The "Ross & Mary Anne Leonard" GBMSL Tyke Championship Trophy 2017

This game to be played on Monday July 31st with the 2 Championship tournament winners (A vs. B) facing off for the Playoff Championship Title

If Monday is rained out it will be scheduled to Tuesday July 29th

Hosted by and Home to the Top Regular Season Team involved

(If their diamond is unavailable then game is to be moved to other teams diamond or location determined by league but Home team remains the same)

2 Level 1 umpires will be appointed to do this game (if available) by the league and are to be paid for by the 2 teams playing ($40 each)

Hillsdale (home) hosting Vasey (visitor)

Game is at the Hillsdale School Diamond


What a great night for ball, an awesome turnout from each team and lots of fans to cheer everyone one.

So excellent ball from this young age group, it's incredible to see the ability of some of these young players. It's surely a tribute to the hard work of coaches and parents and they should certainly be proud of their success.

Congratulations to Hillsdale on capturing the GBMSL Triple Crown title which was a result of winning the regular season, the A pool in their Tournment and tonights playoff game. Congratulations also go out to Vasey on capturing the B Championship trophy in their tournament on the weekend

It was nice to see Ross Leonard out again to share in the event and have him present the trophy for us.

Congrats to the league chosen MVP's as well, Elliot and Luke