GBMSL Select Midget Team 2008

The Team: Jared Chapman, Ben Chapman, Lucas Leblanc, Trevor Profit, Scott Brandon, Joel Duncan, Carl Ferguson, Zaac Pauze, Derek Jolie & C.J. Kingsbury, Marty Maurice, Billy Balkwill & Alex McArthur

Thanks to Jake Marchildon, Matt Bourque for coming out to the Pickering tournament!

Thanks to Morgan Glover for coming out to the Goulding Park tournament!

Thanks go out to Danielle Pauze for helping us get 9 players to the Unionville Tournament!

Coach's- Keith Chapman-534-3091 & Luc Desroches-533-3420

Midget Select Stats

Player (Tourneys played) Walks Singles Doubles Triples Home Runs Stolen Bases RBI's Runs Scored On Base Average Batting Average
Scott (5) 7 5 0 0 0 3 3 8 .298 .106
Lucas (3) 4 9 4 2 0 7 11 13 .559 .441
Trevor (4) 6 11 4 2 0 6 8 14 .561 .415
Zaac (6) 16 12 7 3 3 11 23 25 .562 .342
Jared (5) 9 13 2 3 2 15 16 19 .536 .375
Ben (6) 15 14 3 3 1 26 16 24 .537 .313
Joel (5) 11 14 5 1 4 10 22 19 .455 .312
Carl (5) 4 13 3 3 0 7 11 15 .418 .345
Derek (4) 4 12 1 3 0 10 7 12 .500 .405
CJ (5) 14 12 7 1 2 11 19 21 .600 .350
Billy (3) 4 6 2 0 0 3 4 4 .429 .286
Marty (5) 10 8 1 2 0 7 5 3 .457 .239
Jake (1) 1 3 3 0 0 4 0 3 .412 .353
Justin (1) 5 3 0 0 0 6 0 5 .615 .231
Matt (1) 1 3 0 1 0 1 3 2 .333 .267
Alex (2) 2 6 2 2 1 6 3 6 .565 .478
Morgan( 1) 2 1 0 0 0 5 0 1 .750 .250
Danielle (1) 2 5 0 0 0 2 2 1 .438 .313

Picher Stats- Zaac (39 K's, 199 batters, 41 innings, 36 runs scored), Jared (75 K's, 237 batters, 54 innings, 24 runs scored), CJ (49 K's, 167 batters, 33 innings, 27 runs scored)


Tournament #1- GBMSL tournament

Georgian Bay- 16 Orangeville- 0 Bramalea- 8 Unionville- 12 Pool Game 1
Georgian Bay- 3 Goodwood- 4 Bramalea- 1 Pickering- 14 Pool Game 2
Goodwood- 8 Orangeville- 6 Pickering- 1 Unionville-1 1 Pool Game 3
Georgian Bay- 22 Bramalea- 2 Orangeville- 8 Pickering- 10 Crossover- 2nd vs. 3rd
Goodwood- 11 Pickering- 1 Georgian Bay- 5 Unionville- 0 1st vs. winner of Crossover- Semi Final Round
Gold-Georgian Bay- 18 Goodwood- 6-Silver Bronze-Unionville- 13 Pickering- 3-4th Winners vs. Winners & Defeated vs. Defeated Finals- Gold/Silver/Bronze

It was a long day with 5 games to play, we were hoping for only 4 but Goodwood decided to change all that on us with a narrow victory in game 2. Game 3 saw Orangeville with an awesome challenge game against Goodwood with a loss by only 2 runs. We were really impressed by the strong sportsmanship showed by the majority of the players as we had practically no real negative comments throughout the day. Thank you everyone for contributing to our first ever GBMSL Select Midget tourney and we look forward to next year and hope to do it again. We had a couple of injuries throughout the day and we certainly wish these guys all the best, first there was Ben from Georgian Bay who got hammered at home and is still unable to straighten his leg. Then there was Owen from Goodwood who had a hard slide into third and something went the wrong way in his leg and I'm told he has broken a bone in his leg and will be laid up for quite some time. Our heart goes out to Owen and to the spirit of the Goodwood team that fought valiantly to the very end of that final game. Congratulations Georgian Bay on your first Gold in your 3 year select history, Goodwood on Silver and Unionville on the Bronze. Thank you Pickering, Bramalea and Orangeville for making us a part of your Saturday and we hope to see you again in the select circuit.

