Top Performing Athletes at games:

Tyke- 1st- Daniel Chodur, 2nd- Devon Smith, 3rd- Branden Duval, 4th- Jarod Demers

Mini-Squirt- 1st- Nathan Gaines, 2nd- Cameron Johnston, 3rd- Steven Dufour, 4th- Brett Todd

Squirt- 1st- Alex Kelly, 2nd- Cameron Adams, 3rd- Braydon Beamish, 4th- Joey Balkwill & Edward Davis

Peewee- 1st- Stuart Giffen, 2nd- Jake Marchildon & Martin Maurice, 3rd- Dan Murphy & Justin Kingsbury, 4th- Will Desroches

Bantam- 1st- Jared Chapman, 2nd- Zaac Pauze, 3rd- Glenn Goldsmith, 4th- Alex McArthur

Midget- 1st- Jason Dorion, 2nd- Tanner PIcard, 3rd- Ben Chapman, 4th- Morgan Sickinger

BALL THROW- (feet)

Tyke & Mini-Squirt- 2 Throws measuring furthest. Squirt to Midget- 3 throws measuring furthest

Tyke- 1st- Daniel Chodur- 88' 5", 2nd- Jarod Demers- 79' 4", 3rd- Branden Duval- 78', 4th- Mathieu Aubin- 77'

Mini-Squirt- 1st- Cameron Johnston- 115', 2nd- Brett Todd- 113', 3rd- Nathan Gaines-112', 4th- Steven Dufour- 103'

Squirt- 1st- Alex Kelly- 152' 3", 2nd- Cameron Adams- 144' 3", 3rd- Joey Balkwill- 137', 4th- Danny Lamoureux- 136'

Peewee as awarded for 2006- 1st- Stuart Giffen- 192', 2nd- Jake Marchildon- 191', 3rd- Dan Murphy- 185', 4th- Martin Maurice- 185'

Peewee (1992-1993)- 1st- Stuart Giffen- 192', 2nd- Dan Murphy- 185', 3rd- Justin Kingsbury- 182', 4th- Colin Sauve- 176.5'

Combined Bantam/Midget as awarded- 1st- Jason Dorion- 256', Zaac Pauze- 234' 8", 3rd- Tanner Picard- 212', 4th- Carl Ferguson- 211'

Bantam-  1st- Zaac Pauze- 234' 8", 2nd- Alex McArthur- 202', 3rd- Nathan Ball- 195', 4th- Jared Chapman- 193'

Midget- 1st- Jason Dorion- 256', 2nd- Tanner Picard- 212', 3rd- Carl Ferguson- 211', 4th- Alex Kent- 198'



Max Score- Tyke 5, Mini-Squirt- 5, Squirt- 10, Peewee- 10, Bantam- 10, Midget- 10

Tyke & Mini-Squirt- Scored out of 5 with tie breaker being # of hits to bulls eye of target, Squirt and up 1 point for target and 2 points for bullseye

Tyke- 1st- Braden Clark- 5, 2nd- Taylor Buckle- 4, 3rd- Devon Smith - 3, 4th- Evan Marlowe- 3

Mini-Squirt- 1st- Nathan Gaines- 3, 2nd- Andrew Carpanzano- 2, 3rd- Ryan Bourque-2, 4th- Austin Sutton-2

Squirt- 1st- Kent Durnford- 5, 2nd- Nicolas Chapman- 5, 3rd- Connor Pinkney- 4, 4th- Danielle Mitchell- 3

Peewee as awarded for 2006- 1st- Dan Murphy- 7, 2nd- Ryan Bertram- 6, 3rd- Stuart Giffen- 6, 4th- Brody Monk- 4

Peewee (1992-1993)- 1st- Dan Murphy- 7, 2nd- Stuart Giffen- 6, 3rd- Brody Monk & Justin Kingsbury- 4

Combined Bantam/Midget as awarded- 1st- Tanner Picard- 7, 2nd- Jake Marchildon- 6, 3rd- Carl Ferguson- 6, 4th- Alex McArthur- 6 and Nathan Ball- 6

