Thanks to Josh Chapman who developed the standings software program for the GBMSL to assist in our score entries & postings, we appreciate your time spent in support of our program!







In the standings section "B" denotes Bye, "F" denotes a Forfeit

 In fairness a bye must be recorded as a win, and as such has been scored the same as a forfeit with a 7 - 0 score

If a forfeit is declared during a game then either 7-0 or the game score will be used, which ever has the greatest run spread for the team without the forfeit.

In the event of a discrepancy of scores reported, the home team score is used as they are the official score according to Softball Ontario Rules, if disputed, the score sheets will be requested by the league statistician but generally the home team score will be upheld. It is the responsibility of the visiting team to check and confirm scores at the end of each inning, NOT at the end of the game and then dispute it.

Cancellation Rule: (as from rule 14 GBMSL rules):  If after 14 days, a regular scheduled game still has not been played, the statistician will charge the game as a forfeit to the team that cancelled. If the statistician has been contacted with a "makeup date" within the 14 days then the score will be recorded when it is played. Should neither team be able to come up with a makeup date and the statistician has been notified of this within the 14 days then the statistician will work with the teams to come up with a date and location for the game.

Rule of Thumb: Keep the statistician informed and involved and forfeits will not be charged, make no effort to rebook and forfeits will be charged after 2 weeks.

Taking Last Bat:

Tyke: Both teams play a full 3 innings of 12 batters regardless of score, last bat is always taken regardless of score, otherwise some players would only get 1 at bat per game

Mite to Midget: Last bat is never taken if the home team is winning. The game is over if the home team is up. Last bat is taken if the home team is losing but the game is over when the home team is up by 1 run. When that winning run scores during the home teams last at bat the scorekeepers should be informing the plate umpire that they are up by 1 and that the game is over.

Mercy Rule: In Squirt to Midget there is a 15 run mercy rule that kicks in during the 5th inning. If the home team is winning by 15 in the 5th then they donít take their last bat in the 5th (this is also referred to in some cases as after 4 1/2, which means 4 complete innings and 1/2 of the 5th). If the home team gets to a 15 run spread during their at bat (5th inning and up) then the game is now over, as soon as the 15th run scores. If at the end of the 5th inning and onward the visiting team is up by 15 or more then the game is over.


Tie Breaker Format for going into Playoffs & Tournaments

1st- Head to Head- If teams played each other "once" then the team that won in that game would win, if they met "more than once" and the other team won the second time then run spread would be used

2nd- Run Spread- If more than two teams are involved with no obvious winner or if the teams did not meet in regular season

3rd- Runs Against- total "runs against" to date on all games played, using lowest # as 1st