There is currently no ruling in Softball Ontario/Canada that states that straps are required on helmets.

OASA apparently has a ruling for Bantam and under but that does not affect us.

Teams that play select may find the OASA ruling applied so need to be prepared and have straps readily available

GBMSL has no strap rule in effect, helmets should be fitted properly and if each player is wearing a properly fitted helmet then it often tends to stay on well and the strap has less purpose.

Umpires do not have the authority to mandate straps or the authority to create rules that don't exist in GBMSL or Softball Canada

This applies to all GBMSL divisions, the strap issue will be discussed at the fall 2008 gbmsl general meeting!

This information is being placed here for general information and comes from the result of discussions with league president Christine Patenaude and webmaster Keith Chapman along with discussions with UIC Rene Robitaille

Bottom Line: Although there is no strap rule we feel that the domes on the helmet do have a purpose and as such straps are strongly recommended for all junior divisions up to Bantam were youth age players should not be required to make decisions based on safety related items. We encourage players to use the straps that came with the helmets.