The Becky Cloutier Spirit Award

Presented annually to a Mite female player that has shown Becky's spirit and character


Sponsered by John Eplett- Becky's 3rd year Tyke coach and as her 1st year Mite fellow coach!

Our hearts go out to the Cloutier family as we remember the journey of a young girl who helped show all of us how to live life. Becky was an inspiration to everyone she met and we are grateful that we had the priviledge of knowing her as part of the Victoria Harbour Hornet family. Becky fought hard when she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforne; an inoperable terminal brain cancer and NEGU (never ever give up) became her motto. We trust that we can continue Becky's legacy here in VHMB as we carry forward her memory with our annual presentation of the "Becky Cloutier Spirit Award". This award will continue to remind us of this remarkable girl who showed us how to love, laugh and enjoy life to it's fullest. May she forever be in our hearts and impact us as we live day to day! I had the pleasure of coaching Becky through Blastball and into her 2nd year of Tyke were we captured the GBMSL Triple Crown Championship Trophy. Becky accomplished much in her short ball career and I consider it a joy to have been part of that experience- Keith Chapman- President, VHMB

This award was first presented by Becky's mom at your 2014 Banquet and Becky was unable to attend, she passed away only a few days later. The following is Tara & Roger's presentation from the 2014 Banquet-

Rebeccah is a spirited 9 year old girl that has a genuine love for life and exhibits selflessness like no other. Rebeccah was the strong, silent type. If you weren't watching she could most definately elude your attention. Becky began playing blastball and quickly advance through Tyke being an important member of her championship team. Becky would have enter mite this year as a valued and dedicated team player if time were on her side, but heartache and devastation rocked her world 11 months ago when she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme; an inoperable terminal brain cancer that had quickly taken over her body. Despite all odds Becky has bettled with a tremendous amoutn of courage, dedication, remarkable strenght and spirit. Through treatment and physical limitations she has continued to smile, remain selfless and silently change a community. Her heart is forever on the field and her spirit will remain with the Hornet family; when a little spirit and happiness is needed Rebeccah will be there. Allow her sense of spirit and individuality lead you on and off the feild


Becky- In our 3rd year of Tyke

Becky did stay involved in her first year of Mite as an honorary coach of her Mite team with John Eplett where she even threw out the first pitch. She also attended Maddi's games in Blastball and helped coach first base when she was feeling up to it.



2014- Lauren Smith & Megan Smith

2015- Amelia Perrault & Kayla Maurice

2016- Gabby Patterson & Tayla Weatherell