Jared, Zaac & C.J. each pitched well and we were impressed with the way the team came together seeing as we really hadn't practiced and sort of played our first game cold turkey on Saturday morning. Jared was the tournament MVP for Georgian Bay while Goodwoods pitcher Tyler was the MVP for their team. Thanks to Billy for coming in at the last minute to fill a vacancy on the team. Thanks Luc for running things as I played with other aspects of the tournament, you did a great job with great success, well done! So well done everyone, our next tourney is in a couple of weeks (July 19th) in Unionville, we'll let you know as soon as we see a schedule for that event. Please make sure you let Keith know if you if you are unavailable for that tourney.

Tournament 2: Unionville

Game 1 Georgian Bay vs. Unionville 4-2
Game 2 Georgian Bay vs. Goodwood 8-1
Game 3 Georgian Bay vs. Pickering 3-3
Gold/Silver Game Georgian Bay vs. Miliken Mills 1-3 (Took Silver)

Most of us hit the road by 6:30 a.m. to be there for the 8:30 a.m. draw at Crosby Park. We had 12 players for the first time with Marty being back home and ready to play. Luc was home fighting bronchitis and not feeling well enough to be with us. Thanks goes out to Andrew for filling in as coach and for helping us out throughout the day, it was much appreciated.

The day was hot but the T-storms held off long enough for us to get it all in.  We did see some rain in the finals but only enough to cool us down a bit and give us a little energy burst at the end.

Game 1 saw us at Crosby Park playing the host team. We had a bit of a slow start with the bats and we seemed to have a talent of hitting right to the glove of the Unionville team. Jared pitched the entire game and pulled off 8 strikeouts. Runs were scored by Jared, Lucas, Trevor & Zaac. We made 3 nice infield plays that counted for outs. On the hitting side, Jared & Carl hit triples, Lucas & Trevor hit singles and Zaac had a walk. Jared, Joel & Trevor all nailed fly balls. It was great to see the determination right to the end as we were down 2-1 in the bottom of the final inning. Bases were loaded and Carl came up to bat and delivered a triple to right field, this scored 3 runs and gave us the win. Well done guys and you proved that there is always a win available if we hang in to the end.

Game 2 we moved over to Carlton Park and met up with the Goodwood team. Zaac took over the pitching and pulled off 6 Strikeouts for the game. Runs were scored by Jared (2), Ben, Trevor, Zaac, C.J., Derek & Billy. We again made 3 solid infield plays for an out at first. Fly balls were nailed by Joel, Jared, Derek, and who can forget Carl's running and diving catch in left for a last second grab to capture the out. The bats worked well with Ben, Trevor, C.J. & Billy hitting doubles. Singles were hit by Jared, Ben (2), Zaac, Carl, Derek & Marty. Trevor walked twice and Jared, Lucas, C.J. & Scott each walked once. Final score was 8-1.

During the lunch time skills competition, we saw Zaac dominate the ball throw and he tossed one from home plate to the warning track, C.J. nailed the home run derby with one out the park and one to the fence, Carl ran the bases in the speed competition and was definitely in the top group there. In the end, we took 1st for the ball throw and home run derby, way to go Georgian Bay.

Game 3 was back at Carlton Park and we met up with Pickering for the first time this season. C.J. took to the mound and threw the entire game. C.J. nailed 5 strikeouts and considering that the strike zone was about 6 inches square he did well to accomplish that. Runs were scored by Ben, Lucas & Derek and we made two awesome infield plays for outs. Fly balls were abundant and not one was missed, Derek had 2 and Carl, Trevor, Marty & Jared each nailed one. On the hitting side, we had walks by C.J. (2), Derek, Lucas and Ben. Singles by Zaac, Derek (2) & Marty. The tie was as good as a win as we sat first in our pool and as such would move on to the Gold/Silver game against Miliken Mills.

Game 4 saw Jared back on the mound.  Again, he pitched well with 7 K's for the game. Our hitting was lacking for sure, but our defence was quite solid. Flyballs were caught by Carl (2), Scott (2), Trevor & Joel, not one was missed. However, on the hitting side we saw singles by Trevor, C.J., Joel, Derek, Billy & Scott and only Joel managed to capitalize on his hit and score our only run. In the end with bases loaded we had our 3rd out and suffered a loss with a 3-1 score for Miliken.

All in all it was good tournament and everyone played well, pitching was solid by all 3 of the guys and team spirit was good. 

Pickering- July 26th

Consolation Champions with 1 loss on the day- A long day with 4 wins

Everyone was on the road by 7 a.m. as we had a 2 hour trek to Pickering. Thunderstorms were in the forecast which was starting to feel somewhat typical for the weather this summer. The weather was nice when we arrived and then the first cell hit giving us a delay even before we saw the field for the first time. Our team showed up in various levels of readiness, some it seemed didn't get to bed prior to getting up again and there was a bit of growling going on but eventually everyone woke up/sobered up and away we went.

