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 We are a small community on the southern shore of Georgian Bay.  We are an active and proud member of The Georgian Bay Minor Softball League, which has approximately 12 communities playing within their league.

Uniform/Schedule pickup is Tuesday May 7th starting at 6 p.m.

Tykes- 6:00 p.m.
Mites- 6:15 p.m.
Squirt- 6:30 p.m.
Peewee- 6:45 p.m.
Bantam-7:00 p.m.
Midget- 7:15 p.m.
Don't come early!! There are a lot of players to issue uniforms to and the uniforms and sorted by size so we get the little ones out first! Plus it would be too crowded.
You must sign out the uniforms and if you have one from last year you need to return it to get a new one or pay the $50 non return charge.
Often last years uniform is different so you need to get a new one to ensure that you have the correct look for 2019


Registration for the 2019 season is closed!

We still have room in Blastball and Midget (4&5 year olds and 17-20 year olds) but it is limited to one spot in each division!

You can get a registration form at 379 Newton Street when you come to register or download

2019 Registration Form

Our walk in registration is always the Saturday of March Break and the following Wednesday evening, it has been this for 25 years.

You can print registration forms when they are put up on our site and drop them off generally starting in January or early February.

Returning players are only guaranteed spots if they register by the 2nd walk in registration date, new players are only given spots if there is room after returning players register

 Cost- Tyke to Midget is $100 and Blastball is $60

We "must" have a copy of proof of age (birth certificate, etc.) on file for all players, please bring a photocopy with you, especially if you are new to Victoria Harbour


Photos will be done as early as possible in the season, often some are done at the first game, coaches will be notifed. If you are missing that night we will catch up with you later but you will be missing from the team photo!


VH Hornet Teams- Check yours for photos and other information  -

 Remember we can only post what you send us! If it's empty then nothing has been submitted-parents/coaches can send updates to hornets@gbmsl.com  We will edit for privacy and reduce photos to 640X480 so that they upload/download quicker!     

            Important: Please read

Important Stuff- It's important that you call your coach if you are not going to your game! You signed up for a team sport and when you're not there it may mean they don't have enough players and could possibly forfeit their game! Please be considerate and let your coach know so that they can contact another player in a lower division to take your spot. If you don't call and then show up at your next game you may find a call up there prepared to take your spot and you will be subbing with them throughout the game. If we know you are coming to the game a substitute player won't be called up!


Tyke 1 & Tyke 2  & Tyke 3

Mite 1 & Mite 2

Squirt 1 & Squirt 2 

Peewee 1

Peewee 2




Victoria Harbour Sock Colors- Many have asked so we'll fill you in on the sock story- As you may know our official socks are Red on Right and Black on Left. This has been a Victoria Harbour tradition for the past 6 years or so. It all started when Jared Chapman and Alex McArthur were presented with a pair of black and a pair of red socks, their goal was to determine which looked best with our uniforms. When game time came they both came on the field with one black and one red sock (red on right so it could be remembered easily). Eventually the entire Peewee team had the same look and that year the team went on to win the GBMSL triple crown so the "socks" seemed to be working well. In the past few years it has spread down through the teams and continues to be the dominant choice on most of our teams today. Black sock on left & Colored sock on right!


Please contact Keith if interested in sponsoring at hornets@gbmsl.ca

Typically a set of uniforms will last 3-4 years (5-6 for younger teams) before needing replacing.

Keep in mind that your contribution is tax deductible as an advertising expense as well, we will issue a receipt if you request it but generally your returned cheque is all that's required for tax purposes. We can also link your business to the listing on our web site if you give us your web address.




Sponsors 2018

Victoria Harbour Canada Day Committee

Lachapelle Dental Services (Uniforms)

Chapman Financial

Chappy's Engraving

Township of Tay (Diamond rental waived for our fundraiser tournament and regular diamond use & Community Center for Banquet)

Roger & Tara Cloutier- Becky Award (paid registration for 2017 recipients)

Victoria Harbour Legion Ladies Aux.

Victoria Harbour Lions Club

John Eplett- Re/Max- The Becky Award

Scott Warnock- Award of Exellence

Victoria Harbour Culture & Recreation- The Ray & Edith Award, Blastball & Banquet Pizza

Bob Richards Construction (Uniforms)

Myles Beeney- MB Property Services (Uniforms)



Our Sincere thanks go out to those individuals, organizations and business's that help sponsor our program, we are truly appreciative of your contribution- THANK YOU        


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Our Hornet Logo was designed by "Andrew Brown" from Barrie, ON-  www.andrewbrowngd.ca