GBMSL Bantam Rattlers 2010

Our 2010 team:


The 2010 Bantam Provincial Championship Team

Brady Arts, Joe Balkwill, Joshua Black, Nicolas Chapman, Jordon Carriere, Spencer DeCola, Justin Dubois, Dylan Duncan, Jordon Farrell, Scott Mason, Nathan Patenaude, Charlie Robinson & Zack Whitehead- Ben Dundas is the Peewee A/P,  Coaches- Keith Chapman, Peter Robinson & Pierre Dubois,  Score Keeper/Manager-Sandra Chapman

2010 OASA Select Bantam Champions & Team at Tay Township Hall after recognition of their great Championship season.

The Stats for you statistical folks out there,

Name Number of

Games Played

Dropped Third Strike
(made it to 1st)
Walk Single Double Triple Home Run Grand Slam Runs Scored RBI's Stolen Bases Sacrifice Bunt/Fly
(advance to scoring position or
runner scored from 2nd or 3rd)
On Base Average Batting Average
Nathan P 21 - 8 16 8 8 1 - 33 23 29 - .667 .579
Brady A 21 - 8 13 6 9 - 1 24 22 29 3 .655 .558
Josh B 21 2 14 12 6 3 5 - 31 26 28 3 .707 .525
Joe B 13 - 1 13 - 2 - - 14 8 12 2 .516 .500
Nic C 21 - 11 17 4 - - - 19 14 21 5 .615 .471
Charlie R 21 - 8 16 5 3 - - 17 16 14 - .561 .512
Justin D 21 - 13 10 1 - - - 13 12 18 1 .444 .257
Zack W 21 - 10 8 1 2 - - 16 8 19 2 .447 .321
Jordon F 8 - 5 3 - - - - 4 1 1 - .471 .231
Dylan D 21 1 3 12 3 3 - - 16 9 14 2 .457 .361
Spencer D 21 16 6 5 1 - - 20 10 18 - .521 .333
Scott 16 - 9 7 4 - - - 16 8 14 - .571 .300
Jordan C. 21 - 10 17 4 1 - - 22 11 21 1 .600 .588
Ben D 8 - 6 6 - - - - 3 6 8 1 .571 .467

We are looking at 5 tournaments to date-

Tournaments- June 26th in Goodwood, July 10th in Victoria Harbour, August 14th at Goulding Park,  Aug 21st in Victoria Harbour, Aug 28th in Bramalea

GOODWOOD- Saturday June 26th

Wow, who would have believed that it would rain, we haven't seen rain for over a day and there it goes again. Fortunately we got one game in and it was a good one, everyone played well and almost everyone on the team made contact with the bat. Goulding Park was a solid team, the win was in sight but we ended up settling with a 2-2 tie game. Thanks everyone for coming out, too bad we didn't get to play more but that's the nature of the game, next time I guess. We'll look forward to July 10th in Victoria Harbour, we currently have 5 teams registered, it should be a great day. The whole pupose of the first tourney is to get to know everyone, to see how we're doing and what we're up against out there. We were impressed with each of you as we saw you all get along and encourage each other, you will truly grow as a team as we work through this season.

VICTORIA HARBOUR- Saturday July 10th

1- GBMSL Rattlers "A", 2- Topham Park, 3- Cambridge, 4- Goulding Park, 5- GBMSL Rattlers Peewee, 6- Kitchener, 7- Bramalea


Pool A

Pool B

8:30 a.m.

1-4 (Oakwood) Game 1 (Rattlers 11- Goulding 2)

2-3 (Sunset) Game 2 (Topham 12- Cambridge 3)

5-7 (Bridgeview) Game 3 (Rattlers PW 5- Bramalea 6)

10:00 a.m.

1-3 (Oakwood) Game 4 (Rattlers 8- Cambridge 3)

2-4 (Sunset) Game 5 (Topham 4- Goulding 3)

5-6 (Bridgeview) Game 6 (Rattlers PW 3- Kitchener 3)

11:45 a.m.

