GBMSL Bantam/Midget girls 2008

GBMSL Midget Girl Team 2008

Practice on this coming Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Waubaushene.




                        POOL A                                   POOL B                                    POOL C

A1    Kingston

B1   Whitby White   

C1   Scarbrough East  

A2   Pickering                   

B2   Port Hope 

C2   Whitby Blue (Tom)

A3   Dundas   

B3   Georgian Bay   

C3   Orleans   

A4   Sudbury

B4   Cornwall    

C4   Oshawa 1 (Leone)

A5   Oshawa 2 (Kalloo)









Diamond 1

Diamond 2

Diamond 3

Diamond 4



A1 vs A2

Kingston vs Pickering

B1 vs B2

Whitby White vs Port Hope

C1 vs C2

Scarborough vs Whitby Blue

A3 vs A4

Dundas vs  Sudbury


A5 vs A2

Oshawa 2 vs Pickering

B3 vs B4

Georgian Bay vs Cornwall

C3 vs C4

Orleans vs Oshawa 1



A5 vs A1

Oshawa 2 vs Kingston

B3 vs B1

Georgian Bay vs Whitby White

C3 vs C1

Whitby Blue vs Scarborough




B4 vs B2

Cornwall vs Port Hope

C4 vs C2

Oshawa 1 vs Whitby  Blue



A4 vs A1

Sudbury vs Kingston

B4 vs B1

Cornwall vs Whitby White

C4 vs C1

Oshawa 1 vs Scarborough




A3 vs A5

Dundas vs Oshawa 2

B2 vs B3

Port Hope vs Georgian Bay

C2 vs C3

Whitby Blue vs Orleans



A1 vs A3

Kingston vs Dundas

A2 vs A4

Pickering vs Sudbury









B1 vs C1

Whitby W. vs Scarborough

B2 vs C2

Port Hope vs Whitby Blue

B3 vs C3

Georgian Bay vs Orleans



A2 vs A3

Pickering vs Dundas

                A4 vs A5

        Sudbury vs Oshawa 2

B4 vs C4

Cornwall vs Oshawa 1


1:00 **

1st in Pool “A’ vs Wildcard

1st  in Pool “B”vs Winner “C’




Gold Game

Bronze Game



** If the Wildcard is from Pool “A”, then they will player the winner from “ B”,



                                                                      ALL GAMES PLAYED AT GUELPH  LAKE

P.W.S.A. NOVICE / BANTAM /MIDGET Tournament Rules


1.  C.A.S.A. and P.W.S.A. playing rules apply. Exception is that all players

     bat in the batting line-up and unlimited defensive substitutions.


2.  Teams must be ready to play at least 15 minutes before the scheduled

     game time.


3.  Home team will be decided by the flip of a coin administered by the     

     game umpires.


4.  The home team will be the game’s “official scorekeeper”.  Visiting team

     is encouraged to confirm score after each inning.


5.  The home plate umpire is responsible for administering the game time

     limit.  The official start time will be confirmed by the home plate umpire

     at the time of the first pitch.


6.  There will be no infield practice on the game diamonds.


7.  A game is 7 innings with no inning to start after 1 hour and 30 minutes. If

     the home team is at bat or is about to bat, and is ahead  when the time

     limit runs out, the game becomes official at that point.  All playoff games

     will have a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. 


8.   Round robin games that end in a tie will be declared a tie and each team

      will be awarded 1 point for that game.


9.  Ties after the round robin will be broken in the following manner. 

A)  Head to head competition.

B)  Plus minus to a maximum of 10 runs per game.

C)  Least defensive runs allowed.

D)  Flip of a coin.

If a home team is leading in the bottom of the 7th the game is over.  Teams concerned about plus minus should consider selecting visitors. 


10.  Mercy rule.  15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4.5 or 5 completed



11.  The tournament committee reserves the right to amend the tournament

       format should unforeseen circumstances prevail.


12.   No protests. All decisions rendered on the diamond are final.

Map 1- expanded Map 2- close up

Guelph Lake Diamonds

Woodlawn Road Eastbound enters the Guelph Lake Sports Field. Follow the bending

gravel drive past football and soccer fields. The first diamond on the right is GG4.

Past that, is a parking lot that services all the diamonds. GG5 is on the left, GG6 is on

the right, and GG7 is past both.