The GBMSL Rattlers Midget Girls Team 2009

The Team: Stephanie Bourque, Stacie Ferguson, Stacie Hall, Morgan Glover, Danielle Pauze, Lizzette Laurin, Nikki Gamble, Katrina Huggard & Jessica Goode

Coaches: Michelle Bourque, Paul Gamble & Jared Chapman

The Newmarket PWSA tournament of August 22nd/23rd


Tournament of the September 26th weekend in Pickering!

Georgian Bay plays Friday @ 8:45 p.m., Saturday @ Noon, Saturday @ 2 p.m.- Any games after that would depend on standings at that point!


Tournament Rules

The PWSA “By-laws and Regulations” and the SC playing rules will be followed, except for:

LINE-UPS/SUBSTITUTIONS Defensive – teams will be allowed unlimited “DEFENSIVE” substitutions Offensive –everyone can bat and the batting order must be maintained OR


 If you choose not to bat everyone, you must maintain the same number of batters for the entire game (If you bat 11, you finish with 11 in the batting order). A substitution must be announced to the plate umpire for any players entering the game that did not start in the original batting order. SC playing rules will apply when making OFFENSIVE substitutions/re-entries however a player is never considered out of the game DEFENSIVELY.


Pinch runners must be the last out, failure to comply will follow PWSA penalties.


It will not be considered an out in the batting order, if an injury occurs and the injured player is unable to continue for any team batting entire line up.


Teams may register 15 players, 2 coaches and 1 manager; all players must be registered and approved by the site convener 30 minutes prior to their

1st game. No players may be added after this time, without permission of both the site convener and the tournament chair. Teams must be ready and available at least 15 minutes prior to game time.

Infield practice is not allowed on the infield, the infield will be considered the skinned portion of the diamonds between the foul lines.

Preliminary Round: The home team will be decided by a flip of a coin by the umpire at home plate for all games.

Playoff Round: Higher seed will be the home team and occupy the 3 base dugout.

Preliminary Round games will be a regulation 7 innings, unless time expires (1hr 50min) or the mercy rule is applied. No new inning after 1 hr and
40 minutes. There will be no ties, ITB will be applied after 7 innings or after 1 hr and 40 minutes. In the event that a round robin game exceeds 1 hr
50 min the convener may end the game, in this case the score from the previous complete inning where one team leads will apply, and that team will
be declared the winner.
Playoff Round games will be a regulation 7 innings or the mercy rule is applied – no time limit.

In all divisions:
1) The mercy rule shall be:
-25 runs (all divisions) after any complete innings
-15 runs (all divisions) after 3 complete innings
-7 runs after 5 complete innings.


2) The international tiebreaker rule will apply from the 8 inning on or after 1 hour 40 minutes

The mercy rules are in effect for all Round Robin and medal games.

The home team will provide the official scorekeeper and will be responsible for reporting the scores to the Tournament Coordinator

Gold & silver medals will be presented in to the Midget division, maximum 15 medals per team.

The decision of the umpire is final, protests will not be considered.

Round Robin standings will be determined as follows: Win/Loss record If two teams are tied:

1. The winner of head to head game gets the higher placement.

2. Least runs against

3.Most runs for

4. Coin toss

If three or more teams are tied:

1.Least runs against

2.Most runs for

3. Coin toss


 All teams must be affiliated with the PWSA, SC, ORSA, ISA, AFA, NS or ASA.
Out of province and American teams must be carrying a valid travel permit from their sports governing body. All teams must be insured.

 Pickering Heat Field Directions:

North & South Kinsmen Park: Sandy Beach Road

Fields 401 to Brock Rd (Note: 407 east Ends at Brock Road)

South to Bayly St

West to Sandy Beach Rd

South on Sandy Beach Rd.

Diamonds are on the left.

   (Lighted Fields)

Note : A central canteen will be open at this park where all scorekeeping will be kept.

Fields 3 & 4: Hydro Diamonds: Sandy Beach Road (south of Kinsmen Park)

401 to Brock Rd (Note: 407 east Ends at Brock Road)

South to Bayly St

West to Sandy Beach Rd

South on Sandy Beach Rd.

Parking is available south of the diamonds.

   (Lighted Fields)