GBMSL Bantam Select Girls team 2009

Peewee/Bantam Roster

Ellen McArthur , Crystal Irish, Becky Andrusyszyn, Kayla Belanger, Colette Robitaille, Gillian Harries, Melissa Snider. Melanie Desroches, Delta Vermeulen, Shannon O'Brien, Jenn Andrusyszyn, Brooke Brand

August 16th- Kitchener Tournament

Guy  and Martial after some persuasion from their daughters quickly whipped together a group of peewee/ bantam girls and after 3 practices set out to compete in the Bantam girls select tournament in Kitchener August 16th,


Game 1  Kitchener 4          Georgian Bay 9

Game 2  Mississauga12     Georgian Bay 4

Game 3  Waterloo 2            Georgian Bay 8

We finished 2nd in our pool and faced off  against Brampton and loss 10-0 winning silver in our pool ( 4th place finish) 

Hat's off to Mel who pitched all 4 games ( only walked 7 batters in 23 innings) and  our catcher Delta who endured the heat ( an could still pick them off the bases in the 4th game)

Outstanding play by the defense the girls rotated infield and outfield (playing positions they've never played before)if it was in the air it was caught ,there were diving catches, blocked balls, the extra effort was put out every single inning! Congratulations girls!

Erindale Tournament

Just an update on the tournament and the team. Ashley Wallace is a new edition to the team we had four girls who could not attend so a big thank you to peewee Gabrielle Desroches for helping us out. Thanks to  Fred from Ward and Patch and our sponsors, we looked awesome in our new uniforms.! We started out slow Mississauga was ahead by 9 runs by the third we played stronger as the game went on containing them to only 3 more runs in 4 more innings and bridging the gap with 5 runs of our own. We won our second game 20 to 4 against Ennismore. The day was interesting from here we started our third game late and in puddles another downpour had us stop for rain delay at 4:26. (the score at this point was 6 to 3 for Brampton) Several teams pulled out and left. We switched diamonds to restarted at 5:45 first and home plate were under water Mel would sink half way to her knee in water pitching a second torrential downpour had them calling the game. ( score 14 to 4)The diamond was a lake the organizers were considering a 2 hour delay ( 9pm start) and try to finish the games. At this point we decided to pack up there were no clear skies in site you couldn't even see the diamonds. When we left there were two local teams huddled under tents at the park. Our assumption is we finished as the wild card. ( I keep checking the ossta site) The girls had fun and there were plenty of smiles looking forward to our next tournament and hopefully sunny skies!

Brampton Tournament

Tournament Format:    

All teams will play 4 games all games will be 80 Min.

Pool A
Pool B

Team #1  Brampton

Team #5  Mississauga North (Tim)

Team #2  Mississauga North (Liz)

Team #6 Georgian Bay

Team #3  Whitby

Team #7 Topham Park

Team #4  Burlington



Tournament Schedule


Fairgrounds Yellow

Fairgrounds Green

South Fletcher Red


Team 1 Vs Team 2

Team 3 Vs Team 4

Team 5 Vs Team 7


Team 1 Vs Team 4

Team 2 Vs Team 3

Team 6 Vs Team 7


Team 1 Vs Team 3

Team 2 Vs Team 4

              Team 5 Vs Team 6


2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B

2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A



Fairgrounds Yellow

Fairgrounds Green

4:15 PM

Gold Silver              1st Pool A vs 1st pool B

Bronze Consolation Winners of 2:15 Games