The "Ross & Mary Anne Leonard" GBMSL Tyke Championship Trophy 2018

Note- this game can only be cancelled by the league, the date will not be changed due to insufficent players, etc. If it's possible that your team could be in this event then you'll need to ensure that your team is able to play that night and that you have sufficient players!

This game to be played on Monday July 30th with the 2 Championship tournament winners (A vs. B) facing off for the Playoff Championship Title

These are the winners of the two pools from the tournament held in Toanche

If Monday is rained out it will be scheduled to Tuesday July 31st

Hosted by and Home to the Top Regular Season Team involved

(If their diamond is unavailable then game is to be moved to other teams diamond or location determined by league but Home team remains the same)

2 Level 1 umpires will be appointed to do this game (if available) by the league and are to be paid for by the 2 teams playing ($40 each)

Wyebridge (home) hosting Elmvale 1 (visitor)

Game is at the Wyebridge Diamond

It was an awesome night for ball and this years Championship game fell into the awesome category as well. Two teams with exceptional talent and good coaching! Congratulations to both teams on winning your individual tournaments on the weekend and finishing 1st and making it to this deciding game. At the end of the night Wyebrige came out winning the game and capturing three titles for the year making the "GBMSL Triple Crown Champions"