1-2 (Oakwood) Game 7 (Rattlers 7- Topham 7)

3-4 (Sunset) Game 8 (Goulding 8- Cambridge 4)

6-7 (Bridgeview) Game 9 (Bramalea 8- Kitchener 1)

  Bottom team in Pool A is eliminated (Cambridge)

2:00 p.m.

3rd of A vs. 2nd of B at Sunset (Game 10) (Goulding 3- Rattlers PW 2)

2:00 p.m.

3rd of B vs. 2nd of A at Oakwood (Game 11) (Topham 14- Kitchener 10)

  Two losing teams from 2:00 p.m. are eliminated (Rattlers B & Kitchener)

4:15 p.m.

1st of A vs. winner of game 10 (Game 12) (Rattlers 9- Goulding 1)

4:15 p.m.

1st of B vs. winner of game 11 (Game 13)(Topham 8- Bramalea 5)

6:30 p.m.

Winners of game 12 & 13 for Gold/Silver (Game 14)(Rattlers 15 GOLD- Topham 7 SILVER)

6:30 p.m.

Losers of game 12 & 13 for Bronze/4th (Game 15) (Goulding BRONZE- Bramalea 4TH)

   Wow, what a great day for ball and you guys came out with every intention of walking away with it. Everyone played awesome throughout the day and there wasn't one instance where we saw negativity or bad sportsmanship. You guys really do deserve to be congratulated! The parents and fans certainly got their money's worth as they cheered and supported us throughout the day. Thanks to Dave & all the parents from the Rattlers "B" team who ran the round robin game in Waubaushene for us and then stayed to cheer us on to victory! The Rattler's B team had an awesome day and missed the finals by 1 run. Well done guys! Thanks Rene on making the MVP plaques for us, they look really great. Joe, we really hope that that ball shaped thing on your forehead doesn't hurt to bad and goes away quick. You certainly showed class and it's hard to imagine you were out there pitching only a game or so later. What a diehard ball player you are and some great pitching!. Brady, congrats on winning the MVP award. You had an awesome day at bat and some great defensive plays and you're 2nd in the OBA total. Nic, you led the runs scored with 7 and played awesome on defense. Josh, Great at bats and an awesome catcher and 3rd in OBA and led RBI's with7. Charlie, wow, 1st in OBA with .818, a great day pitching as well. Nathan, a solid bat and great base stealer, well done. Justin, you made us your priority for the weekend and we appreciate that. You led the stolen bases with 8 and a solid OBA. Zack, A great job at moving those runners around and those 6 RBI's made the difference in our games.  Fine job at catching as well. Jordon, you pitched your heart out in that one game and almost made it to the end. A great win, and that catch at 3 was highlight material as well, great job. Dylan, Mr. Happy, a good day at bat and solid defense. We truly appreciate your positive spirit and some great catches in the field. Spencer, fine job at catching and an all around good day. Excellent hit in the final game to help capture that game, well done. Jordan, last but not least, thanks for coming out and filling the roster. You played awesome and you gave 100%. We were all impressed with your improved game and are to be congratulated. There's no question that all of you showed maturity and sportsmanship and were a pleasure to coach. Thanks Sandra for keeping track of all the stats/scoring & such. Great job guys. I know Peter & Pierre are as proud of you as I am! Congratulations on taking the Gold! Keith

It definitely was a good day all the way around!! The team consistently got key runs with 2-out throughout the day which says a lot for the team….great team morale & support for each other was there all day too!! Cheers!!  Peter

Article from Midland Mirror below: Thanks to Mike Dodd for running this,

Rattlers claim tournament title

Rattlers claim tournament title. The Georgian Bay Minor Softball League bantam Ratters claimed the championship trophy at a tournament held in Victoria Harbour on July 10, registering a 15-7 win over Topham Park in the final.

