Wow what a somewhat dreary start to the season we have had!  We have been flooded, we have had wind, we have  had cold weather and we have had rain, lots and lots of rain starting right from the 1st of May which made us even have our Jr. Umpire Clinic inside.   Betcha you just can't wait for the bugs to come out in full force!!  (And you thought the rain was bad!!)

I would like to take this time to remind all Community Contacts and Jr. Umpires the rules regarding canceling a game due to bad or severe weather.
Per GBMSL Rule # 12- Canceling a game/ Rain Games, Paragraph 2:

The home team has the right to cancel the game due to “bad/severe weather” as long as the visiting game is given 1 ˝ hours notice prior to game time. Again, a makeup date should be established and the statistician must be informed of the details by the canceling team.


What the above means is that if it is "bad or severe" weather occurring the game can be cancelled up front.  This is an extremely tough call to make especially at the start of the season. 


Many teams are raring to go and will want to show up at the diamond even if it is raining or about to rain.  They want to put in every effort to have the game played. 


Will this involve unneeded driving?  In some cases yes, the team will drive to the diamond and watch it rain.  In some cases they will drive to the diamond, the weather will clear and the game will be played! 


Paragraph 3 states:


If you have less than 1 ˝ hours until game time the game can only be cancelled by the plate umpire who will make that decision at game time.


Game times are 6:45 pm for Tyke - Peewee, and 8:45 for Bantam.


If we look at paragraph 3, it states that the Home Plate Umpire can only cancel the game.  This is their sole responsibility.  They must judge the conditions of the field, imminent and or occurring weather and then make the decision.  They must try their best not to be influenced by the parents, coaches, players or anyone else.  The Home Plate Umpire should consult with their partner then inform the Head Coaches of their decision.  This is not an easy decision and we as a league must be fair and supportive to the Jr. Umpires.


In summary all of the above are difficult decisions to make!  From my end I would encourage wherever possible all teams should try to play their games at the scheduled times.  This may involve playing in less than perfect conditions, but many times it is better to play a game at the scheduled time, than to try and re-schedule the game and then have to work around the many conflicts that will come out of that.  Many parents and guardians schedule around games and practices.  It becomes very difficult for them to schedule outside of these times.  The same can be said for the coaches and Jr. Umpires.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  I would ask that all Community contacts forward this information to their Jr. Umpires.


Pat Rodgers
Umpire in Chief

705 538 0072