Our Season is complete- Well done team, we hope you made new friends and will remember this adventure for a long time to come, we had fun doing it!

Keith, Henry, Peter & Peter

Tournament #1- Unionville- June 22nd/08

It was a great day for ball, not too hot and no rain, at least at the start anyhow. We arrived in Unionville for the 8 a.m. team draw and then raced off to Centennial Park for our first Select Peewee game of the season vs. Cambridge. The 12 guys self nicknamed the "sexy's" looked good in their uniforms, still nice and clean from Graffitti Arts who helped us with the cost of them so that we could make the team more affordable- Thanks Graffitti Arts- The day fell behind a bit, as when we arrived there were no bases to be found, but 1/2 hour later we were playing ball. The challenge of setting up a batting order and who played what position best were tackled by the coaches and our first game went without a hitch. In fact, the final score of   32-3 made us look rather good with great pitching by Joe & Jordon. Nic & Scott tried their hands at catching and both performed well. Charlie hit the only triple of the game while doubles were nailed by Nic, Nathan, Charlie & Josh. Singles abounded by all with 14 of them in the game along with lots of walks. We had a nice fly ball catch by Nathan. Nathan, Nic & Charlie all went 100% for getting on base and scoring. Joey attained 1st base with all 4 at bats as well. A great start to  our select season.

Game 2 was back at the Crosby diamond, about a 5 minute trek, where we faced off against the home team Unionville. Joey & Charlie both pitched game 2 while Nic, Spencer & Scott all covered as catchers. This was a much tighter game and when the final inning rolled around we were down by 2 runs as we went up for our last bat. The bats started to work a bit and a few walks gave us the lead and when the 3 outs and time limit expired GB pulled off a 16-9 win. We saw some great catches in the field by Scott, P.J. & Charlie. Josh led the runs scored with 3 and Charlie & Josh tied the RBI's with 2. Nic, Josh, Chase & Joe all got on base each time at bat.

During the lunch break Nathan, Chase & Joey competed in the skills challenges and Joey was the successful medal recipient at the batting challenge finishing 3rd. Nathan & Chase were close in their challenges as well; but just shy of medal spots.

Game 3 went back to the Centennial Park North Diamond as we faced off against Bramalea. This game was without question the tightest of them all and really wasn't won by any team until the final inning. Joey & Charlie both pitched and did an awesome job delivering the ball.   Nic & Spencer caught for them and covered home well. Charlie made an awesome running, leaping, catching, falling & rolling fly ball catch for an out in right field- Well done. It was also great to see a great play on the infield which was quite colorful- Nic was catching and threw the ball to Nathan in Short catching the runner at 3 off the bag. Nathan threw the ball back to Nic who threw it to Brady at 3rd who threw it back to Nic who threw it back to Brady. Brady tipped it out of his glove over his shoulder but Nathan was there to cover who caught it and tossed it back to Nic who tagged the runner for the out. It was great to watch and we all held our breath for the few seconds it took to happen but in the end it was a very successful team effort and well done by all involved.  We also saw great fly ball catch's by Joey, Chase & Nathan that resulted in outs. Nic & Spencer scored the 2 runs of the game with Charlie picking up an RBI. The final score was 4-2 for Bramalea, but we fought hard to the end. There is no question, that if we could work on a few errors that happened, we could win in the same game situation in the future.

Bottom line is- We got together for the first time today- We got our feet wet and we all learned a little bit about each other, both coaches and players. It was a great experience and we can build on that to become a better team next time out.

So then the rain started just as we finished game 3 and that put an end to our excellent adventure. We finished 3rd out of 6 teams and were within shot of 1st place, we just needed that 3rd game to pull it off and we were oh so close. Well done all. One notable item is that the entire teams' on base average for the entire tournament is at .500 or higher, that's very impressive! Our batting average could use some work to bring it up a bit so try and get out to Friday's practice and work on some hitting as that is something we can all try to improve on!


Tournament #2- Goulding Park- July 5th, 2008

The Baseball Gods were right on schedule for ball on this day because the conditions could not have been better for the PeeWee Select Tournament at Goulding Park. The swimming pool was open , a mattress was available ( by the SVDP Box) and a full supply of Ice Cream Cones seemed endless. The first game of the day was against Bramalea, which resulted in a victory and you can say, with some revenge from a close loss in Unionville. Our second game was against Scarborough East which proved to be a challenge. The start of the game was a close affair with both teams providing excellent pitching hitting and defence. However, as the game progressed, Scarborough slowly took control and came out with the win. The third match was with the host Goulding Park which resulted in a win which gave us a record of 2 and 1. I would like to mention that the Goulding Park squad had several players that were younger than PeeWee age and would like to congratulate them on their performance. Now it was time to sort out the standings to see which teams were playing who. With strong wins against Bramalea and Goulding Park, we managed to make the championship final against Scarborough East who went undefeated for the day. The consolation final was between Topham and Goodwood. Our game started with very strong pitching from both sides but in the end Scarborough came up with a solid effort and captured the championship to remain undefeated for the day. Well done Scarborough and we hope to see you again in the very near future. As for our squad, there is nothing but positive on the outcome from both tournaments. I know I can speak for  RePete CW and myself as far as from the latest tournament we are progressing in the right direction and from Keith and RePete Vasey we are gaining more confidence and ability as we play together as a team. We still need to tweak and revisit some basic stuff and I'm sure this is going to peak at the right time at the provincials. Keep up the good work and be proud of a excellent tournament at Goulding. On to Woodbridge!, Henry

Thankyou Henry and Peter for taking the squad down for us and allowing Peter and I to do our individual tourneys back here at home. Well done all, thankyou Peggy for scoring and congrats on the silver trophies guys, well done indeed!