VICTORIA HARBOUR – Seven teams participated in a Georgian Bay Minor Softball League (GBMSL) bantam tournament in Victoria Harbour on July 10, with the host GBMSL Rattlers capturing the title.

Kitchener, Cambridge, Topham Park, Goulding Park and Bramalea also participated in the tournament. The seventh team was the GBMSL peewee Rattlers, playing above their age group in an effort to improve.

The bantam Rattlers went undefeated, although Topham Park did manage to tie them 7-7 in the third game of the round-robin.

The Rattlers got revenge in the final, beating Topham Park 15-7. Goulding Park defeated Bramalea to claim the bronze medal.

The Rattlers opened the tournament with an 11-2 thrashing of Goulding Park, then followed that up with an 8-3 win over Cambridge.

We should also mention that Jordon Farrell had a spill at 3rd base at his Monday night Bantam game in VH and popped his knee and has possible torn meniscus, he's on crutch's at the moment and will be having an MRI to assess damage next week. We wish Jordon all the best- Heal quick!

GOULDING PARK- Saturday August 14th

Confirmed attendance- Keith & Peter (Pierre is away) Nic, Nathan, Justin, Charlie, Zack, Spencer, Josh, Dylan, Brady, Jordan, Scott & Ben Dundas is our special guest!

Well we certainly had a great day at Goulding, there was no rain and lots of cloud cover throughout the day. Yep, it was hot, staggering hot at times but the team played fabulously throughout the day and had a ton of fun. We'd like to thank Ben Dundas on coming out to help fill the ranks for us. Also thanks to Bob as he helped coach and encourage the guys throughout the day. The new shades looked great but we're not sure if they had much impact on our game. We started off the tourney with excellent batting and solid defense taking our first two games without any problem. With a win against Topham & Bramalea we were guaranteed 1st place in the round robin so game 3 was quite relaxed and the guys continued to have a good time playing ball. Charlie, Brady & Ben all pitched awesome throughout the day. In the final game against Topham it kind of bounced back and forth as we were up and then they were up and so on. In the 7th we were up by one when a solid hit to center field scored the winning run and finished things up for us. Still we couldn't help but be proud of the team as you guys played hard all day long. We also allowed everyone to kind of play whereever you wanted to, that had it's pro's and con's but it did allow us opportunity to see you play in lots of positions, that will likely change for the provincial championships next week so we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Bottom line- WELL DONE ALL! Proud to be involved with the team and coaching, you're a great group of guys, lots of talent and fantastic sportsmanship through out the day. Congratulations on your Silver Medal. Congratulations Charlie on the MVP award on the day, well deserved!

THE PROVINCIALS- Saturday August 21st in Georgian Bay

 Confirmed attendance- GBMSL Provincials-Keith, Peter & Pierre, Nic, Nathan, Justin, Charlie, Zack, Joey, Spencer, Josh, Dylan, Brady, Jordan, Scott

Tournament Schedule 

                          Pool 1

Victoria Harbour


Game #



Fri 8:00 p.m.



1 vs. 5- Georgian Bay (7) Domville (6)

Sat 8:30 a.m.



1 vs. 2- Georgian Bay (19) K/W (0)

Sat 8:30 a.m.



3 vs. 4- Bramalea (6) Goodwood (6)

Sat 10:30 a.m.



2 vs. 3- K/W (18) Bramalea (1)

Sat 10:30 a.m.



4 vs. 5- Goodwood (3) Domville (10)


Opening Ceremonies in Port McNicoll & Skills Competition

Sat 1:00 p.m.



3 vs. 5- Bramalea (2) Domville (17)

Sat 1:00 p.m.



2 vs. 4- K/W (7) Goodwood (6)

Sat 3:00 p.m.



1 vs. 4- Georgian Bay (16) Goodwood (3)

Sat 3:00 p.m.



2 vs. 5-K/W (1) Domville (6)

Sat 5:00 p.m.



