This team was mainly from Vasey but as there was no Mite Select Rattler team entering this tournament the Vasey squad along with one Elmvale player attended the Mite Provincials and certainly did the GBMSL proud!

 Coach: Ed Moriarty

The Vasey Mini-squirt team with special guest star Derek Sweeney ( Elmvale 4 ) played in the provincial House League Select tournament yesterday.


 Game 1 vs. Richmond Hill - 21 to 1   win

game 2 vs. Bellville - 31 to 3            win

game 3 vs. Micksburg - ( near Perth )8 to 2       win

game 4 vs. Stonehill ( near Napanee )- 4 to 3  / were down 2-0 until 6 inning     win

game 5 vs Topham ( east York ) 6 to 5 / were down 4-0 until 5th inning, tied it up 4-4 in the 7th, scored two runs in the top of the eighth, and held them to one run in the bottom of the eighth leaving runners on 2nd and 3rd to take the game.        

 I am very happy to announce Vasey as the 2010 Mite house league select provincial champions, doing this all with 9 players 4 out of 5 games ( had one spare for game two but was ill and left ).