The Award of Exellence

The Award of Excellence was established in order to recognize those players who have shown a strong commitment to our ball program by playing here in Victoria Harbour their entire youth career. The award is given to any player who contributes to our minor ball program for 13 seasons while competing in GBMSL. (T-Ball years are not counted as they are not in the GBMSL loop)

The award would generally be obtained in a players 2nd year of Midget ball assuming they started playing in Tyke at age 6 and it is presented at our annual banquet.

This award has been sponsored by Scott Warnock since it's inception- most of the players from 2005 to 2009 had Scott as a coach somewhere in their minor ball career-

2005- Curtis Hoddy

2005- Joshua Chapman

2005- Jeffrey Warnock

2006- Andrew McArthur

2006- Tanner Picard

2007- D.J. Thorpe

2008- Ben Chapman

2008- Jared Chapman

2008- Joel Duncan

2008- Trevor Profit

2008- Randy Vale

2008- Ben Walsh

2009- John Walsh

2009- Alex McArthur

2010- Drew Marion

2012- Joshua Black

2012- Nicolas Chapman

2013- Dylan Duncan

2014- Randy Penney

2016- Brody Alouache

2016- Madison Bumstead