1 vs. 3-Georgian Bay (16) Bramalea (3)

Sat 7:00 p.m.



Bronze Game 2nd pool 1 vs. 2nd pool 2

Domville-Consolation Champs-9

Goulding-Consolation Finalists- 2


                          Pool 2

Port McNicoll


Game #



Fri 8:00 p.m.



6 vs. 10- Topham (5) Goulding (6)

Sat 8:30 a.m.



6 vs. 7- Topham (5) Lyn (13)

Sat 8:30 a.m.



8 vs. 9- Cambridge (7) Stittsville (1)

Sat 10:30 a.m.



7 vs. 8- Lyn (11) Cambridge (3)

Sat 10:30 a.m.



9 vs. 10- Stittsville (5) Goulding (4)


Opening Ceremonies in Port McNicoll & Skills Competition

Sat 1:00 p.m.



7 vs. 9- Lyn (8) Stittsville (7)

Sat 1:00 p.m.



8 vs. 10- Cambridge (3) Goulding (7)

Sat 3:00 p.m.



6 vs. 9- Topham (10) Stittsville (0)

Sat 3:00 p.m.



7 vs. 10- Lyn (3) Goulding (1)

Sat 5:00 p.m.



6 vs. 8- Topham (18) Cambridge (4)

Sat 7:00 p.m.



Gold/Silver Game 1st pool 1 vs. 1st pool 2

Georgian Bay- Champions- 13

Lyn- Championship Finalists- 8

1- Georgian Bay Rattlers, 2- K/W Selects, 3-Bramalea, 4- Goodwood, 5- Domville, 6- Topham Park, 7- Lyn Lightning, 8- Cambridge, 9- Stittsville 56er's, 10- Goulding Park

Umpires: Victoria Harbour- Garry Burke, Tony Dickson, Rene Robitaille (our own GBMSL UIC) & Pat Rodgers- Port McNicoll-Vern Jolie, Ben Chapman, Jared Chapman & Jim Thompson- Thank you guys on helping make this a great success! You gave us some of your best umpiring over the course of the weekend and we received numerous compliments on your talents! Some said this was the best umpiring they had seen all season!

First and foremost- Thankyou to Felix Ladouceur who gave up his entire weekend to come and convene at Port McNicoll and then came over to Victoria Harbour to run the Bronze game and do the presentation there so that Sandra and I could be with the Rattler team. Without question, this would have not been the same without you and on behalf of the entire Rattler Squad- Thank You Felix. We also want to thank Mike Briggs for helping us out in Port McNicoll in getting things setup and supporting us in this weekend. It was nice to Jordon Farrell out supporting and cheering on the team as well, good to see the leg healing! Also a special thank you to Tay Township as you have shown a strong interest in youth sports and allowed us to use the diamonds in Victoria Harbour and Port McNicoll to host this event and even made it a priority!

Wow, what a weekend! Friday evening our team arrived at Oakwood to meet up with Domville for the first game of our pool. Domville was warmed up and ready to play when the last of our players arrived in our typical Georgian Bay hustle. The game was likely one of the best we'd seen this season and if it was any indication of the balance of the weekend we were going to be in for one heck of a challenge to make it to the top. Our fan base grew throughout the game and it was great to see everyone coming out to support our boys as they began the climb for Gold. Joe pitched the game with determination and even when we fell behind he never gave up. If he was at all nervous about the whole "provincial" thing, he sure didn't show it in his performance. As we went into the final inning of the game, we were up by 1 run in a 3-2 game. Suddenly, the Domville bats started finding the holes as they scored 4 runs in the top of the final inning leaving us down 3 runs as we took our last at bat. Next thing you knew there were 2 out and the fans held their breath wondering how we'd ever dig out of this hole. A couple of walks, 2 doubles and a triple would be the ultimate answer to that equation and that's exactly what we did as the winning run advanced across the plate. The cheers went up and game 1 was captured- only 4 more to go!  Final 7-6

