This area contains articles from the GBMSL pertaining to past issues and rule interpretations

All articles are approved and written by League Executive

You can expect that past interpretations of rules will continue to be the opinion of the league unless there has clearly been a rule change since the article was written, as such, read the articles below if you have questions as you may very well find the answers here.

96 Hour Rule for Cancellations- May/10

Straps on helmets? Are they required- June/08

Taking your last bat? When do we?- June 27/06

Acceptable Dress for Coaches/Players/Umpires- June 13/06

The so called "15 Minute Coutesy Rule"- 2004

Code of Conduct for spectators, coaches & players- 2004

Umpire Positioning on the Bases- Posted June 21st/04

Rain Games- How to deal with them!-Posted May 31st/04

Was that a leadoff- explain what a leadoff is!- Updated May 3rd/05

Pitching- legal pitch explained- Posted July 19th/05