Our Pool gave us the opportunity to play teams we'd never seen before such as Oshawa, Topham Park & Malvern. We also had Milliken Mills in our pool and we had lost to them on that previous meeting.

We went undefeated for Games 1 & 2, both games saw us behind until the final inning when we hit the bats with force and pulled into the lead.

Game 2 saw major Thunderstorms and a long delay. Flooded diamonds shut down the Hydro diamonds but we were able to scrape the water away and finish our game against Malvern.

For game 3 we travelled a few miles away and met up with Milliken, we faired well for the first couple of innings but seemed to keep hitting right to their gloves without being able to find the holes. Our second meeting ended like the first with our only loss of the day.

Topham Park was the challenger for game 3 and we again did the final inning attack and went from losing in the bottom of the final inning to a 10-4 win, what a come back that was.

Our final results put us second in our pool and we met up with 2nd from the other pool, Bramalea. We had faced Bramalea back in Victoria Harbour and fared ok and we managed to pull it off again. There was no question the guys were getting tired and things didn't wind up until around 10:30 p.m., and then there was the long journey home.

Jared was away at Canadian Track & Field Championships, we'll look forward to his return for the next tourney. Trevor was at a hockey camp/tryout for the Penetang Flyers and we trust that went well for him as well.We were also missing Billy, Lucas, Scott & Carl.

We want to thank Justin, Matt, Jake & Axle for filling the voids in our team and each of you played extremely well. Thanks for helping us make a team and for playing at your best, we were all impressed.

2008 Pickering Midget Boys Select Tournament Schedule & Results
        Saturday     7/26/08        
  Kinsmen North   Kinsmen South   Hydro East   Hydro West
8:30 AM Topham Park Oshawa   Malvern Milliken Mills   Unionville Goodwood   Pickering Bramalea
  4 13   3 6   11 9   6 2
10:15 AM Topham Park Malvern   Oshawa Georgian Bay   Unionville Pickering   Goodwood Straffordville
  4 9   5 6   11 7   1 5
12 Noon Lunch Break
12:45 PM Malvern Georgian Bay   Pickering Straffordville   Topham Park Milliken Mills   Unionville Bramalea
  7 8   2 8   0 8   6 2
              Dunmoore Middle   Dunmoore North
2:30 PM Goodwood Pickering   Bramalea Straffordville   Oshawa Malvern   Milliken Mills Georgian Bay
  10 5   10 9   13 6   12 4
4:15 PM Unionville Straffordville   Goodwood Bramalea   Topham Park Georgian Bay   Oshawa Milliken Mills
  14 4   3 8   4 10   12 13
6:00 PM Final Standings & Dinner Break
  Consolation   Championship            
7:00 PM Georgian Bay Bramalea   Milliken Mills Unionville            
  13 9   6 16            
Division A   Division B  
    W L T Pts         W L T Pts    
1 Topham Park 0-4-0 0     6 Unionville 4-0-0 8    
2 Oshawa 2-2-0 4     7 Goodwood 1-3-0 2    
3 Malvern 1-3-0 2     8 Pickering 1-3-0 2    
4 Milliken Mills 4-0-0 8     9 Bramalea 2-2-0 4    
5 Georgian Bay 3-1-0 6     10 Straffordville 2-2-0 4    

Tournament #4- Goulding Park- August 9th

                                        9:30 AM                     Georgian Bay (WIN) vs. Goodwood              12:30 AM                   Georgian Bay (WIN) vs. Orangeville

And then it rained, and rained and rained some more. Eventually the diamonds were flooded and beyond playable and the rain continued.

When the calculations were done we were undefeated in our 2 games as was Unionville. We had allowed 8 runs to score and Unionville had allowed 7. As Runs against was the tie breaker we ended up in 2nd place and Unionville took 1st.

Many thanks to Morgan for coming along with us and making our team complete, Morgan was the only girl out of the 7 teams present and she played as well as any of the guys there, well done Morgan and thanks again for helping us out!

Unfortunately we didn't get a photo as the weather sucked and we kind of all ran for shelter because of it!

Thanks everyone for being patient and putting up with the lousy weather, let's just pray for sunshine for the next 2 weekends as we wrap up the Select Midget Circuit.

We are in Unionville next weekend, I'm told there are 6 teams registered so it should be a good weekend. Our Peewee's are also down there playing for the Provincial title so we wish them all the best as they fight for Gold.

Tournament #5- Unionville- August 16th

Round Robin-

Game 1- GBMSL- 8 & Oshawa- 3

Game 2- GBMSL- 5 & Unionville- 0

Game 3- GBMSL- 22 & Bramalea- 0

Game 4- GBMSL- 2 & Miliken Mills- 3

So with one loss and 6 Runs against over 24 innings we finished first in the Round Robin portion of the tournament. Unionville had one loss & Miliken Mills was undefeated when they met at the final round robin game. Unionville pulled of the win and ended up finishing 2nd in the round robin and would be going up against us for the finals.