We woke up to rain which had been forecasted for a few days in advance and as we arrived at Sunset Park to line it, the skies opened and the diamond went from dry to almost unplayable in minutes. Then the rain suddenly stopped and our day began. We were playing at 8:30 at Sunset and pumped from our come behind victory from last evening. Joe was well rested and ready to throw again. We'd never played Kitchener and didn't want to take any chances. Our bats were hot and Joe was throwing with more confidence than ever. At the end of 4 innings Joe had his first perfect game- 12 batters- 12 outs with 10 strikeouts, a pop fly and an infield hit. We were up 19 runs at that point and Game 2 was behind us. Final 19-0

A couple of hours of and we were back at it. The opening ceremonies went well with all 10 teams in attendance along with Mayor Warnock and Piper Willy. Special thanks to Sandra who made the wooden plaques that each of the teams carried in during the opening ceremonies. We were also encouraged to see all 10 teams show up for the opening and participate in the skills competition. Congratulations to Joe who finished 2nd in the Pitching Speed competition at 62 MPH and Josh Black who finished first in the base running competition with a 10.6 second time.

Our next game was against Goodwood. Again a team we hadn't see this year and Charlie went into the pitcher spot with some solid defence behind him. The only runs scored by Goodwood were in the 2nd inning where they captured 3 in a row and then the Rattlers shut them down for the balance of the game. At the end of 4 innings, we had 16 runs scored and the mercy rule kicked in. Game 3 was a reality and we were now guaranteed entrance into the Gold/Silver game in the evening. Final 16-3

We now went up against Bramalea with Brady throwing. The 1st inning was  a little shaky with our top 3 on the order popping & flying out, so the bottom of the order stepped up and performed for this game with the 2nd inning batting 10 players. Our "D" was solid again and we held Bramalea to 1 run in the 1st and 2 more in the 4th. Game 4 was ours and we went through our pool undefeated and were now heading for the finals in Port McNicoll at 7 p.m. Domville finished second in our pool and would play in the Bronze game at Oakwood against Goulding Park- Final 12-3

Gold Medal Game

We were now going up against the team from Lyn "Lyn Lightning"- They were in the same situation as us, undefeated for the day and 1st place in their pool. They had eliminated Topham Park, Goulding Park, Cambridge & Stittsville to make their way there. 10 teams began the tourney and it was now down to 2. Joe was pumped and ready to go again. He hadn't thrown since the morning and his pitch count in that "perfect game" was quite low. The bats from Lyn were quite good. We had seen them throughout the day and they had performed well with lots of homerun hits to the fence. We were able to hold them scoreless into the 4th were they scored 3 runs, 1 more in the 5th and 4 more in the 6th giving them a total of 8. The Rattlers were not looking so hot at the start - the bats were on but Lyn made some fabulous catches to shut us down and we went scoreless for 3 innings. Then came the 4th, we had 12 batters on the roster and all 12 of them made it up to bat and 10 of them scored! Wow! You could almost see the wind hit our sails as the team came to life. 3 more runs scored in the 5th to give us total of 13 to pull off the win. It was finished and the Provincial Gold title was ours. Congratulations to Joe who was the OASA MVP of the Tournament and to Josh who was the GBMSL MVP of the tournament. There's no question that each of you were MVP's at different points throughout the day and it was great that we pulled this off as a team. Everyone played, everyone fielded and batted and we won this as a team. Well done all. Well there's no question we had lots of happy parents and coaches. We'd been doing select for 5 years now and we'd won silver but never gold- Congratulations team on bringing the first ever Select Championship Title to Georgian Bay. Oh yes, the rain, as we began our day with it we ended with it but we are grateful that it left us alone throughout the day! Thanks to Bob Abbott from OASA who arrived to watch some of our games and helped in presenting the awards at the end.  We appreciated your interest in the games and your assistance.

