It's Chatter time!

We've all heard 'em, and if your a coach you've certainly used them. Often it sounds like gibberish and sometimes it is. Does anyone understand what they're talking about, maybe your not supposed to, maybe it's some kind of code or signal? Maybe it's not?

Ever notice that coaches say everything twice? Bad enough you couldn't understand them the first time. Ever notice that coaches say everything twice? Just listen to them next time your at a ball game- Hey it's part of the experience of the greatest sport on earth!



Batter chatter


need ya on base runner's score runs

find a hole and hit

ducks on the pond (runners on base)

run! forrest run! (when he's huffing out a triple)

let the bats do the talking.

set the table boys! (wanting runners on base)

hit it hard on the ground and good things happen

lets lay a beating on the ball

choke and poke

now that you've gotten a piece of it, it's time to get the whole pie.

Get on your horse, send me some company! by Tim, 3rd base coach

3-0 no go!

do some damage

pick one and hit it.

crank it outta here

drive it like it's stolen

grip it and rip it

check your play (to batter, can mean anything depending on what they're working on that game)

He ain't got nothing (generally he does, we just don't want to admit it)


Infield chatter


come on kid you can do it to the pitcher

Hum now, kid  - To a pitcher to throw a good pitch

move in NO stick to the batter

book'em dano after a strike out

got some WHEELS when a fast runner is on base or at the plate

got a lot of air on that swing (after a hitter has a swing and a miss)

let's shut the door! (wanting to get out of the inning)

get down and get dirty tighten up the defence

throw some rain drops to a pitcher to throw strikes

hum that pill kiddy to a pitcher to throw strikes

three up three down

put it in your pocket, and let's get out of here (wanting that last out)

now we're cookin (your doing good)

hammer in a nail to a pitcher when batter has 2 strikes on em

(pitchers name) brings the heat, you supply the breeze

throw it around the horn

give em a taste of pine

reach in yer back pocket and give em a seat

he aint got nutting on you kid

swatting squitters (after a swing and a miss)

Put it down the chute- to a pitcher, throw a strike

Show me set (to infield not ready for next at bat)

Take the heat (to a runner covering another runners play)

Get down or It's coming down (telling runner to slide and get under play)


Got some more chatter, Send it along and we'll add it to the list


This article made me smile!


Increased Opposition "Chatter" Heightens Baseball Team's Fears
"Hey batter, batter! Hum now, batter!"
U.S. Daniels
Little League coach Mike Jones called a time-out today to inform his team that he was raising the team's "Fielding Alert Level" to orange due to increased chatter from the opposing bench. In the bottom-of-the-sixth meeting, Jones let his team know that while there was no specific information as to what the other team was planning, their baseball chatter had reached new levels of loudness and nonsense which called for vigilance in the field.

"They're only down one run, and have a man on second with one out," Jones told the 12-year-olds in a rare infielder and outfielder meeting, "but with the number nine batter up, we've got to be looking for a bunt."

Orange is the second highest level of fielding alert below only red which is reserved for "rally cap" sightings.

On his way back to right field, outfielder Jimmy Hill said he still didn't know what he was supposed to do. "Coach is never very specific when he raises our Fielding Alert Level. It's hard to stay vigilant out here." Hill, who hasn't seen a ball hit deep to right since the third game of the season says, "It's hard to stay focused when I can't even see the ball from back here. After a season of 842 high-flying foul tips, I'm a little suspicious when I hear the 'ting' of an aluminum bat. I just assume it's another false alarm."

Left fielder Jason Jenkins agrees, "It is hard to know what to do, you want to do your part but are never really told how. I'm not sure if I should back up third or just continue to look over at the other field and wish I had signed up for spring soccer season."

Jones gets defensive over such scathing criticisms.

"We put a lot of time and effort into creating the alert system and now we just have to get the kids to use it. All they have to do is go to my website between innings and read the current Alert Level status and the recommendations for that particular level. If they had, then they would know that the third baseman stays put and the pitcher covers the third base side of the bunt area. If they just follow those recommendations, we'll all be looking at ice cream sundaes after the game."