The Mary Ann Leonard- Tyke Playoff Championship- Memorial Trophy

Ross & Mary Ann Leonard April 5th, 1952 - August 30th, 2001

Ross and Mary Ann Leonard were involved in the GBMSL from approx. 1986 - 1994. Ross served on the executive most of that time and Mary Ann helped with the planning and organization of various ball events and tournaments throughout those years. Ross and Mary Ann were an integral part of the GBMSL. Their strong commitment to the league has helped in it's success to this very day. When Mary Ann got sick Ross was forced to give up his involvement in the league so that he was able to be with Mary Ann and all she was going through. This award though presented in Memory of Mary Ann is really intended to recognize both Ross and Mary Ann for all their devotion to our league.


This award was presented for the first time in 2002, however, Vasey won the playoff Championship in 2001 which was the first year that the two tournament champions faced each other so their name was placed on the Trophy as the first official winners.


2001- Vasey 2


2002- Victoria Harbour 3

2003- Victoria Harbour 3

2004- Victoria Harbour 1

2005- Coldwater 3

2006- Elmvale

2007- Elmvale 1

2008- Elmvale 2

2009- Minesing

2010- Victoria Harbour 1

2011- Minesing

2012- Victoria Harbour 3

2013- Elmvale 3

2014- Wyevale 2

2015- Minesing

2016-Elmvale 1

2017- Hillsdale

2018- Wyebridge