Tournament #3- Woodbridge- July 25th, 2008

     The 2008 Woodbridge Peewee Select Tournament was held on Saturday, July 19th comprising of (10) teams using a 2-Pool format with (5) teams in each pool. Most of the teams were from the GTA however there were teams coming in from Kitchener, Cambridge and of course Georgian Bay.

     Our first game was scheduled for 9:30am against Cambridge and temperatures were already in the high twenties by game time. We out-hustled the Cambridge team for the side of the field where the bleachers were in the shade after the preceding game was finished. We also out-hustled Cambridge on the field during the game and came up with a victory only after (3) innings of play when the mercy rule came into effect.

     Our next encounter was with Scarborough East, a team we have seen before in previous tournaments and widely known as a formidable opponent. Temperatures were now in the thirties but there was some merciful cloud cover from time to time. Our team was up for the challenge and we gave them a good game for the most part but once the dust settled, Scarborough came out with the win. The Scarborough coaching staff was impressed with our team’s “no-quit” attitude which was a great thing to take away from this game.

     We now had to play another game right away against Kitchener after a brief “freezie & shade” break. The Kitchener team already had (2) victories for the day so we knew we had another challenge ahead of us. Kitchener was true to form and started out the game with their guns blazing and started to stretch out a lead in the game. The south-paw pitcher for the Kitchener squad was the fastest pitcher that we have seen all summer in various tournaments so we decided to just “make contact” instead of trying for big hits. This started paying off in the second half of the game but we still had a considerable run deficit going into the final innings. Again, the “no-quit” attitude really came into play as we came up with stellar defence to keep Kitchener from racking up any more runs in their last at bat including a timely double-play. Here’s where it really gets exciting…..in the bottom of the seventh we had the “rally caps” on and came back with a dramatic come-from-behind victory with a bases-loaded triple to win the game!

     It was a fantastic way to cap off a great day of fastball. The team should be extremely proud of the way they handled themselves and we can take that to the tournament in Unionville on August 16th.  Peter R.!

Peter & Peter took the boys down to Woodbridge to compete in our 3rd tourney this season, Henry was unable to attend and Keith was over in Unionville with the GMBSL Midgets. For the 3rd consecutive tournament all 12 guys showed which reflects on their commitment to their team, well done boys! Thanks to the Peter's for pulling this off and making it possible. Thanks to Peter R. for the game summary and to Peggy Balkwill for scoring for us again. 

Tournament #4- Unionville- 2008 Provincial Championships

    It was another early morning trip as we headed south by 6:15 a.m. for registration in Unionville by 8:15. When we arrived the place was bustling and parking was non-existent. After 10 minutes of trying to find everyone we got registered and moved on to get our photos done. Following the opening ceremonies the team headed off to play their first game against their season long rivals- Scarborough East at Carleton Park.

The Scarborough game was the closest we'd ever been to them and we were winning in the top of the final inning however the win was not to be. A few walks and errors later and the lead was gone with our first loss of the day. Now it was time to find Coledale Park and meet up with the team from Orleans

Game 2 against Orleans saw us playing well and it was the first time we'd ever seen this team. When the dust settled we had our first win and were heading back to the Crosby diamond for lunch.

There's no question lunch was hectic, there was no parking, lineups for food were long and things were falling behind rapidly. The skills competition went forward as planned but they cancelled the Midgets (who were also there that day) as there was no way they could get it in as well. Josh Black took the Silver in the Home Run Derby, way to go Josh.

Following lunch the team headed back to Carleton Park to meet Bramalea, this game would be the factor as to whether we could grab the 1 wildcard spot up for grabs to sneak into the finals, but we'd have to win it. We'd done ok against Bramalea in the past with a 1-1 record so this one could go either way, unfortunately for our guys it went the way of our first meeting with Bramalea and our adventure came to a close.

Scarborough East moved forward in our pool to the finals and we ended up 3rd in our pool. It was a good day and a great experience for all involved. For many of the players it was their first time playing ball at this level and it will be an experience that will be remembered for a long, long time. We had an awesome group of kids who got along well and played ball well, with a little more practice and experience at the Provincial level there is no question we will go further....so here's looking forward to 2009 as our ball season winds to a stop.

Thanks to all our coaches who committed themselves to the team and thanks to the "12" who made it fun for all of us. Well Done and Congratulations on a great season!

If anyone has any photos of this tourney please send them to Keith to be posted- Thanx


Standings to date (as taken from score sheets) ( 4 tournaments complete):

Name Single Double Triples Home Runs Walks Stolen Bases RBI's Runs Scored Batting Average (hits only) On Base Average (includes walks)
Brady Arts 16 1 0 0 6 6 4 13 .486 .686
Joey Balkwill 10 4 2 0 3 11 12 6 .742 .839
Josh Black 9 6 1 1 6 8 10 17 .500 .735
Nic Chapman 14 1 1 0 7 11 9 16 .471 .676
Spencer Decola 10 0 0 0 6 3 2 7 .355 .645
Jordon Farrell 5 0 0 0 7 4 2 5 .179 .429
Scott Mason 3 0 0 0 12 4 0 7 .107 .536
PJ Nielsen 5 2 0 1 5 6 5 8 .400 .600
Nathan Patenaude 12 3 0 0 6 9 6 12 .353 .676
Charlie Robinson 11 5 1 0 5 8 8 15 .500 .676
Chase Strik 13 2 1 0 3 7 9 11 .471 .618
Zach Whitehead 4 1 0 0 7 2 4 6 .172 .414


Coaches are Peter Robinson, Henry Arts, Peter Strik & Keith Chapman

Information- Send an email to: hornets@gbmsl.com