Congratulations also go out to all the other teams participating in the day, Georgian Bay & Lyn on their undefeated round robins, Domville on only 1 loss in the round robin and what a game it was. Domville did go on to capture the Consolation Championship while Goulding Park captured the Consolation Finalist position. Topham Park was tied with Goulding in points and just missed the finals due to their Head to Head loss with Goulding.

We've had countless positive comments come in from coaches, umpires and players on the spirit of the day, competitive yet a bond of friendship between the competitors. It was a great day and we were sad to see it come to an end.

Article below from the Midland Mirror-Mike Dodd (thanks Mike)

Rattlers the top bantam team in Ontario

Georgian Bay squad trounces opposition en route to provincial title

The Georgian Bay Minor Softball League bantam Rattlers beat the Lyn Lightning 13-8 to capture the Ontario Amateur Softball Association championship this past weekend.

TAY TOWNSHIP – The Georgian Bay Minor Softball League bantam Rattlers used home field to their advantage this past weekend, winning the Ontario Amateur Softball Association select championship with a 13-8 win over the Lyn Lightning.

Playing in Victoria Harbour and Port McNicoll, the Rattlers were a dominant force at the tournament, winning most games with ease.

“This is the first provincial select title won by our teams since we started the select teams five years ago,” said coach Keith Chapman. “We’ve won lots of silvers medals, but never a gold.”

In the final, the hard-hitting Lightning refused to give up without a fight, scoring three runs in the fourth inning, one in the fifth and four in the sixth to make things interesting.

The Rattlers countered with 10 runs in the fourth inning and three more in the fifth.

After opening the tournament with a 7-6 win over Domville, the Rattlers blasted Kitchener-Waterloo 19-0, Goodwood 16-3 and Bramalea 16-3.

Joe Balkwill provided the Rattlers with rock-solid pitching and was named the tournament’s most valuable player.

Other members of the team include Jordon Farrell, Jordan Carriere, Charlie Robinson, Zach Whitehead, Brady Arts, Dillon Duncan, Scott Mason, Spencer DeCola, Nic Chapman, Justin Dubois, Nathan Patenaude and Josh Black.

Keith Chapman, Pierre Dubois and Peter Robinson coach the Rattlers.


BRAMALEA- Saturday August 28th

 Confirmed attendance-Keith, Peter & Pierre, Nic, Nathan, Charlie, Zack, Spencer, Josh, Dylan, Brady, Jordan, Justin, Scott & Ben

Well, guess we can chalk up another great day and performance by our Rattlers Bantam boys as they came through again. Even with our pitching staff reduced (and injured), they played some exceptional ball, for our 3rd Championship this season. It was an interesting day as we played next to what will be remembered as "Golden Rod Park". Pierre wasn't finished getting the first innings defence set when the sniffles were on him and before long anyone with any allergy problems could have been picked out of a line up. The first game was still fairly cool and great for playing ball. The biggest challenge was where to stand in the field with these massive hard ball diamonds as the infield stretched out 120 feet before you hit grass.

Game 1: Rattlers vs. Bramalea- 14-6- Brady pitched a fabulous game and good defence held the run count to 6 while offensively Nathan, Nic, Ben each had two hits to get on base. Nathan led runs scored with 3 while Josh, Jordan & Scott had 2 each. Best hit in the game came from Spencer with a triple in his first at bat to left field.

Game 2: Rattlers vs. Topham- 9-12 Charlie took over the throwing and considering his busted up toe and his inability to drag his back foot he did a rather fabulous job. Errors abounded in this game and ultimately it ended up costing us the game. The toughest part about watching the errors happen was that the play wasn't over and often an out could still have been obtained had the ball been recovered and thrown right away. Instead, frustration won and we just watched the ball lay on the ground. So we had one bad inning and let in 8 runs, then it was over and we shut them down. We came close to bringing it back but we didn't put a lot of pressure on the team because we knew this game didn't matter that much as long as we won the next one.

