Ray & Edith Carriere Most Dedicated Player Award

This award recognizes the Midget age Player(s) who has shown outstanding dedication to our program. The eligible player would also have shown strong sportsmanship and continuously gave their all in support of their team.

The award is to be a lasting legacy for Raymond & Edith Carriere. They continuously gave to the youth of Victoria Harbour as they donated their time and talents to ensure that every child was able to participate in athletic events and be rewarded for their efforts. Ray & Edith were our biggest fans and their dedication to our program was overwhelming.

The award was started in remembrance of Edith who was taken from us in the fall of 2012. We trust her laughter and happy spirit will always be remembered in this award.


2013- Nicolas Chapman, Joshua Black, Justin Nahanee & Jordan Carriere

2014- Randy Penney, Carlin Nielsen, Jenny Ferguson, Nicolas Chapman & Noah Skerritt

2015- Brody Alouache, Abby LaChapelle & Daniel Smylie

2016- Jordan Todoroff, Randy Penney, Austin Scott, Justin Cooper, Madison Bumstead, Brianna Belanger, Daniel Smylie & Rachel Smylie

Photo- Nicolas Chapman, Joshua Black, Jordan Carriere presented by Ray Carriere (missing was Justin Nahanee, away at college)

Randy Penney, Carlin Neilsen (little brother Marshall accepting), Jenny Ferguson & Nicolas Chapman

Noah Skerrit

Brianna Belanger, Justin Cooper, Ray Carriere, Austin Scott & Randy Penney