The Wall of Fame-

Recognizing players with perfect attendance is a worthwhile cause! So often players sign up for ball and then miss a ton of games making it tough on some nights to even field a team. Although it is normal to have a player miss a game due to holidays, sickness, etc. it's quite exceptional to find a player who never misses a game. In some cases we know parents make the trip home throughout their holidays or book their vacation outside of baseball. We greatly appreciate the effort taken and as a result we've begun the "Wall of Fame"- a place where we can recognize those players who've gone above and beyond in support and dedication to their team!

Players with 3 years of Perfect Attendance in a row are recognized with a special plaque at our windup Banquet in September


Tyke 1- Tayla Weatherell, Owen Langridge, Isaac Alain, Haiden Alain, Jack Hunter & Hunter Charlebois

Tyke 2- Logan Hoddy

Tyke 3- Garrett Ainsworth, Cole Zurawski, Kailyn Eplett, Drake Jones & Matthew Eplett

Tyke 4- Ari Woodley, Gracie Cadeau, Pierce Howe, Lincoln Howe, Callie Bartosiak, Lucas Bartosiak & Cohen Milne

Mite 1- Kauner Lehtonen, Callum Perrault, Logan Smith & Aaron Zurawski

Mite 2- Hayden Ainsworth, Dylan Cooper, Hayden Gignac, Nathan Lindemann & Jadon Lehtonen

Squirt 1- Hunter Schnare, Geoffrey Maurice, Dylan Giddy, Hayden Gaines & Grace Ollerenshaw

Squirt 2- Noah Weatherell, Austin Cooper, Kyle Weatherell, Ben Hunter, Cody Osborne, Cole Scott, Luca DeCola & Joshua Fowler

Peewee- Justin Cooper, Hope Moreau & Brytni Wright

Bantam- Rachel Smiley, Jordan Lavallee & Morgan Tansley

Midget- Joshua Black, Nicolas Chapman & Justin Nahanee


Tyke 1- Tayla Weatherell

Tyke 2- Logan Hoddy, Xavier Bierworth, Garrett Ainsworth & Mason Massicotte

Tyke 3- Mac Dunn, William Gianetto, Cohen Milne, Brooke Nicholson & Ari Woodley

Mite 1- Nathan Lindemann, Dylan Cooper, Skylar Irwin, Kaydance Lehtonen, Lauren Smith & Corra Baker

Mite 2- Allison Bull, Darcy Bull & Amelia Perrault

Squirt 1- Cole Scott, Josh Fowler, Kyle Weatherell, Callum Perrault & Kyle Bull

Squirt 2- Aaron Zurawski, Austin Cooper, Logan Smith, Mackenzie Smith

Peewee- Noah Weatherell, Brianna Belanger & Rebecca Pyman

Bantam- Jordan Todoroff, Justin Cooper, Walker Hunter, Zecheriah Saunders & Madison Bumstead

Midget- Nicolas Chapman, Jenny Ferguson, Randy Penney, Noah Skerritt & Carlin Nielsen


Tyke 1- Nicolas Beeney, Xavier Bierworth, Nolan Buttineau, Aiden Gadsby, Ryland Gadsby, Lucas Sibley & Cole Zurawski

Tyke 2- Ryan Bartosiak, William Gianetto, Ella Henderson, Grayden Joseph & Brooke Nicholson

Tyke 3- Isaac Fourneir, Elijah (E.J.) Fournier & James Wharton

Mite 1- Chase Henderson

Mite 2- Corra Baker, Kayla Maurice, Tayla Weatherell, Kaydance Lehtonen, Owen Langridge, Jack Hunter & Lauren Smith

Squirt 1- Aaron Zurawski

Squirt 2- Myah Ollerenshaw, Hayden Gignac, Callum Perrault, Hayden Ainsworth & Dylan Cooper

Peewee 1- Kyle Weatherell, Noah Weatherell, Cole Scott & Parker Patterson

Peewee 2- Carson Stanley, Austin Cooper, Geoffrey Maurice, Dylan Giddy, Cody Osborne & Joshua Fowler

Bantam- Brianna Belanger, Justin Cooper, Austin Scott & Jordan Todoroff

Midget- Brody Alouache, Daniel Smylie, Abby Lachapelle, Austin Scott & Jordon Todoroff


Tyke1- Josh Bartosiak, Ryan Bartosiak, Ella Henderson, Grayden Joseph, Nolan Botineau, Colin Hunter, Chloe Milne, Jayden Nicholson & Nathaniel Stevens

Tyke 2- Seth Fitzgerald, Luke Varty-Higgs, Owen Varty-Higgs, Emmett Lee, JP Fidler, EJ Fournier & Isaac Fournier

Tyke 3- Elexis Ellery, Jacob Gingras, Cooper Ladouceur, Gage Paget, Finn Schmeler, Levi Smith, Spencer Vessair, James Wharton & Ashlynn Irwin

Mite 1- Lucas Bartosiak, Owen Langridge & Cohen Milne

Mite 2- Logan Hoddy

Squirt 1- Hayden Ainsworth, Corra Baker, Kameron Baker, Brooke Cascagnette, Dylan Cooper & Nicolas Lancione

Squirt 2- Lauren Smith, Amelia Perrault, Kayla Maurice & Brandon Kitchen

Peewee 1- Austin Cooper, Geoffrey Maurice, Grace Ollerenshaw, Cole Scott, Kyle Weatherell & Dylan Giddy

Peewee 2- Keegan Bellisle & Carson Hunter

Bantam- Noah Weatherell, Hayden Gaines, Ben Hunter, Hope Moreau, Alyssa Lancione & Dylan Wright

Midget- Jordan Todoroff, Randy Penney, Austin Scott, Justin Cooper, Madison Bumstead, Brianna Belanger, Daniel Smylie & Rachel Smylie