Game 3: Rattlers vs. Kitchener- 21-1- Nic threw for his first time in the Select tourney's and we can honestly say we were quite surprised by his performance.  He even pulled off 3 K's on the game. The key was strikes were thrown and the ball was put into play. Our heads were in this game and some great fielding shut down the game after only 3 innings of play. Our bats came to life and a "few" defensive errors helped us around the bases. Josh hammered an in the park Home Run, one of two for the team on the day, while Josh & Brady each had a triple to their credit.

Game 4: Rattlers vs. Topham- Gold Medal Game- 8-7- Now this was a ball game and one of those games where coaches & fans alike run out of finger nails before it's over. Brady went back to the plate after his awesome performance in game 1.  It was felt he was the right guy for the job. He never lost confidence and just threw the ball, regardless of what was going on around him, that can be tough to do with bases loaded in the bottom of the final inning with the tying run on 3rd. Our defensive skills improved significantly throughout the day and the errors of our previous Topham experience were behind us. Topham was playing a new team this time and this team wanted to win!  We didn't open up until the 3rd inning with Dylan's triple and then with 2 out and Scott on base after a walk Nathan cranked a Home Run to score 3. Topham had been up 3 to that point and we were back! 1 more in the 4th by Josh with a sacrifice from Nic and 4 more in the 5th gave us our 8 runs. It was now 8-3 for us and we just had to shut them down. The first 2 batters from Topham exited back into the dugout as they hit back to Brady for a play at one for the outs. That said #3 wasn't going down without a fight- 4 hits later with the winning run on base there was a solid hit to Nic at 3rd. Nic was able to snag the ball and tag the runner as he attempted to get back on his base. A tight play and well executed and we had the victory! Well done team on great "HOT" day. When we wrapped up it was pushing 30 degrees and everyone was looking forward to air conditioning on the drive home!

Congratulations also to Nathan on being chosen as the tournament MVP!



Wednesday September 8th, 2010- TAY Township provincial championship recognition at 7:00 p.m. at Tay township office!

Special thanks to Bryan, Simone & Ruth on putting this idea together and of course Mayor Warnock for his kind words and presentation to all the guys! It's something we'll all appreciate for a long time.

OSHAWA- Sunday, SEPTEMBER 19TH- Confirmed!- The Grand Finale!

Confirmed Attendance- Sounds like the whole team will be coming, Peter & Pierre are away so Bob Richardson will be helping coach for the day.

And......... Wait for's Gold for the Bantam Rattlers!

Wow what a day we had in Oshawa. Fantastic weather, just under 20 degrees and the entire team showed up to play. We even had Jordon Farrell back off the Disabled List and gung ho to play. Bob Richardson took on the coaching title as he spent the day with us and coached first base. We had a lot of fun and some real competitive ball.

The memorable moment of the day would have to be the Goulding Park game as we were losing 6-0 in the bottom of the last inning. A rally at bat brought in 7 innings to close out the game for the win-Wow! It was impressive to see you guys stay in the game and continue to fight for the victory even when it looked as if it wasn't going to happen. Very Impressive come back (Kind of reminds me of the Friday night Domville game in the Provincials)

MVP's were Jordon Farrell, Joe Balkwill & Charlie Robinson.

Everyone looked great in the new Provincial jackets and you guys really performed in the final game of the day as we faced off against Goulding for a final time this year- This time you pulled off a 10-0 game for the win. We had great pitching though out the day by Joe, Charlie & Brady and some excellent hits by the entire team as the day went on. Solid defence helped capture the wins and what was cool about this tournament is that everyone just played wherever they wanted with no coach interference, it was great to see a team where everyone could play just about anywhere with lots of talent.

So on behalf of all of us coaching, Keith, Peter, Pierre, Bob & Bob- It's been a blast and a season we will not soon forget. Thanks for the signed plaques and thanks to Sandra for putting them together. We do look forward already to next season and we hope to see you all there!

 This button will take you to a full size team photo from Oshawa with the guys in their jackets, just in case you want to print one!