Pioneer Award (Georgian Bay Minor Softball League)

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The "PIONEER" Award


Presented for the first time at the All-Star Game 2005, this award is designed to honor those who have served on the GBMSL from it's early days to the present.

Criteria has been set as those who were Pioneers of the league and started the process of organized youth ball within the Georgian Bay area. This would recognize those from the early 70's forward. As well our goal is to recognize the many individuals who have committed to numerous hours of coaching within their communities but also have sat on the league executive in some capacity (Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Scheduler, Vice President or President), and with a service record that has exceeded 10 years. Also eligible are those who have been involved in their local communities minor ball program for a period of 15 years. Some of the individuals being recognized where involved in the 1970's and are still active in their communities today.

Individuals, whose names are to be inscribed on the plaque must be nominated by their communities to the GBMSL at it's annual fall meeting. Once the league has approved nominations those individuals will be invited to the annual All-Star game to be recognized for their dedication.


Without question the GBMSL would not exist without the following individuals hard work, foresight, dedication and commitment of selfless hours, for the cause of the children in our surrounding communities, and for their love of the game of baseball. We realize that their satisfaction and reward is the smile on kids faces but we want to honor them and record their names for future generations.

Also shown on the plaque are the winners of each of the All Star Games, showing either East or West as the Championship team each year. Space is also allocated on the plaque to recognize special league awards presented from time to time.

The inscription on the plaque reads as follows:




This plaque is dedicated to the “Pioneers and Builders” of the

 Georgian Bay Minor Softball League

Our thanks go out to each one of them; it was their foresight, dedication and countless hours committed to the league, that has made today possible.


Bob Potter Sr.- Sturgeon Bay

Don Hawke- Vasey

Fred Patterson- Toanche

Stan Cadeau- Victoria Harbour

Gary Edwards- Vasey

Marshall Hubbard- Elmvale

Fred Espey- Hillsdale

Cliff Lockhart- Vasey

Brien Dutton- Wyebridge

Felix Ladouceur- Wyevale

Betty Robitaille- Perkinsfield

Tim McGinnis- Elmvale

Vern Jolie- Vasey

Irene French- Waverley

Ross Leonard- Wyevale

Don Belanger- Perkinsfield

Bill Fournier- Waubaushene

Carol Kelly- Phelpston

Anne Truax- Waverley

Ray Cavelaire- Victoria Harbour

Lionel Trew- Hillsdale

Gail Hall- Hillsdale

Larry Patenaude- Toanche

Dave Couper- Waubaushene

Kent Goldsmith- Wyebridge

Keith Chapman- Victoria Harbour

Sandra Chapman- Victoria Harbour

Pat Rodgers- Waubaushene

Lynda Ritchie- Elmvale

Sheila Webb- Wyevale

Rene Robitaille- Wyebridge

Scott Warnock- Victoria Harbour

Sharon Taylor- Victoria Harbour

Barb Maw- Minesing

Christine Patenaude- Toanche

Roy Patenaude- Toanche

Guy Desroches- Wyebridge

Norm Robitaille- Toanche

Peter Robinson- Vasey

Mike Briggs- Port McNicoll

Michele Clark- Coldwater

Ken Wallace- Coldwater

Martial Robitaille- Lafontaine

Ed Moriarty- Vasey

Kevin Wagner- Wyevale

Carl Luoma- Minesing

Kelly Findlay- Elmvale


Also on the Plaque are President Award Recipients as follows,

Felix Ladouceur- Long Term Service of 35 years

Keith Chapman- appreciation of dedication and commitment/long term service

Rene Robitaille- appreciation of dedication and commitment/long term service

Gail Hall- Long Term Service over 20 years


The photo above is the award being presented for the first time

Back L to R- Carol Kelly, Anne Truax, Vern Jolie, Gail Hall, Don Belanger, Felix Ladouceur, Fred Patterson, Ray Cavelaire, Ross Leonard, Don Hawke, Cliff Lockhart, Bob Potter Sr. Holding Plaque

Kneeling Down- L to R- Irene French, Betty Robitaille, Garry Edwards, Tim McGinnis


Photo Above is from 2006 All Star Games:

L to R: Pat Rodgers (Waubaushene) , Sandra Chapman & Keith Chapman (Victoria Harbour)- Pioneer Award Recipients


Photo Above is from the 2007 All Star Games:

L to R: Lynda Ritchie (Elmvale), Rene Robitaille (Wyebridge) & Sheila Webb (Wyevale)- Pioneer Award Recipients


Photo Above is from the 2009 All Star Games:

Felix Ladouceur receiving 35 year recognition plaque, presented by Sandra Chapman a former player on one of Felix's teams in the mid 70's


Photo above is from the 2010 All Star Games:

Scott Warnock & Sharon Taylor, both from Victoria Harbour receiving the Pioneer Award


Above-2010 Presidents Award- Keith Chapman & Rene Robitaille- Long term service Awards


Barb Maw (Minesing)- Pioneer Award Recipient 2011- presented at All Star Games by Christine Patenaude


Christine & Roy Patenaude (Toanche)- Pioneer Award Recipients 2012- presented by Barb Maw & Norm Robitaille


Norm Robitaille (Toanche) & Guy Desroches (Wyebridge)- Pioneer Award Recipients 2013- presented by Barb Maw


Gail Hall accepting Presidents award for long term service from Roy Patenaude


Peter Robinson (Vasey) accepting Pioneer Award from Roy Patenaude- 2014


Michele Clark (Coldwater) , Ken Wallace (Coldwater) & Mike Briggs (Port McNicoll), Pioneer Award recipients- 2015


Martial Robitalle (Lafontaine), Ed Moriarty (Vasey), Kevin Wagner (Wyevale), Pioneer Award Recipeints- 2017- presented by Roy Patenaude


Carl Luoma (Minesing) & Kelly Findlay (Elmvale), Pioneer Award Recipients- 2017- presented by Roy Patenaude