Bantam- 1st- Jake Marchildon- 6, 2nd- Alex McArthur & Nathan Ball- 6, 3rd- Mark Klein-Gebbinck & Curtis Ladouceur- 5, 4th- Zaac Pauze- 4

Midget- 1st- Tanner Picard- 6, 2nd- Carl Ferguson- 6, 3rd- Morgan Sickinger- 6, 4th- Glenn Goldsmith- 4



  Mini-Squirt to Midget- Standing at regular pitching distance throwing a "somewhat" legal pitch- Tyke were allowed to throw in any fashion they wanted- 3 pitches and scoring best

Tyke- 1st- Daniel Chodur- 39, 2nd- Branden Duval- 37, 3rd- Devon Smith- 36, 4th- Riley Fulton- 35

Mini-Squirt- 1st- Nathan Gaines- 37, 2nd- Tyler Cole- 35, 3rd- Jared Ball-34, 4th- Brett Todd- 34

Squirt- 1st- Joey Balkwill- 50, 2nd- Eric Pauze- 44, 3rd- Cameron Adams- 44, 4th- Chase Strik- 44

Peewee as awarded for 2006- 1st- Jake Marchildon- 52, 2nd- Will Desroches- 51, 3rd- Stuart Giffen- 49, 4th- Martin Maurice- 49

Peewee (1992-1993)- 1st- Stuart Giffen- 49, 2nd- Dan Murphy- 48, 3rd- Colin Sauve & Justin Kingsbury- 47, 4th- Laura Vale & Danielle Pauze- 43

Combined Bantam/Midget as awarded- 1st- Joe Moreau, 2nd- Tanner PIcard, 3rd- Jason Dorion, 4th- Zaac Pauze

Bantam- 1st- Zaac Pauze- 61, 2nd- Jared Chapman- 59, 3rd- Nathan Ball- 58, 4th- Jake Marchildon- 56

Midget- 1st- Joe Moreau- 65, 2nd- Tanner Picard- 64, 3rd- Jason Dorion- 63, 4th- Glenn Goldsmith- 60


Running start- Clock started at home and stopped at home- If an overrun missed base a .25 second penalty added. An obvious inside miss would require a rerun. If you fell a rerun was allowed until accomplished. Bases were set to regular base distances for their divisions. Tyke & Mini-Squirt- 45', Squirt- 55', Peewee-Midget- 60'

Tyke- 1st- Clayton Leonard- 12.37, 2nd- Jarod Demers- 12.74, 3rd- Daniel Chodur- 12.72, 4th- Owen King- 12.78

Mini-Squirt- 1st- Austin Sutton- 10.78, 2nd- Ryan Bourque- 11.06, 3rd- Nathan Gaines- 11.16, 4th- Mitchell Pilon- 11.16

Squirt- 1st- Danielle Mitchell- 12.25, 2nd- Braydon Beamish- 12.35, 3rd- Alex Kelly- 12.38, 4th- Cameron Adams- 12.44

Peewee as awarded for 2006- 1st- Stuart Giffen- 11.59, 2nd- Martin Maurice- 11.68, 3rd- Scott Brandon- 11.69, 4th- Danielle Pauze- 11.72

Peewee (1992-1993)- 1st- Stuart Giffen- 11.59, 2nd- Danielle Pauze- 11.72, 3rd- Treyton Ligowski- 12.34, 4th- Justin Kingsbury- 12.65

Combined Bantam/Midget as awarded- 1st- Jared Chapman- 10.53, 2nd- Jason Dorion- 11.03, 3rd- Morgan Sickinger- 11.14, 4th- Ben Chapman- 11.34

Bantam- 1st- Jared Chapman- 10.53, 2nd- Alex Maguire- 11.59, 3rd- Alex McArthur- 11.87, 4th- Mark Klein-Gebbinck- 12.03

Midget- 1st- Jason Dorion- 11.03, 2nd- Morgan Sickinger- 11.14, 3rd- Ben Chapman- 11.34, 4th- Glenn Goldsmith- 11.53