Used Trophies Wanted

Victoria Harbour Minor Ball  in conjunction with GBMSL are endeavoring to recycle used trophies. As a "not for profit" organization run by volunteers one of our biggest challenges is the cost of awards and when prices continue to climb it often means cutting back and giving children less in reward of their efforts. Through recycling it helps cut our costs, keeps items out of land fill and most importantly give a child something they can be proud of for years to come.

Most trophies that are in good shape can be reused by simply changing the top figurine on them and adding a new name plate. Plaques can be replated or a new image can be burnt onto them created a very presentable "New" award.

These can be large trophies which could be used at league Championships, etc. to small individual trophies which can be used to recognize All Stars, MVP's, etc.

If you have trophies you'd like to donate to us please contact Keith Chapman @534-3091 or email him at

Trophies can be dropped of at their doorstep at 379 Newton Street in Victoria Harbour, ON

If you are in the local area we are happy to arrange pickup

Thanks in advance for supporting  the Georgian Bay Minor Softball League and it's member communities