The day was taking it's toll on us as we had only 9 players and no subs and injuries were starting to show along with the effects of the day. Granted, it didn't rain for the first time in a long time and we were all pretty excited about that! Unionville played a solid game and showed some excellent defensive skills while we continued to hit the ball to them. We went into the bottom of the final inning down 7-0 and again, as in previous innings, got a few runners on base. CJ came through with bases loaded and hit a grand slam pulling up the score to 7-4, and then it was over. We were the Championship Finalists!

Congratulations to everyone on a very successful day and some very well played games. We look forward to next weekend in Victoria Harbour. We trust the weather will be as nice and that all those limps and hobbles will be mended allowing everyone to play! Thanks to Danielle, we appreciate you coming out and making it possible for us to play, it is greatly appreciated.

Tournament #6- Victoria Harbour- August 23rd- Provincial Championships sponsored by OASA

Wow!- What an awesome day for ball, no rain in sight and some cloud cover along the way. I don't think we've seen 6 teams that could rank so close throughout the day. No one team could take a win for granted as teams that were in first lost and teams in 3rd moved back up the ranks. One comment made by coaches, fans & umpires was the level of sportsmanship for this age group. Often tempers flare and issues get blown out of proportion as teenage boys compete for gold. We didn't see any of this at this tournament, just good solid competition and congratulations to the winning teams as others went down in defeat. Luc & I were extremely proud of our guys as they fought valiantly through the heat, especially in the 11 inning "do or die" game against Straffordville. What a fantastic game that was and it could easily have gone our way with only one hit in a hole somewhere, but it wasn't to be and our day came to a close. Thanks team for a great Select season, you played hard, made us laugh and stressed us out on occasion. In our opinion there were no losers in Saturday's tournament, there were 6 excellent teams of ball players who were all deserving of the provincial title, we congratulate Pickering on the overall title of the day and thank all the teams for making the GBMSL's first Provincial competition an exciting one and one to be remembered for a very long time. Thank you to all those involved in the late day game shuffles for being flexible and I truly believe that the delay & resulting rest time was a determining factor in the quality championship game that was played under the lights in a much cooler (almost wetter) environment. We look forward to 2009 and what it has to offer, maybe we'll be facing off again?

Thanks to Holly Bryce, our Recreation Coordinator,  for her kind introduction and welcome and to our Mayor, Scott Warnock, for his comments and on throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

Thanks Tay Township on showing an interest in our program, it is greatly appreciated by all the kids!

Pool A- 4- Georgian Bay Selects, 5- Pickering Prowlers, 6- Malvern Tigers

Pool B- 1- Goodwood Selects, 2- Straffordville Stealth, 3- Bramalea Selects

Skills Competition:  Medal Winners-

Pitching speed (3 players per team- 2 pitches- Top Speed based on "mostly" legal pitch) 2nd- Jared 67 & 66 MPH- 3rd- Zaac 67 & 64 MPH (first was Kevin from Pickering with 67 & 67 MPH)

Base Running Speed (2 players per team)- Ben took First- 10.56 seconds (2nd was Darren from Malvern with 10.59)

Ball Throw (2 players per team)- where the ball hits the ground- Zaac took 2nd place with throw just inside fence at center field at Oakwood Park from home plate (1st was Barton from Straffordville who threw just over the fence)



Sunset Park

Pool B

Oakwood Park

Pool A


Pool Game 1

Goodwood- 8

Bramalea- 2

Georgian Bay-11

Malvern- 2


Pool Game 2

Straffordville- 5

Bramalea- 10

Pickering- 9

Malvern- 9


Pool Game 3

Goodwood- 6

Straffordville- 6

Georgian Bay- 3

Pickering- 4


Crossover 1

Bottom 2 teams

Bramalea- 8

Malvern- 10

Georigan Bay- 3

Straffordville- 4 

(11 inning game) WOW!


Crossover 2


Straffordville defeated Goodwood

Straffordville goes to Gold/Silver round

Pickering defeated Malvern

Pickering goes to gold/silver round




Goodwood- 4th

Malvern- 3rd

Straffordville- 2nd

Pickering- 1st


#876084 was claimed for draw prize

MVP's were Brandon McKenzie from Goodwood, Daniel Philip from Malvern, Mitchell Roloson from Straffordville & Kevin Roffey from Pickering

 The Teams

Georgian Bay



Malvern- Bronze

Straffordville- Silver

Pickering- Gold