The team was put together to participate in the Select OASA Provincial Championships being hosted by GBMSL in Port McNicoll on August 17th

Coach's- Randy Gaines & Mike Briggs

The Team- Nathan Gaines, Carlin Neilsen, Noah Skerritt, Morgan Tansley, Andrew Page, Ryan Bourque, David Leblanc, Nick Whalen, Alex Petrtyl, James Simpson & Gabriel Cormier

2013 Bantam Provincial Championships Schedule
Some teams will get 3 games, some 4 and bottom teams 5 (but a chance to come back)

Pool 1- Bramalea, GBMSL & Stittsville
Pool 2- St. Catherines, Topham Park & Smiths Falls

Round Robin Portion- games are tight with 2 games played- break at lunch!
8:30 a.m.- Top Diamond (with lights)- GBMSL & Stittsville
8:30 a.m.- Bottom Diamond- Topham Park & Smiths Falls
10:00 a.m.- Top Diamond- GMBSL & Bramalea
10:00 a.m.- Bottom Diamond- Topham Park & St. Catherines
11:30 a.m.- Top Diamond- Bramalea & Stittsville
11:30 a.m.- Bottom Diamond- St. Catherines & Smiths Falls
1:00- LUNCH- lasts one hour Bottom Crossover- As we don't have any history of teams this will guarantee a 3rd game and help balance out any inequities in the pools as one pool could have all the strong teams!
2:00 p.m.- Game 1- Top Diamond- 2nd of Pool 1 vs. 3rd of Pool 2 (team that loses is finished)
2:00 p.m.-Game 2- Bottom Diamond- 2nd of Pool 2 vs. 3rd of Pool 1 (team that loses is finished)



Smith's Falls Redmen Selects- Provincial Champions

Georgian Bay Rattlers- Provincial Finalists

Topham Park- Consolation Champions

St. Catherines- Consolation Finalists

Specials thanks to Felix Ladouceur who convened on behalf of Georgian Bay for the day and a special thanks to the umpires who came out and spent the day with us, we greatly appreciate all of you!!