There is no crying in baseball or Call time before you cry & Lollygaggers, what a bunch of lollygaggers. Pet Peeves: Umpires who do not agree with his rule interpretations Wishes: To be able to brush his hair some day)


Coach Dave & Randy



June 27th- Unionville- 3rd place Finish (actually a tie for 2nd)

July 11th- Goodwood (rained out with not so good results)

July 25th- GBMSL in Waubaushene- 2nd place Finish (finals cancelled due to famous flood of 2009)

Teams -Pool A- Georgian Bay, Topham Park & Cambridge

 Pool B- Goodwood, Unionville & St. Catherines


Oakwood Park (Pool A)

Sunset Park (Pool B)

8:30 a.m.

Loss- Georgian Bay vs. Topham Park- Win

Win- Goodwood vs. Unionville- Loss

10:00 a.m.

Win- Georgian Bay vs. Cambridge- Loss

Loss- Goodwood vs. St. Catherines- Win

11:30 a.m.

Win- Topham Park vs. Cambridge- Loss

Win- Unionville vs. St. Catherines- Loss

1:00-1:30- Lunch break-



1:30 p.m. -

1st Crossover

Georgian Bay- 2nd of A vs. 3rd of B- Unionville

1st has a bye- Topham Park

Goodwood- 2nd of B vs. 3rd of A- Cambridge

1st has a bye - St. Catherines

3:30 p.m.-

2nd Crossover

- Semi Finals

1st of A plays winner of (2nd of B vs. 3rd of A- previous game winner of Sunset)

1st of B plays winner of (2nd of A vs. 3rd of B-previous game winner from Oakwood)


6:00 p.m.

- Finals

Winners of Round 3-

from 3:30 p.m. games for Gold/Silver

Defeated of Round 3-

from 3:30 p.m. games for Bronze

Special thanks to Rene Robitaille on his contribution of the MVP plaques!

Gold Medalists- Topham Park

Silver Medalists- Georgian Bay Rattlers

Bronze Medalists- Goodwood

Team photo for St. Catherines didn't get taken as everyone went for cover due to rain and they didn't reappear!

4th Place- St. Catherines

Unionville- Participants

Cambridge- Participants

The Oshawa tournament on Sunday September 20th

The GBMSL Peewee team captured the Silver medals after 4 games of play- 2 wins & 2 losses for the day!