Victoria Harbour Hornets Blastball 2017

Hello all,

Wednesday May 31st at Oakwood Park @ 6:30 p.m.

They will get hats & shirts on first night and photos will be take (weather permitting)

We have 19 registered this season, lots of energy to say the least!

Please wear your shirts on game night as it helps us to sort out teams and who is actually playing :)


WEATHER: You have to make that decision, if it's pouring rain we will cancel but heat will be your call. For the record Baseball is never cancelled for heat at the higher divisions. We'll take it slower as needed and players can get a drink as they wish.


Awesome night at Blastball. A little rain didn't stop us from having fun with water ballons. I think we were all pretty wet by the time we were done, but those who were there had a great time.
Just a reminder next week is the final week. We will be having pizza and then presenting the kids with their trophies and their medals from the All Star Game night.
It all starts at 6:00 pm with pizza. We will be inside at the community centre. See you all there! Thanks for the fun season of Blastball. We hope you enjoyed yourself and learned some skills along the way.

Check our facebook page for details as we update there constantly!