The GBMSL Peewee Tournament 2017

It was an awesome weekend for ball and all the teams came prepared to play their best- We saw a bit of rain but we missed the storm by about 1/2 hour and it all fit in perfectly :)

Victoria Harbour hosted the "AA" Pool & Port McNicoll the "A" side

A special thanks to Rene & Nic (both who acted as UIC's in their parks) and the other 6 young men to spent the weekend making the calls.

To the Coaches, parents and fans we thank you for showing solid sportsmanship and dedication to our game. (there was a couple of glitches but overall it was great) The players gave their all and we saw some excellent talent throughout the course of the weekend.

We really have a solid group of young players coming up through our program and it's exciting to have 12 teams this year. We trust this means the future for Bantam & Midget is good for the GBMSL

Thanks again to all of you for a memorable weekend. Congratulations to all the teams on stellar performances and we wish you well as you go into the balance of your season

Special thanks to Felix who oversaw things in Port McNicoll & Sandra in Victoria Harbour while Keith was coaching


"AA" Tournament

Gold- Wyevale

Silver- Victoria Harbour 2

Bronze- Victoria Harbour 1 & Minesing

Qualifiers- Vasey 2 & Coldwater


"A" Tournament

Gold- Port McNicoll

Silver- Vasey 1

Bronze- Elmvale

4th- Minesing

Qualifiers- Lafontaine & Toanche


Championship Game MVP's- Dylan Cooper-Victoria Harbour, Ian Phillips- Wyevale, Cole McGrath- Port McNicoll & Emma Bell- Vasey

Trophy Shots-